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Weekend Crawls

I make a very bad woman. Most women would go nuts when they walk into Prada. Some men would walk into a Nike store and go berserk. Most women would die to walk into a clothing sale or warehouse sale or handbag sale or whatever. It does nothing to me. I have very little regard for clothes, handbags and shoes. But send me into Digital Mall and I go nuts! So, I ended up with an Intuos Wacom pen tablet and two mp3 players which my kids are not really impressed with. Just thanked myself for not coming home with a new ASUS laptop which impressed the socks off of me. And so, doodle I will. I shall doodle once in a while too, I guess. LOL OMG, right? I wrote something worse before this, really. My son says....what the hell is THAT? The weekend's been awesome so far, hope yours was great! All you SCKLM people, please get some sleep. I am sure you all need some...     Love,

Hilarious Prawn Fishing Groupon Disclaimer

So I was browsing through some Groupon deals and decided to check out some Prawn Fishing deals....well, my kids been to prawn fishing and caught some before so, I was thinking of checking out some of these deals myself. And then I saw this disclaimer -  Keep your expectations in check. The activity is called prawn fishing; if you are in it to catch fishes or mermaids, you will be sorely disappointed. LOLOL!! OK, you win brownie points and a linkback for making me laugh! p.s. If you are checking the link out when the deal is closed, their info is as follows:- Pro's Prawn Park Lot 10G, Block A, Bistari De Kota, Jalan Teknologi 3/9, Kota Damansara  Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47810 Phone:   03-6143 6662  (Call 3pm – 1am daily) Business registration number:  002194030-T And no, this is not an ad. I don't do ads and if I do, I will specify. I am just doing an LOL community service. XOXO, Marsha

Seoul really does have the quaintest buildings

Took some photos of some funny building in Seoul but thy dont come up well when taken from a moving vehicle but the architecture is inspiring....and borders on funky! =) World's 'most expensive' building, Renzo Piano design, to be built in Seoul. -  Credit:

Malaysia Day?

With Malaysia coming up, I feel that there is a need to write something about Malaysia. For those of you who do not know, Malaysia Day is yet ANOTHER day to celebrate Malaysia's many wonderful 'blessings'. Is there another country in this world that's got two independence day (or something like that)? I don't know for sure but maybe I will Google it up and see for myself. I don't celebrate Merdeka or our independence day....never have. As an 'others' in this country, I do not feel there is any reason for me to worship the independence of this country. Independence from what and whom again? There is a lot of difference between Malaysia and other countries....Americans may hate their politicians or Obama but they will proudly raise their flags and wave it around during independence day. The Brits are the same, Koreans and Singaporeans too, I believe. Hong Kong people, I am not sure. But in Malaysia, I would say that a large number of people will just l

Pushing Back

Sometimes, you have got to remember the feeling of backing away...backing away...and backing away some more. The reason you want to remember that is to remember the feeling that you have been pushed so far back that there is nowhere else to turn. But that is when you have nothing more to fear. And you push back.