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There's Something Magical About Disney: Reflections & Video

Did you guys see this year's Disneyland fireworks? Disney celebrated its 50th year with a spectacular firework extravaganza that lit up the skies of those who were there and the hearts of those who has a special place for everything magical about Disney. No, I did not catch it at Disneyland know... COVID and all ? I caught it LIVE on...beat this....Tiktok. Someone was streaming the thing on Tiktok so I got on it and watched it in the middle of the night.  Yeah, the wonders of the internet.  I remember bringing my boys to the nearest Disneyland I could afford to bring them to...the one in Hong Kong...when they were  really  young. They were like 7 and 5. It was  ME  who was elated at the entrance. It was  ME  who wanted to take a picture with every Princess, and Mickey, Goofy, and Donald (the duck... in case you're wondering , lol).    I expected the kids to be caught up with the whole reverie...but in all honesty, they couldn't be more aloof about the whole th