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App: Insight Timer, Meditation

I found out that a lot of leaders meditate the moment they wake up, in the middle of a busy day and then before they go to bed. This could be a good thing to help dispel the myth that when you meditate, you are a Zen Master, Yoda-wannabe, Buddhist, a Monk, a Vegetarian, CalmAss Lame Crazy Person or living in the mountain (with WIFI and Facebook). I am sure Steve Jobs eats meat (I think), Marc Benioff does not live in the mountain and Oprah Winfrey is no offspring of Yoda. I don't think Cameron Diaz is nuts. Meditation is not woo-woo-woo. It's just spending a couple of minutes of your day thinking about things and not letting them sweep you away. It's just like how you can sit there and then the thought of dinner starts stressing you out...and then you mentally kinda say 'Oh, hello. It's you. Again. Disappear, I am with ME right now, deal with ya later, bye'. And you have to see it in your mind's eye, it is disappearing or locked away for later or just

Real Motherhood

Moms call their babies all kinds of names and it ranges from 'angels' to 'demons', 'monkeys' to 'bears'. This gives people, baby-less people basically, the impresion that parenthood is akin to standing right next to an inferno to flying freely around in the clouds. In reality, it is a little bit of both. Some days, you feel like running off to Bali forever and some days, you know with 1000% certainly that God loves you. This video is dedicated to all new parents, including my brother whom I welcomed to parenthood with as much enthusiasm and empathy as I can possibly feel at the same time. But babies....aren't they like so super adorbs (and because they ARE, they get away with things like that)? Wishing all Chinese friends, family and readers a Happy, Prosperous, Healthy and Productive (and not just babies, ok?) year of the Goat! XOXO, Marsha

Mind and Socks Blown by Pentatonix's Daft Punk Rendition

Youtube's been producing quite a number of singers and bands of late. This is a given, I guess. Maybe I am feeling a little jealous of the current generation because....Youtube should have existed when I was born. Missed by only a few decades. ;-P Frankly, I have not been really impressed with the new line of singers and bands. There were good ones but there were more mediocre and bad ones than top-notch ones. So many wanna-be's calling themselves 'content producer'. Reminds me of days when the internet was in its infancy stage and we (meaning me too) were producing spam-like content thinking that it was 'great stuff'. This is the rite of passage of the new generation, I guess. Like I said, there were few that impressed me... ....but to me, Pentatonix is mind-blowingly good! They don't need the extra link from me because they already have 119 million views on this YouTube video of theirs. They won a Grammy for it too. They filmed this in one of their