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The Worst

You know right from the start that some people are hard to deal with. This is a picture I took during one of the toughest periods of my life, hiding in a corner bathroom stall, wondering if I was even a smidgen of what they make me out to be. The good thing is I am out of there and still standing.  I am ever so grateful to myself for not succumbing to all those monstrous things swarming through my head at that time. That I still love myself and my family enough.  Sometimes, things suck but we have to believe that not everything lasts forever and there is always a way out. You just have to look really hard for it and dig in with all your might.  Nothing lasts forever.  The picture is through a hole in the window of the stall, overlooking highway traffic. How I longed to get out of there. I wanted the pain to stop so much. Thank God it did stop.