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Birthday: Another Year Rolls Around and We Should be Thankful Always

Another year has come and gone. Really, it rolls around in a blink of an eye. Another year older, hopefully, another year wiser. I've been writing non-stop since 2000 and this passion of my mine has no end. #lol Anyway, we've had an early, simple dinner celebration with the family on Saturday and it was at a new place that was so obscure we could have missed it if not for Google Maps or Waze! Like OMG, hidden in the backalleys of a row of nurseries and plants. It's called Lao Ma Zi , the Cantonese word for 'mom'. Image source The food was good but what really stood out was the ambiance! We were there for dinner so, as we walked into the restaurant, we were greeted with a resplendent atmosphere where lights illuminated small (and bumpy) green walkways dotted with loose tiles. View this post on Instagram Another year older, another year wiser. We never stop learning. I am #thankful for another

TIME: You've Earned this SUCK Bagde

Update : TIME has stepped up since my initial complaint and have delivered speedy and adept customer service. As far as customer service is concerned, I think they're topping their competitors. It's a good thing. I am not so sure about the speed of the internet because I use it for work and low-profile streaming on Youtube and Netflix, so, my kids may have a thing or two to say about the speed of TIME internet compared to Unifi. Thanks for fixing things up, TIME. Your badge is hereby removed. *** The internet is down...again. And it's only been about slightly more than a week since we've switched to TIME internet and it's down again. For a family who: uses the internet for work relies on the internet for entertainment have to be on top of everything using internet-based messaging system absolutely need high speed internet for gaming and videos we're appalled. For an internet service provider who boast of fastest internet speed, best value, 100%

Book: See Me (Nicholas Sparks)

It felt like the book was divided into two parts. It has a slow and steady interlude that lulled me into thinking it was a romance sci-fi (sorta) by introducing me to the two main characters.  I found Colin a little hard to relate to at first because of his violent tendencies and colored past and, I am sure all other readers found this to be true as well, I wondered if his violent tendencies would ever rear its ugly head again during a heated squabble.  In the real world, the leopard doesn't change its spots, so, I had my doubts. See Me - Nicholas Sparks But I trusted Sparks to stay relatively on course with his previous works of The Notebook and A Walk to Remember. Authors are known to fish-tail once in a while or veer off track but even when they do, they generally don't make too big of a U-Turn. The second half of the book was where I was taken by surprise. Beyond the abovementioned two books from Sparks, I've not read the other books. At first, t