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If You Want To Continue Writing, Don't Stop Reading

It's not that I am a fantastic writer. In fact, sometimes, I think I am far from it and can't help feeling humbled whenever a good writeup is stumbled-upon. But if people asked me what keeps my blogging going, I would say one thing. Talking to people. And reading. That's two things but they are related. A writer who stops reading or talking to people will eventually end up with a dry well. How many things in your everyday life can you find to spark something off in your head? One? Three? And if you are lucky enough to find them, it is prudent to write them down. In most instances, it is hard to find topics to write about. Just ask any regular blogger or writer – is it easy? Nope. Is it fun? Sometimes, yes, sometimes...... Continue reading


Sometimes I just wanna drop dead because of the speed of things and the things that I ensure that I HAVE TO accomplish in a day. And sometimes I wonder how I ever managed to write 15 articles a day. Not all of them spanking good ones, mind you, but this was during the search engine optimization days. All you needed to do was to put the words together and not sound like an idiot. Simple enough, right? I believe people who work from home and manage the family at the same time are wonderpeople. I have a facebook profile picture with wonderM on it for days when I am particularly DYING. lol. And hell yeah, I deserve to be called wonderM on those days. But even for wonderpeople, we need reprieve too once in a while. I am not alone in this, my heart screams!! This other blogger feels the same way too when she blogged about 'when wonder woman don't feel wonderful'. It's true that it is our ideals, it is the way we criticize ourselves for not achieving what we have set

Stressful Week

It's been madcap all week long and considering the situation Malaysian politics is in, it has added stress....more than I want to admit, into my life. It just sucks. My client's also been upping the ante on me and knowing me, someone who does not know how to delegate too well, it piles up on my work plate. The good thing is that I am now learning how to trust people to do their job. I don't have to hold my ideals as theirs. Sure, the writing that they do are...well, not as reader-friendly as I would prefer them to be but here's where 'I' come in. They can produce robotic stuff but I can edit them, right? The whole point is for them to help me research and find me information. And maybe put the words together in a non-embarrassingly stupid way. So, yes, I am now into delegating my work so that I don't pile on too much stress. To counter the stress, I've developed the habit of doing my yoga in the morning. Oh, nothing lengthy and complicated. Just sim

Living Next To A School

The best thing about living next to a school is that if your kids are going to that school, going to and coming back from school is a breeze. You get to wake up 15 minutes before school starts and hurry your way in the morning and scramble to school without too much of a worry. The worst thing about living next to a school if your kids are not going to that school is traffic and bloody inconsiderate parents. If it so hard to park a little further away if there is no spot for you and walk? Instead, these parents will not think twice about blocking the very small roads in and out of the residential area. The worse thing about it is that the school that we are talking about is a private school which basically means that the parents who send their kids there is more or less well off. And some of them, being Datuks and Datins, have drivers doing the deed. And what do drivers care. They don't give a damn and just want to get their job done...which is to pick the kids up so that they