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The Victim Mentality Must Go

If you ask my kids this question, they can tell you the answer in a heartbeat. What kind of people do I hate the most? Answer: Lazy people. What do lazy and over-privileged people do when they are cornered? They will start playing victim. And that is what our Leader did....wait, our Leader's leader did. Well, yeah, I guess doing absolutely nothing while you are in a position of power counts as being lazy too. It is hard to fathom writing this without me trying to subdue my animilistic reaction to challenge them to normal life. They know nothing about hard work. They know nothing about not having work at all. They know nothing about having no money. They know zilch about digging through your kids' piggy bank for milk money. They know nothing about worrying about tomorrow's meals and the next day. They know nada about paying for school fees. They know nothing about trying not to get sick because you will then have no money for a doctor's visit. They know nothing ab

This Little Camera

This little camera is nothing fantastic. It is your everyday point-and-shoot camera which is, I think, not even as great as the camera on my phone. People have asked me why I would carry this camera with me everywhere I go since I have more than 1 'camera' with me already considering the fact that I carry 2 phones and 1 tab along with me most of the time. The reason is simple. The internet. I am not as intrigued with the Internet as I used to be, it used to be my everything....but that was before EVERYONE was in it. I love people, I do, but I just don't think we human beings are meant to click with everyone ALL AT THE SAME TIME under the critical gaze of only THE REST OF THE WORLD. It might seem odd for a blogger or someone who has been on the Internet for as long as I have but once you are 'out in the digital world', it doesn't make you a celebrity (there is no such thing as celebrity blogger or celebrity youtuber know...a loooooooooooOOOOOO

Observation of ex-Soldier's Suicide and Repentance

Referring to article from CNN First off, the headline. 'Former soldier at center of murder of Iraqi family dies after suicide attempt' which is interesting because the former soldier, Steven Green, died of a 'suicide attempt'. So, in other words, his suicide attempt was a failure but he died anyway? So, he died not because of his own effort? That aside, the article itself is a sad piece because of the sheer evil that it shows human beings are capable of. Rapes and murders are very unforgivable. If one was to place oneself in the shoes of family members and friends of the victims, you will know that the acts were not just cruel but it shows power. Uncontrolled and unbridled power of one human being over others. The lording of humankind that should never happen, much less in a war-torn country where fear is already pushing people past their limits. On the other hand, it shows repentance. Steven Green is a man in a war zone and I believe when people are placed in suc

Thinking The New Internet Age

I've been around this whole internet age thing since the very beginning. In a lot of ways, I have been really lucky to have been so. But the new age trend, with kids as young as 7-8 being exposed to so many things so easily and freely, is kind of scary. When we were little, we were taught not to be mean to each other. We have to be kind and encouraging towards one another, that is the way to have friends and build relationships. But the internet and the availability of it is a game changer. Anyone can hide anywhere in the world and say mean things, scary stuff, threaten one another with wild abandon. Women are scammed off of their money, kids are lured out into dangerous situations, and teenagers (their courageous naivety) are exposed to stuff that they are not meant to know until a little later in life, when the foundation is steady. Compounding to that, kids tend to believe that they can do anything but with the internet and smartphones, they believe they can do anything AN

Ant Trying To Move Something

You know how you watch a sports game and you are cheering your favorite team on, hoping that they do their best and go on to win the game? Well, this was something like that. For about a minute, I was staring at this ant trying to move something which was twice its size along a wall. I was hopelessly intrigued by how it kept trying to move the thing, it didn't even occur to me how I don't even know what and why it is trying to move. LOL. I came back a little later after taping this video but both the thing and the ant was gone. Think it was successful. =) And in the meantime, we are living in a world of Selfies (still can't believe this is now an official word) and got something from Mashable that induced massive laughter! This could be the greatest Selfie fail of all time!

App: Brainwave Tuner

I have heard loads and read much about sleeping and brainwave and I saw someone write something really awesome about an app called Brainwave Tuner. The lite version of the app is adequate but the full version gives you better control over how you use the tool. The lite version is good enough. I am writing about it because my 'test' was totally bizarre! I wish I can say I had an out-of-body experience when I used it but...well, it was close. The app proves powerful and the brainwave works. But the time I chose to use it was not. I chose to use it for a nap and set the timer to 1 hour. Once you switch it on, the waves will almost instantly make you feel drowsy and sleepy. It is hard not to feel sleepy even with a full night's sleep. 1 hour is too long a time to set it for a nap because what the waves did was to arrest the conscious part of my mind when I sleep. A nap is short therefore, there will come a time when your subconscious mind will come awake and you sta

Happy Chinese New Year of the Horse to everyone!

Man, what a terribly tumultuous Jan 2014 it has been. The weather, politics and everything is just a little too chaotic as a starting point for a new year. But I am glad that everyone hung in there and we made it into February. Let's hope for a more pleasant month and the-rest-of-the-year for everyone. As usual, Chinese New Year brings us a splash of red everywhere and it has been kinda fun gathering with family and friends who have flown in from near and far, bonding, catching up, playing around and just sharing some really good times. But what I love the most about holidays is the SMOOTH TRAFFIC. Instead of choked up roads filled with cars and bikes everywhere, we spend 15 minutes on a 15 minutes journey from point A to point B. Instead of spending 45 minutes on a 10 minute journey. See? All but ONE SINGLE CAR on each side of the road. For foreigners, the reason for the sudden smooth traffic is because many people who live in Petaling Jaya, my nook in this count