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I Now Know What Love Is

Listening to the song 'I wanna know what love is' (yes, the 80's song and yes, I'm THAT old), it makes me think back about all those times when I was a teen asking the same question. I mean, it's inevitable. Everyone's done that....haven't you? Just like all other teens and young adults, we equate LOVE with...ahem, the opposite sex...and sex. Please tTell me I'm not alone in this. =) Love is when you have someone in your arms and someone buying you jewelery. Love happened when you want to sleep with that person over and over again, expecting the same passion to be as fiery (scoff!) as it was in the beginning. That was love in the eyes of a teenager. I blame Hollywood and TVB series for that view. I mean, that's ALL they tell you! You sacrifice yourself for love, you don't mind waiting for someone to love you back for love, you can change a bad person into a good one with love. While some of that remains to be true but you want to know wh

Wedding, Tires And Socks

I know I've not been blogging much. I know I know I know....bad, bad, bad. But so much has been happening, you know. Around the world and in my life. My brother got married, FUWAH!! Can't wait for kids to start popping out. Teeheehee.... The event itself was one major....back-breaker. I did not know that there was so much to do and spend on when a family member is getting married. It's so much more different from when you are attending SOMEONE ELSE's wedding whereby you get ready, pop by, yam-seng and go. It was fun and exciting at the same time. Maybe it was due to the fact that I busted my tires on Friday night, one night before the wedding! Thanks to a friend, who eventually also gave up on putting the tires back on the car, got ONE tire fixed only to be told that the other is on the verge of 'exploding'. Yup. I get this all the time. Never check on car tires and then the mechanics and all the men go 'tsk tsk tsk'. What? Listen up. Here's

When Will The Disaster Be Complete?

(Image from ) Ever since Friday, since the disaster in Japan struck, I've just been completely glued to the computer and TV, hoping to find a 'GOTCHA!! Early April Fool's Joke!' but none was to be found. In fact, by Saturday, I knew but didn't want to know that the morning light will only bring on worse news. Frankly, the disaster affected my work mainly because I have friends in Japan who were affected by the quake. Thankfully, none of them were injured and are still very much alive if not shaken to the core of their every nucleus or atom or something-like-cell....gosh, I'm bad at science. Can you tell? But what can be worse than an earthquake that magnitude which was followed by a sweeping tsunami? A hurricane? A meteor slamming right into (just) Japan? Or maybe aliens abducting the whole nation. None of the above. Instead, it's a failing nuclear power plant. Now that we have that, it should be a COMPLETE disaster. But no, Mother Nature deci

Hammy, Sweet Sour Chicken And Pork Knuckles

The kids are so in love with the hamsters despite the fact it has been two weeks since we got them. I am glad because I mentally gave the kids about three days to get over the fact that they have pets. But they have been consistently looking after, checking, feeding and playing with the hamsters. Looks like the hamsters are here to stay. =) The kids love to place the hamsters in this transparent globe thing. Honestly speaking, I love it too! Coz they are just too oofing adorable!! One son even tried to kiss the hamster through the globe thing. Go figure. Haha Now, onto my other You'll see why it's so hard for me to lose weight... Sweet and sour chicken. So hard to lose weight. Promise not to make this too often. And the funny thing is that the kids don't usually like anything sour despite me sweetening it up with honey. But this....they can't resist either. You can actually be very flexible about the ingredients so, since I had baby corn and carr

My Three Problems

There is no chance of me working while standing's just not possible. Trust me, I've tried. So, I have accepted the fact that in order to make money, I need to be in this sitting-down position. But you see, I have a couple of problems with sitting down. One, it makes my butt flat. Two, it makes me fat. Three, I now have a problem with my spine because I tend to hunch when sitting down. Here's how I will make the changes so that work will not, in the future, affect my health. For problem number one, I will be getting a liposuction........................................NAH! :-) I guess, some butt toning is in order. For problem number two, I've resolved to move around more, walk more, yoga more, and also generally speaking, be more healthy and well-rounded (bad choice of words, I know) in terms of being human. For problem number three, this calls for some serious action and at some point, it will probably involve consultation with a Chiropractor. Neve

Yoga For The Aging Body

You know why I love yoga? I wake up every morning bursting with energy (.....right), and basically can't wait to see what happens. But as the day roll out, I begin to feel a little bit more dread and upset that things are not perfect or as good as I thought it should be. The client who's not paid me yet, some crappy writer that I hired sent me sub-par work and I go to the mailbox and collect my....TA-DA...bills. The kids quarrel, they lose their color pencils, I've run out of coffee and I need to make dinner. And my shoulders are as tight as guitar strings. I have to admit that age is catching up with me. I can no longer do the Pussy Cat Dolls things the way I used to without heaving like an old lady 1/3 through the song. And my shoulders....when did they learn to wind themselves up like that? Since I've been forced to sit down for hours on end without getting up. My spine is really...beat up too. Who knew you could beat your spine up just by sitting down for lo

Abandoned Women

This is a bit of a somber post but that is because I've been listening to, hearing, trying to understand a type of phenomenon. I knew that men abandon their families before. They've abandoned their wives, yes, but families is quite another thing. When it happens to someone else, you hear about it and sympathize with these women and kids, it's different. When you see it happen to a friend or someone you love, it is quite another story. I don't get it. Why are men the way they are, completely listening to their libido all the time? Can't they have a decent responsible bone in their body and not listen to the one single bone that listens to hormones? Is that 'love'? So yes. Some people I know, I have come to see and understand, are left completely on their own. Left to deal with a family that was meant to be a fairy tale one. Dreams turned turtle. Home wrecked. Kids unloved. Women struggling to keep it together and holding fort. Well, fine. Sometimes, i