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Greeting a Brand New 2015

2014 sucked big time for Malaysians at large. Missing planes seems to be a recurring theme and I can tell you that Malaysia has never been on the news this much before. Malaysia was pretty much a what-country-is-that-and-is-it-Thailand kinda country. People didn't even know (probably) that we speak English or we have buildings or internet access here. Obscure and unknown. 2014 changed everything. People from everywhere else now know EXACTLY where Malaysia is and the country is NOT a city in Thailand or Singapore. LOL. Yes, I have been asked before. But that was before Google Maps and Earth was around. Malaysia is actually more like this... ...less like this... This is an Orang Asli village in some parts of Malaysia. They exist. Anyway, jokes aside, when I got a Whatsapp message on Sunday saying 'AirAsia missing' response was 'F-g kidding me!' Let's clarify one thing, though. Some people were adamant to separate AirAsia from AirAsia Indo

Women Should Remain Where? Lagging 166 Years Behind Times

I truly cannot believe this. Before I even got the chance to write about that 17 year old girl marrying that 15 year old boy, this article came out. I seriously cannot believe how much backward paddling we have been doing these days. So, I am going to just write a little about both. Men should be at work and women should focus on reproducing human beings it is for you. Just OMG. You know.....Oh My God. Just to recap, the Women's Rights Movement began in 1848. 1848, ok? 1848. In case you don't have a calculator with you, that's 166 years ago. The first National (USA la, that is) Women's Rights Convention was held two years later which is 1850 in Massachusetts, 164 years ago. I don't even know where to begin. My brain is in a mess. LOL! The Declaration of Sentiments was signed in Seneca Falls, New York in 1848 with the following statement:- ....the Sentiments demanded equality with men before the law, in education and employment. Here, too, was