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Twitter Killed My Blog

When I look at my blog and previous blogs, I suddenly realize that I used to be so much funnier and more regular with my postings so, I sit down wondering what the problem was. The problem is Twitter....and Facebook. If you are a blogger, you will also be familiar with a problem we call laziness. Sometimes, we just have nothing fancy or funny to say so, instead of making ourselves sound really silly, we decide to say nothing. And one day of saying nothing could easily lead to ten days of saying nothing. Then a month. Then before you know it, you've stopped blogging. I've never had this problem before because I write a lot, anyway, but I do occasionally have a problem with trying to find something positive, fun and exciting to say. But I say it anyway. These days, I find it all the more difficult because if I had something to say but am too lazy to think of a nice way of saying it, I Tweet it. or I update my Facebook status. There, I have a limit to ensure that I don'

Never Been A Cat Person

After having two boys who are, by now, pretty grown up and think that Barney is a sissy dinosaur, I don't relish the idea of having to be responsible for anything else. No more babies. No pets, thank you. But fate has a very funny way to kicking you in the rear end. This morning, after sending the kids to their homeschooling center, I came home, parked the car, opened the door, step up, walk to the lift armed with my sardine sandwich and got the shock of my life when the lift began to make funny sounds at me. I looked down on the floor of the lift and there it was...this black, furry thing sprawled there going 'eugh eugh eugh eugh eugh'. Well, it sounded like that. My first thought was 'a puppy in the lift!' So I carried the thing and decided to go from house to house asking around if anyone's lost or dropped a baby puppy. Not before calling a pet-savvy friend of mine, asking her what to do with the damn thing. When she asked me what animal it was, I jus

I hope Oprah Does Yoga Too

I just read that Jennifer Aniston, a keen yoga practitioner, gave Oprah Winfrey...yes, THE Oprah, a yoga mat for her birthday or something. How interesting...and I am wondering if Oprah is ever gonna be using the mat. Hope she does. Why? Because considering the fact that Oprah leads a (multi million gazillion dollar) hectic life, it would do her wonders, I am assuming. You know why I love yoga? Yoga forces me to do things the way I don't want to do things. On a normal day, my mind is consistently ticking. it's thinking of something....almost always. When I slow down, I chastise myself. I HAVE to do something productive. I can't stop. If I stop, I fail. Do now NOW! NOWWWW!!! And Yoga slows all of that for me. Before I step on the mat, I often feel resistance. 'Don't do the yoga thing, Marsha. It's really not productive and it's going to test your patience. And you're born lacking in patience, it's gonna be frustrating.'

Bruno Mars Video Just The Way You Are...BOOOO!

Happy Monday, everyone. *groan* I want to blog about a video today. A wonderfully written song but a terribly made MTV. 'Just the way you are' by Bruno Mars. If you've not seen it, here's the video. Why I don't think much about the video? Well, listen to the lyrics, they're beautiful. I think the makers of the video should put more effort into making it. Instead of all the visual effects and cartoonish stuff that they used, wouldn't it be better to send a deeper message through the song? An old woman. A child suffering from a chronic disease. An obese man. A young boy licking a lollipop. A mother hugging her daughter. A man picking up garbage but smiling. The sun. The grass. OK fine, a model. The point is....a common person. Someone who is not exceptionally beautiful or anything. Someone normal. Not the beautiful, gorgeous model that he used in the video. With Bruno Mars using a perfect looking model for the MTV, now I feel LESS beautiful or AMAZ

Picture blog - Office and Celery

I've not blogged for some time's been kinda insane. But I figured that I am going to be insane whether I blog or not, then I might as well share the insanity. =) Gonna do a quick picture blog instead of a time-consuming blog post. This is how I remind myself when work starts and stops. Without this sign, I would be even more insane...if that is at all possible or imaginable. Aaahhh....the other thing that I am absolutely passionate!! I love tofu. I don't love celery. But celery's good for what do I do to hide it from the kids and myself ? Chop it up really nicely (albeit till you cannot possibly see it without a microscope). I know you can still see the celery but hey, at least I fooled the kids! Oh, come on. Give me some credit.