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The Note Behind The Picture

I got this from a creative writing prompt. The prompt was this - A picture on your mantle unexpectedly falls and crashes to the floor. As you go to pick it up, you notice a note hidden behind the picture. The message is from the future—and written by you. It instructs you to do something important. What does it say? My answer is this -  The note from the future would read like this ‘You are beautiful. Talented. Dedicated.’ Here are some things that I want you to do. No, here are three things that I demand that you do right now, in your time. I DEMAND . Hear that? Ditch the guy. Climb a mountain. Go downtown and find homeless people. Feed them. Do it or I will find a way to F up your life right now, in the F-ing FUTURE . If you don't want to die dating a poor miser in a hut somewhere in a remote island with no money to your name and suffering from innumerable diseases, do it. Sincerely, Marsha

3 Things That Made Me Really Happy As A Child

Daily Challenge asked me what were three small things that made me really happy as a child or teenager . Hhhmmm.... I really can’t remember much about what I liked as a child but as a teenager, I can. DUH. I am becoming senile. Anyway, here are the three things. 1. TV shows and Singing Yes, even as a child, my first love was singing. I remember my mom had this Teresa Teng cassette (yes, for music, back in those days, we have CASSETTES, not CDs) and I remember memorizing most of the songs from very young onwards, without knowing what they meant. I don’t speak Mandarin, that’s why. TV shows, for very obvious reasons. I remember shows like McGyver, Knight Rider, Gem the cartoon, Care Bears, Tron, Thunder Cats, She-ra…etc. OMG. I am OLDDDDDDD!!!!!!! 2. Sports and dancing I was completely into sports. Netball, basketball, handball, badminton, squash….so much so that I would make a piece of charcoal ashamed of its color. Dancing is the same thing. Music is in my blood. For som

Foldable Yoga Mat

I have about 5 yoga mats at home. At the very most, there would only be 3 of us doing Yoga, right? So, why 5, right? There is a very good reason. Well, there ARE very good reasonS. One, I am picky about the mat. We use yoga mats because we don't want slips and falls. So, the 'stickiness' and 'thickness' of the mats are important to me. Now, isn't THAT a very good reason? When I first started doing yoga, I didn't know squat about it and invested in some really cheap mats which sort of peeled up here and there, but they were still usable. But they looks F-ugly. I don't understand why they were peeling because it is not like I took them to the mountains and worked out there or something. Two, wait...what's number two again? I am just typing this off the top of my head. Hang on. Three...wait, I meant two, they get dirty. I don't sweat a whole lot during a yoga session (the lazy yogi? ya...I know. I can hear someone saying 'send her to a b

Every once in a while....

…you will feel small, unwanted and unappreciated. That’s OK. Everyone feels that sometimes. It’s important then to reach out and touch someone. In your own special way. Touching and making an emotional connection with people helps make you feel like a part of this world. Doing charity work does that for me…I reach out and there is always someone out there, waiting to hold my hand, with a silent smile and a deep connection between two people who sometimes feel small. It is during that moment of connection that makes you feel BIG all of a sudden. Alone, we are small. Together, we are ENORMOUS. Original picture

Mindbump: Favorite Color

suggested by Egyptian Home "What is your favorite color, and why do you think it is your favorite?" It is hard to pin down ONE favorite color but it used to be blue, then pink, then black, then white, then red, then anything-that-looks-good. But right now, if I had to pin down one single color, it would be purple. The reason? It is a mix of two of my favorite and blue. Blue is calming and relaxing. Red is vibrant and energizing. Hence, purple is a balance of both colors. It's a simple enough question to answer. XOXO, Marsha

Live Interestingly

At least TRY to live interestingly. If your heart tells you to do something, listen to it. Never let your head try to squish your heart’s desires for your heart knows how to make you happy and be more fulfilled.

Not much of a challenge from Daily Challenge

I do the daily challenge thing in order to improve my well-being. They send me emails everyday to get me to do stuff that I put off. For example, walk around more, hug myself (FAVORITE), or call someone you miss...stuff like that. Admittedly, I don't do it often enough and that is why it took me more than a year to complete less than 100 challenges. Today's challenge isn't much of a challenge because it says there ' Turn off the tap when you are brushing your teeth '. I mean, doesn't everyone?! But if you don't already do this, please treat this as a reminder. Here's to your terrific Saturday. Damn it's hot out there!! XOXO, Marsha

Imported from Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr

Here are some stuff that I have posted on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr that I want to share here. Cheatsheet: How to easily cook vegetables without doing much work. Just pop bacon on top of carrots and potato and pop them into the oven. Done. Kow Tim. Siap. No need to do anything else. Using letters I have. Pretend the Q is an O, please.  I am really into incense stuff. This is awesome. It is actually a little bit dirty but when you have Instagram, everything and anything can look awesome. XOXO, Marsha

Landslide Poll Results

I bet some of you thought it was about the election or something, right? Well, it is and it isn't. This is a screenshot of the poll on MSN. No laughing matter. I clicked on the 'NO' button because I see regression not progress. I see people in power struggling to hold onto their horses and doing neanderthal things. I read stories that befuddles me. Everything left me speechless. Shake head. Hope you are having a splendid Tuesday, peeps! XOXO, Marsha

Different Types Of Writing

It sometimes surprises me too that I have been writing (mostly junk – teehee) for more than a decade. Where did the decade go? What have I got to show for it except for a blog that I try to keep alive? Anyway, if you asked me to categorize the type of writing and writers out there, I would say that you can basically divide the lot of us up into 15 different types. Sounds like a lot but when you study them, they overlap. A blogger is also a content writer while a person who writes business proposals are also business writers. So on and so forth. What kind of writer am I? I am a rubbish generator. =) Who occasionally make sense but most of the time, use words to spew complete nonsense to release work stress. Some may claim that I am a blogger but I disagree based on the fact that bloggers get no respect and looked down upon in the writing community, no? Well, looked down upon by the kind of writers who prefer to use really pompous words, anyway. I am too lazy to think up of

Online Tea Breaks

I forgot to Instagram yesterday so, here is why it is a catastrophe. You see, first thing in the morning, it would be the usual...Gmail and maybe Facebook to troll around and see who can't sleep the night before. After haunting some friends' pages, it is time to get serious and start answering emails and ladida. If I need a break or see something funny, out comes my phone and I would spend about 5 minutes reading and tweeting things. Sometimes random just to get the boredom out of my system, you know. Followers, I am sorry for those random tweets that sometimes make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Tweet happens. Back to work. When boredom rears its ugly head again, it is time to either tweet something or hit Tumblr and Pinterest. Tumblr and Pinterest brings me the most joy. Nobody knows me there on Tumblr and I can pose as a teenage girl ogling handsome young men there and NOBODY CARES! Liberty. Pinterest...well...because there are many LOL stuff there. Sometimes they m

No Farmers Market In Malaysia

I remember tweeting about how much I love walking around and shopping at the local morning market. Some friends were turned off because it makes them think about the open killing of chickens and the foul smelling fish and prawn stalls. Can't say I like those as well. Whenever the chicken seller was slaughtering the chicken, I would hurry off to the other side of the market and wait it out. I just can't bear to watch! Sometimes, it was during those dark moments that I vowed to become vegetarian. Haha...yeah.... I LOVE LOVE LOVE POTATOES!!!! The sights and sounds of the morning market is very exciting to me, much to the horror of those who like crawling malls. I hate shopping in malls, I tell you. Well, I don't HATE shopping but I just think that all the stuff that we end up buying in malls are largely going to go to waste anyway. A huge waste of money, in my personal opinion. And we all know that money don't grow on trees or drop from the sky. We have to work ha


So, it's more than a week since Bersih words to express my disappointment in how we were treated judging by the fact that we....well...I went there to make a point. All I wanted to say was 'Hey, let's level the playing field, shall we?' and 'Let's play fair'. I would liken it to walking up to someone with authority and say that you wanted to be counted too. What we got for doing that is a slap in the face. I have gone through many stages after the event. Trauma. Fear. Disappointment. Sadness. And the feeling of being betrayed. Yes, betrayed. At this point, you can come up with several conclusion. 1. Give up. Let's migrate. 2. Angry and determined to see the end of whoever caused you pain. 3. Stay calm and slowly move forward. 4. Close your eyes. Pretend nothing happened. This is the aftermath of an event that should have been calm and peaceful. We try to find a closure and move on because life involves many other things as well. A