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Finite Time

The importance of finding what you want to do with your limited time on this planet...and finding what you DON'T want to do at the same time.  I think this is a part of the journey.  Most of us focus on finding what we want to add to our lives but not seek or experiment with what we might not want to have anything to do with in the future.  Ever since the demise of my cousin, my perspective and priorities has changed. Tremendously.  I am not known to hold back when I see an opportunity to fail or succeed at something and that has been the driving force behind my growth and development.  Far from perfect, I screw things up all the time and if I keep hitting the rewind button without picking up the lessons, I am never going to learn where my destination is.   With the recent development, I've discovered and maybe confirmed the fact that there are things that are simply not worth my time and effort.  My time is finite and I deserve to

Short: An Hour a Day (with Poll)

It's easy to lose ourselves in the the crammed list of daily priorities and activities. As age catches up with us...well, me, actually...I find myself easily tired at the end of the day. Like yesterday, I spent a total of 4-plus hours driving in stop-go traffic and when I came home, there really wasn't anything else on my mind except for sleep. #lol And yet, there was work to catch up on, a little bit of book-reading, internet-surfing, repeat-show-watching, vacuuming, mopping, kitchen-cleaning, taking out the rubbish, hanging up of the laundry, etc.... I always envy those who have 'back-up' in the form of family or home support who help them deal with the everydays  when they come home from work. I try to fit yoga (not the handstands and back benders you're thinking of. Just simple stretches!), a short ride on the stationary bike, or a 20-minute silent stint of doing absolutely nothing but with soft, meditative music on my headphones, into my everyday list of