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Thing 1 I have learned from 2012

So the world came face to face with 21st December 2012 with...well....some with dread, some with indifference, some with optimism and others, like me, with skepticism. I mean, if the world is going to end, it's gonna end. There is nothing we can do about it, right? But anyway, Thing number one thing I learned in 2012 is this - the things we question. I have this really GH$%^@&*( backache because of too much sitting down and (writing stuff like this) it takes a toll on my spine. So, at night when everything has come down to a halt, I point to the sky and ask 'Why the **** does my back hurt so bad and nothing is doing?!?!?!' What I have learned to ask is this. 'Why do I have a nice house, a car that moves, kids that are beautiful and healthy, the ability to work and make money, friends and family and a laptop that I can write on in the middle of the night from my bed, why does my back hurt again?' Life is fair. You can't have everything. Good night

Pensive Tuesday Morning

I havent been very good at the "Making people happy" front lately and that upsets me. But that is the problem. I like to make people happy. And people are not always happy...whether when they are with me or without me. People are just people. They are happy and unhappy with or without me.The problem starts when I let them affect me. The last few month's been tough. But here I am. awake at 7.21a.m. Watching the sun rise. Watching the birds fly from one corner of my window to the other. Watching as the kitchen becomes brighter and brighter, being showered by the sun's love. Does it matter whether people are happy with or without me? Not really. Maybe the people that I have been dealing with are beyond help. Or maybe the people that I have been dealing with comes from a completely different background and incapable of understanding where I am coming from. Maybe the people I have been dealing with, I care too much about. Maybe the people I have been dealing with, do

I Ping You Pong

Went out for dinner yesterday night and great dinner with friends and met some new friends. It was so fun cause after dinner we went to this new friend's office which had a pool table, foosball table and ping pong table and I was like which one first!!!???? LOL But Annie chose ping pong first which I wasn't good at. Heck, ping pong = bat......heck, I'll treat it like badminton then. It went on and on and I got new tricks and then more new tricks. My poor boys were waiting for mommy to come pick them up cause all their cousins were gone and Josh actually went 'We will have no internet access from ahmah's house for the rest of our lives' in a message. LOL We planned to go sing Karaoke after dinner...never happened. poor darling friend waited and waited and waited and bless her soul and kiss her heart to death that she didnt kill me for being so physically competitive when learning how to master returning the ping pong ball right through the


I dont like to judge people, I try not to judge, but some people cannot be helped, how quick are they to turn things around, how quick are they to assume, how quick are they to say YOU ARE THE ONE whn thr is no provocation, why do people think its an attack? what do they want? if i conceded, will they leave me alone?

Instragram, Lazy Post

My son is one of those people who loves to draw a whole lot. Some fierce stuff, some nice stuff and all that. As much as I would like to be more environmentally-friendly, I can't do anything about this hobby except to...hone it, I guess. There was this place that teaches kids how to touch up and professionally come up with their own Manga comics so we went for the trial. I was boggled by the Mangas, honestly speaking. I am writer. I need words. Pictures don't tell me too many things. So, when I looked at the Mangas.... ...completely boggled. What on earth is that story all about, dude?! This morning, I was waiting for my kids to come back from their Malacca trip with their dad, I opened up all the blinds and in shone such an amazing ray of light. So, I sat there languidly with my coffee and opened up Tweetcaster for some Twitter news and there you have it...a little bit of morning bliss. =) Sometimes, we get a bit stressed out don't we? The way I take my