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Been Living In the Land Of Don't Know, Don't Have Time

After a hectic week plus, I am finally ready to blog. I don't like to reveal too many things when I am emotional. Anyway, emo over. I think. It's the long weekend over here in Malaysia for most folks, not for me. I go on working regardless. And also because of some issues I prefer not to reveal here, I have been going on writing to the point that I no longer know what I am writing. Bad thing. You should see the quality. It's the kind of stuff five year olds write....short of writing ba ba black sheep, Mary's lamb is ugly and needs a haircut....wool cut... See? I don't know what I am writing about. Heading out for 'Epic'. I don't know what the movie is about so, I have just asked the movie to surprise me when I am there. I live in a land of don't know, don't have time, come what may. As things slow down, I might blog more. LOL. Then you will get sick of me. LOL. Going for Epic, XOXO, Marsha

Chicken + Orange Juice = Yummy

Once again, I have run out of ideas about what to cook for dinner. Teehee....but I do have a market quite literally down the road and I get my inspiration from there. So, today, it was a lot of bell peppers, carrots, celery...and other remaining juice that I have in my fridge.  I don't get it. I keep getting more and more juice. We keep opening the new ones leaving the half empty ones still rotting inside the fridge. So, have to make use of them la. Today, it is orange juice. =) I spotted some nice juicy chicken breasts in the market and made a grab for it. I know how it is, I prefer the thigh too if given the choice but I think we have had many nights of chicken drumsticks already. Marinated the chicken breasts in orange juice, sea salt, pepper and mushroom seasoning and into the fridge it goes. A couple of hours later, the chicken breasts goes into the oven. I want it crispy and intend to use breadcrumbs later but you know how breadcrumbs burn easily when you cook

Flags Up, Flags Down

When talking about elections and posters, flags, banners, buntings, and whatever it is that people put up, it is OK for them to SPAM our place with those promotional stuff. Doesn't matter. Happens every time there is elections, isn't it? That was one of the grouses I have heard from people who prefer their communities clean from these things. I agree. After elections is over, those things must be removed. So, this morning, as I was driving my kids out to school, I saw this guy taking down flags and banners....but only for a particular party only. After dropping the kids off, I stopped and asked the person to please remove ALL flags and not just a particular party's flags.  His response was this 'Oh, itu bukan kita letak punya'. I was a little pissed off because if you are going to remove these flags, might as well remove the other flags as well, right? So, I told him that he should remove ALL flags.  But he explained that he wasn't instruct

How Being a Polling Agent Opened My Eyes

I am still a little emotional and reeling back from the shock of 'losing' Parliament during GE13. Seriously. But after taking in the facts and data, I conclude that we won. WE WON. I will try to make this a short one, God willing. =))))) Friends and family who came out and vote - my goodness, you guys frickin' rock my world!! I almost forcefully helped registered some family members, some finally fed-up (we are talking about aunts and family who are beyond the 50 year old mark) called me up to help get themselves registered. I have friends who have been sitting on the fence for so long but became 'interested' in, at the very least, registering themselves as a voter. Whether to actually vote or not, I leave it up to them. I am not the kind of person who will label anyone anything if they decide NOT to exercise their right. It is their right, not mine. (I am not a registrar. Credit should be given to the DAP team for registering these friends and family members of m

PACABA Role During Malaysia's Largest General Elections Ever

So, GE13 is closing in on Malaysians. For non-Malaysians, this General Elections is a huge one and we are all quite excited about the possibilities that it might bring. However, on the other hand, we are also frightened about what might follow thereafter....whether the ruling coalition or the opposition wins. Judging from the response, many are all hyped up about the possibility of a new government. We have been governed by the same government for over fifty years, isn't it time for a change? Even if it is only for a term of five years? Anyway, I am big sissy and not much of a fighter or aggressor but like I said time and time again, I think we need to take smalls courageous steps in the right direction if we want to see ANY change at all. Malaysia, sadly, remains to be one of the most oppressed countries in the world. I love peace and it would be with much regret if anything untoward happened after the elections but I think I need to do my part to help ensure that the possib