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Music Is Me

I don't know why but it seems that many people around me have been telling me that I remind them of music. That, in itself, is not the surprise. It's as if they got together and in a couple of days, 7 people told me that when they think of me, they think of music. o.O (And no, it wasn't me going around asking, what do you think of me). OK, fine, yes, I am so in love with music that I like music across of genres...jazz, ballads, pop, hip hop, techno, rock, name it, chances are, I like it. Except for real heavy metal. Even then, I liked, I don't know where I stand when it comes to heavy metal. Gotta hear it to decide. So, I'm thinking that maybe I should go back to it but not to hard core, full-time performing (don't let the makeup and smile fool you, it's bl@@dy hard work!) but maybe to something more simple. Like playing my piano, or coming up with some music to express my feelings or something along those lines. The pro - Dr. Brene Brown

Happy Monday, everyone! I know that is sooooooo such an oxymoron. Teehee... But was just rewatching my absolutely most favorite, favorite, FAVORITEST, FAVORITEST, FAVORITEST video again and found that I never shared it on this blog. Shame on me. Anyway, this is Dr. Brene Brown talking about vulnerability, sharing with listeners her very own vulnerability ans struggles with breakdown spiritual awakening. Watch it and start believing that you are enough. We can't be anything but human and should stop trying to SOMETHING ELSE. =) Enjoy.

Paparazzi Sucks...In Hong Kong, At Least

Edison Chen's photos shocked the world but I think it gave some Hongkies some really sick, absurd, insane, mad, unimaginably dirty ideas. Expose the stars. And it's crazy that it is coming to us all very quickly, in rapid succession too in recent months. Earlier, there was Vincent Wong and Yoyo Chen who are known to be dating (good on them that they actually came clean with the fact). There were intimate photos of them together, all cuddled up and comfy. I mean, that's their personal space, in their own home and if they like to have a bit of natural light in their apartments, they should have the right to open up the blinds or windows or curtains. They should not be treated like caged animals, so afraid of the public that they have to shut the windows and feel threatened in their own home. This is frightening because it is ILLEGAL to do so. Then I just read about Bosco Wong's pictures - which were worse! I feel embarrassed for him and mad at those paparazzi and th

Did You Give Yoga A Fair Chance?

Do you know why I love yoga? Some people unfairly label it as sissified sport - NOT FAIR. Try it (do it the right way) and you WILL experience the benefits. One time, I told someone to try it and she said, 'Cannot lar, I am not that flexible. See, I can't even touch my toes. I don't enjoy it, yoga is not for me'. I wanted to point out that she started on the wrong note. That she didn't give yoga a chance, that she started out with the wrong expectations. She wanted to sweat it out and get the energy boost. But no, yoga is not like that. Yoga is meant to force your mind to connect with your body. When you hold that pose, your mind is battling with your body. Fighting a battle to give up, to see who wins. The body or the mind. Body: PAIN!!!! GIVE UP! Mind: Shut up. Breathe and STFU Body: I can'tttttt!!!! Is 10 seconds over? Mind: Shit, yeah. Is it over? Bend the legs a little, cheating might help. Body: Ok! Good idea! Mind: No, hold it. Just hold it.

Oh-So-True Online Marketing Spoof

I regularly surf because....well, I am (honestly speaking but please don't tell the world) a food Nazi! Oh, you knew that. Well, still, don't tell anybody! LovingRaw is run by Phillip McCluskey who lived a rather unhealthy lifestyle and in 2006, he decided to eat completely RAW. Not meat, mind you. Just the green and colorful stuff. He reportedly lost 215 pounds in weight and was featured over multiple news channels, websites and blogs. Click on the link on his name on this page to find out more info about the guy. Totally inspiring. P.S. YOU. WILL. BE. SHOCKED. WITH. THE. BEFORE. AND. AFTER. PICTURES here . But that's not what I am talking about today. He made an online marketing spoof some time back which missed my radar. But here it is. It is funny and oh-so-true. All you internet marketers out there (me? I've WRITTEN only about a few hundred of these sales pages for other people in the past eleven years of working online), you know it's t

Google's +1 May Change Algorithm Of Search Results

It's been in the news for a while and you might have caught wind about this one if you're a tech follower like me. Google is set to rival Facebook's 'like' button. But I suspect that this is going to be bigger than anything. It is set to change the whole Google algorithm. I might be wrong but Google's always been looking for ways to firm up search results knowing full well that the results are often slave to what webmasters and search engine experts will do to manipulate it so that they can reach the top 3 pages of given keyword search result page. I was in it when we planted keywords into Meta tags, I was in it when we hid keywords in the background. I was in it too when SPAM wasn't an offense. I was one of the people who tirelessly spammed search engines because back then, there were no (not much, anyway) repercussions. Nothing to fear. Search engines knew this but I guess, Google's the only one to really take the offenses seriously. And they are f