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Jimmy Fallon Playing Air Hockey

O.M.G.....just saw Jimmy Fallon playing Air Hockey on his show and this has got to happen here in Malaysia. Looks so fun! Ah...I know it's an game involving alcohol and as a parent, I shouldn't be 'liking' stuff like that but OK, replace it with...chocolate milk then. But this looks incredibly fun!

Time/Life-Saving Devices

I am not talking about smartphones although they ARE life and time saving devices. I am talking about the simplest of things in the kitchen that we sometimes forget to thank. School holiday's just over and we are back to the grind in the kitchen. Throughout the nearly-2-month holidays, there simply isn't enough time to sit down and think of what to cook for dinner. I know, it happens every holiday. I can't seem to get my head around thinking of BOTH work AND healthy cooking. If you have the tip for it, I welcome a share. These two devices literally saved me loads of time. The rice cooker and air fryer. I throw everything in there. And the oven. You can steam and fry anything, right? LOL I go to the market in the morning and spend a little bit of time throwing some salt and pepper at these swimmers and chuck them into the fridge for a while. Right before going to pick my kids up from school, I unceremoniously pour the things into the air fryer and we

People Are People - Malaysia, Stop

Three's something really sad going on in Malaysia right now. As one of the best fence-sitters in the Universe (who have contributed and done her best), I just want to remind everyone about what we are. We are people. In short: the uncontrolled JAIS went ahead to rudely intrude, demand, confiscate and then remand/arrest a couple of people from Bible Society of Malaysia in Damansara Kim (too near to my place and this used to be my neighborhood but that's beside the point). They took away more than 300 Malay bibles because they used the A word to refer to God. You know, honestly, I think this is a misunderstanding. I think this is a language issue, not a religious one. No. I think there's political motivation. Then again, the rest of the world's been using the A word for a long time and there is no reason for Malaysia to be so special. I might write something more articulate, I have things at the back of my mind, not that I don't want to say it.  But for now,