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Do you even call this a dress? A gown?

I wonder if this actress have ever heard of like it when women leave something to their imagination. Give them something to salivate over and yet leave a lot to their hormonized brain to imagine. Apparently no, this woman left nothing...not the imagination. Look at how flimsy the whole thing is and I am wondering if she's even comfortable wearing it? And if I am not mistaken, she wore it during spring time or somewhere close to winter time. Man, how does it feel like, I wonder, strutting in front of tens of thousands in this distasteful rag cloth?! Just in case you're wondering, the actress' name is Kim So Yeon and no, the back doesn't look any better. I wanted to put in a poll ask how you guys feel about this dress but what's the point? I know the answer already! :-)

The Diary of Ma Yan - Book Review

Poignant story inspired by the diary of a girl living in deserted Zhiangjiashu, China who had a dream of studying and making life better for her parents…particularly her mother. The indomitable thirst for knowledge and dream of a better life is clearly seen in the diary of this young girl who lived in a village with values and principles so far back in time that we, the modern society, is probably more than three decades ahead of them. For Ma Yan, life is all about survival in a barren land. Mother Nature is unkind to the folks here and no matter how they try to squeeze as much out of the land, they cannot get enough to survive. Therefore, her parents often have to travel to other places to make some money. But there comes a time when there wasn’t enough money for everyone in her family to attend school. Being the only female sibling in her family, Ma Yan was told that she would have to stop attending school so that her brothers could. Angered with the unfairness of it all, Ma Ya write

The Difference Between Love and Romance

I was sitting back, relaxing and just flipping through my photo albums. Suddenly, I stopped flipping…I saw a picture that catapulted me backwards in time….back to a time when I was all of 15-years-old. It was a group picture of me and some of my classmates back then. One of them, the guy standing on the second row with crappy glasses, a pot-belly but the sweetest smile on the planet….he was the one who threw side-long glances my way….to his right…in class. Now, this is what I call romance, folks! It was at this time that we moved on to exchanging love letter (s) in class (he draws like a 2-month-old, for your information), he waited for me at the gate after school, spend me some cendol, etc. One fine day, he gathered up enough courage to link my index finger with his index finger. That one called ‘holding hands’ for us! Ha ha ha ha ha! That was as far as we went, too bad. But isn’t this sweet and romantic ? The blood rushing into your ears and your face turns into a siren, you don’t k

BAD badminton display

I very pai-seh (ashamed) to say that my father was a badminton coach. (I explain why I pai-seh later on) I also shy to say that my brother was one of the top few junior badminton players in the country and have exchanged smashes and drops with what’s the kid’s name again…..Morten Frost punya fella…the younger fella leh….cannot remember his name liao. Craps! I don’t dare to tell you that me and my sister also not too bad lah….at least I also part of the school’s badminton team. Badminton was a big part of life back then. Every other day or weekend sure visit one badminton court for training wan. My mother wash socks more than she washes plates and cups. And every time we come home from a session, she would shake her head sadly. A huge mountain of wet clothes drenched in sweat smell like cow-dung in the house! After a couple of years, my father thought that me and my sister are better off threatening and smashing the shit out of the boys in our school than to compete big time. Hence, he

A whole new world to blogging

*THIS IS A PAID POST* Payperpost remains to be one of the biggest and largest website of its kind. One day, while chomping on a piece of Korean KimChi, it suddenly occurred to me that I should be making full use of my blog…my skill at writing at just about anything. What I love about PayPerPost is the fact that it gives me the chance to practice my skill….after all, I am a freelance writer and I should be able to write about anything under the sun. How can you not hear about PayPerPost because it’s everywhere! Many of my friends have decided to do it and some of them are earning truckloads of money just writing about these stuff! So, I figured….why the hell not, right? This is a piece of cake for me! Through the experience of writing and blogging for money, I’ve learned a lot, especially about blog ethics . This is a very delicate issue in the blog community and thank goodness, PayPerPost have a very strong backbone guideline on this one so that no one abuses anything and everyone be

Is it possible for guys and girls to be best friends without having sexual interest in each other?

Like this? Digg this! These are examples of how and why a guy and a girl would claim to be best friends or pet-sister or pet-brother. They like each other’s company They’re under 16-years-old They fancy each other but don’t feel that taking it to the next level is right….yet. Hiding a hidden romance They already have an army of pet-sisters or pet-brothers, so, what’s another one Having an assemblage of best friends or pet-siblings represents popularity of a person Under top secrecy, they bonked each other, found that it was a mistake, so decided to retract their steps and become best friends or pet-sister of pet-brother instead. This person knows the brand of underwear you wear or where you got cellulite, so, better keep this person close by. In all honesty, do you think a girl and a guy can subsist as mere friends or good friends or best friends, as some might go as far to claim it? Now, let me tell you something hor. I married a best friend from work, ok? So, despite my earlier

Genting Highlands pictures

I am not sure if they meant it to be like that, you know, but on a recent trip to Genting Highlands with the kids, I stayed in First World....yeah, the world's most expensive hotel on a hill with ludicrous facilities, smallest beds, coldest showers, stingiest bunch of buffoons working behind the counters and in the offices! But it was convenient, though. The beds were so small, it's made for 12-year-olds. The television set in there was probably designed about 5 centuries ago and only a caveman would find it impressing. PLUS, there's no ASTRO, there's no air-conditioning in the room (not needing air-conditioning in Genting Highlands is NOT a valid excuse)....the price is a wee bit hiked up for no apparent reason, according to me. With my feathers a little ruffled, I scouted around for something I could make fun of around the hotel lobby. I found the sign above slightly funny. You mean, Genting Highlands sells rooms? I didn't know that. You mean someone could j

What the herwl this person wants lah?

I was in ToysRus looking for last minute Christmas for the kids, minding my own business. Boring lah, you know, Christmas shopping can be. Jared was pestering me about buying him some Pokemon, Power Ranger and something else I cannot remember liao. But I reminded him that he pre-ordered his Christmas present which was a Nintendo DS he shares with Joshua. I think that Nintendo DS already bust a budget here and there – so, I told them that they forfeit their regular Christmas present lor. Joshua was fine with that….erm, Jared is having a little bit of trouble understanding the concept of ‘forfeit’. I was carrying this transformable robot thing with me for a nephew when a man suddenly approached me, poking at the robot box. “Where’d you get that, Miss? It looks pretty cool”. This is an elderly man who was holding a more expensive and funky looking robot toy, dark skinned, pot-bellied, moustache-y fella with glasses. At first glance, he looks like a father to a teenage boy. I pointe

Job Vacancies in Singapore

For whatever it's worth, here's something for all of you out there, looking for a job. I got this from a friend and don't know the authenticity of the AD, but it's worth a shot. Give the email a buzz-let and see where you can go from there.....if you're interested, that is. *** Please find below details of vacancies available at Denise Wine Shop, Singapore :- 1. HR Manager - with experience, independent, knowledge of Malaysia & Singapore labour laws is a must. 2. Logistic Manager - with experience, reliable, trustworthy and hardworking. If you or anyone you know are interested to apply for the above vacancies, kindly write in to Mrs May Lim with complete resume at

Hands Up For Holistic Beauty and Slimming

There’s no end to the beautifying, spa-ing and slimming industry….an honest statement deserving of a nod from you readers! Although I have never tried one of ‘em slimming programs before (too expensive and painful, I believe), I’ve tried home slimming remedies before. None of them worked, actually. I am particularly opposed towards taking drinks or medications that make you puke and sit on the throne for hours and causing havoc to your to your digestive systems! Listen, if you want to slim down and detox at the same time, you try Juvanex, which works. I’ve written lots of times before too about what I think of all that U-Zap, I-Zing, U-Lose, They-suck contraptions that you put on affected areas. Manufacturers are making off with truckloads of money while they hand you a package of ‘false hope’. Being a firm believer that weight-loss and beauty begins from within, I’ve invested in lots of books that teach me how to live properly, eat properly, exercise properly for the overall hea

Ding Dong Bell, Writer's Hokkien version and Christmas MeMe

Writing to catch up with the Christmas holiday has been crazy. People have holiday, I have catastrophe in my hands. The good news is that I got myself some Christmas presents....three books! One from Janet Evanovich , of the Stephanie Plum fame because I missed Hard Eight from her Plum Series. Second book is Up All Night by the most gorgeous Chic Lit author I know, Carmen Reid . And the third book is something more sombre...For One More Day of the Tuesdays With Morrie fame, Mitch Albom . So, what am I going to be doing this Christmas? READ!!! Yippppeeeee!!!! And to commerate the celebrative and festive mood, here's a Hokkien song for you....sing to the tune of Ding Dong Bell (the kids' song) in part-Hokkien, part-English. ding dong bieow (must I translate this?) sia kar wa ai siow (write until go crazy) kui tiam mm cai liao (what time I dunno) wa pian ding dong bieow (I become ding dong bell) (wa) ai ki holiday (wanna go holiday) kee Hong Kong Causeway Bay (go HK causeway ba

Entering The World Of Blogging-For-Mullah

I know a lot of people do it. Blogging for money but I’ve never done for a reason but am considering it now. Since I fervently blog, anyway, what’s my cheese, right? Well, you see. I blog-hop quite a lot and have a few favorite blogs that I usually visit. Some of them have high quality blog posts, funny blog posts, controversial blog posts….I like. But there’s something I don’t like….blog posts that sounds totally like an advertisement! The quality of a blog drops, I think, if the pay per blog thing is not handled carefully. Readers need to be made aware of the fact that you’re now posting for money….which could alter the tastefulness of the blog. For instance, there was once this blog that I visit often, and then suddenly, she/he claimed that she/he used some kind of interior designer for her/his home displaying wonderful pictures. At that time, I just moved to my new abode and was seriously interested in her/his review. Then a couple of clicks on later, I found out that the

A Season To Be Merry Drinking And Partying

I t’s been a long time since I went out and party all out….no seriously….believe me-lah! Actually, my principle is very simple. We must work very hard to achieve what we want to achieve in life but when it comes time to party, we must party with all our might as well. Let everything hang loose (except for your morals and dignity) and let things slide. Move and groove, grind if you want, drink like there’s no tomorrow and dance like your mother’s a dance coach. Frankly speaking, I used to this very often when my body was still in tip-top form. There was a time that I was known as a regular face in one famous disco that everyone thought I worked there. AAANNNYYYYWAAAYYY, the point is that I’ve been through that stage of my life and I no longer yearn for that kind of drunken escape. I have grown (die-lah if I have not…two kids liao lor) and don’t need it. Last Friday, went out with my sister, brother and some friends to a local hot spot called ‘Scarlett’ in Cineleisure right next to

Paypal And Ebay Opens Doors Of Opportunities For Malaysians

Like this? Digg this! I don’t know how excited Malaysians and generally speaking, Asians, are about the recent opening of doors to the cyberworld.Using paypal was never an option for people like who earn a living using the Internet and yet paypal is considered one of the most convenient and cheapest modes of payment for people in United States and Europe….and now, many other places! Now, Paypal has finally opened the door to us and I can tell you, for me, it’s like a floodgate of opportunities has suddenly been kicked open! With Paypal, Malaysians can now use accept payment and make payment affordably and then withdraw the money from their Paypal account and into their debit cards. The option of withdrawing directly into our savings or current account remains closed. Ah well…..matters not. The process of withdrawing from Paypal and into your debit or credit card takes a longer time than into your savings account. Most of the time, the withdrawal process is about 5-7

The Cook In Me

I never thought I’d say this but sometimes and I mean SOMETIMES , I like to cook. I know of people who live to cook….like some people live to eat but to me, cooking is fine….it’s the preparation and the aftermath that I hate to high heaven. I liken cooking to, say, chemistry. Yeah, a cook is like a chemist. You’re free to tryout and experiment with all those ingredients you have there in whatever way you want. In a certain way, the destinies of the people who actually eat the food that you make are in your hands as well. Tell me that statement doesn’t make you feel powerful. Nowadays, I try to limit my time in the kitchen to cook because work (the one that earns me a living) is piling up but I suspect that when school starts up again, I would have to start donning that apron again. The thing is that sometimes whatever I cook is nice….much to my own delight and to the kids’ delight. However, when the wind blows me the wrong way….that one…er…everyone suffers-lah! And yet, for

When a woman lies, it's always for a good reason

One day, a seamstress was sewing while sitting close to a river and her thimble fell into the river. When she cried out, the Lord appeared and asked, "My dear child, why are you crying?" The seamstress replied that her thimble had fallen into the water and that she needed it to help her husband in making a living fortheir family.The Lord dipped his hand into the water and pulled up a golden thimble set with pearls. "Is this your thimble?" the Lord asked. The seamstress replied, "No."The Lord again dipped into the river. He held out a silver thimble ringed with sapphires. "Is this your thimble?" the Lord asked again. The seamstress replied, "No" The Lord reached down again and came up with a leather thimble."Is this your thimble?" the Lord asked. The seamstress replied, "YES." The lord was pleased with the woman's honesty and gave her all three thimbles to keep and the seamstress went home happy. S

Heidi Klum vs. Giselle

Both are gorgeous but if you were a judge in a Super Model competition, who would you pick? The older Heidi Klum or Giselle in terms of beauty and character? Heidi Klum Giselle Opinion Polls & Market Research

Hurry Hurry Hurry....

Used to be the biggest procrastinator on the planet. If I could do it tomorrow,why do it today? If got nothing else better to do, then I go read my storybook first, no problem. But with the fast-paced life that I am living in right now, I've been reading and I found this. There's something called 'hurry sickness' wor. Try answering the following questions and grade yourself. Read the question and give yourself marks according to this scale. 5-Always 4- Usually 3 - Sometimes 2 - Rarely 1 - Never Ok, here goes... 1. Are you punctual for appointments? 2. Are you very competitive? 3. How often do you feel rushed 4. Do you get aggressive when frustrated? 5. Do you get impatient when kept waiting? 6. Do you interupt when others speak? 7. Do you push yourself or others too hard? 8. Do you hide your personal feelings? 9. Do you try to do too many things at the same time? 10. Are you eager to get things done? 11. Do you talk, walk and eat very quickly? 12.

Korean Leader's Ultimate Blunder

Aiyo...this one really make me laugh until I wanna pengsan (faint!). Damn it! So damn funny lah. You'll have to watch it see (or laugh) for yourself. At the highest point of making a motivational speech, this leader turned into a comic relief instead!! You just have to watch it, I tell you!!

In pursuit of material superiority, we forget to live

I was just listening to the radio out in the back kitchen while chopping garlic for lunch when Radio One (I think...I simply roll the tune until it falls on an English station and that's it) announcer was saying before he played the song "Don't worry, be Happy"....many people live their lives chasing after material gains and most of us have very low quality of life. How true. How true..... About a year back, I fall into that category. I want to make excuses by saying that it was for survival but it's actually not, when I sit down and think about it. I WAS chasing after material gains. I want to change my car, buy new furniture, upgrade my piano, send the kids for holidays overseas, buy new clothes, get my hair done, plastic surgery (no lah, kidding)....etc. So, I work day and night without knowing how to stop. I tell you, I had no life. Quality of life was zero and the saddest thing was that I became such a workaholic that I did not even spend quality

Beijing Masseur Experience

Lately got a bit of stress about working and taking care of the kids during the holidays, so, I thought I would reward myself with some pampering therapy. There's this reflexology and massage and beauty center near my place so decided to check it out. The place is very nice wan and decor was emaculate. Because the place is new, everything smells like brand new leather. Soft music....mmm.....soft lighting...mmmm..... But then here's the thing. I made an appointment with my regular beauty center Leonard Drake earlier but because of some mix-ups, I lost my appointment. But I really wanted someone to pamper me wor. That's why I ended up there....try lah, something new mah....who knows. Furthermore, they're nearer and maybe cheaper leh? Cheaper, definitely. Nearer, sure thing. Better.... NOT . With all this beauty and pampering business ah, skill and training is important. Leonard Drake spends a lot of effort, time and money training their staff, that's why they

JYP back into the scene after RAIN left

Last time, before he had RAIN (a.k.a Jung Ji Hoon a.k.a Bi), JYP was a well-received, popular singer in Korea. I really admire this guy because he became a star in his own right without relying on anyone. From Korea, he took a flight to the US with the little English he knew, studied the language by speaking to others. He is a very impressive and passionate guy, everyone in Korea knows that. Er....we're talking about a Korean music producer who produced music for the likes of Will Smith, R. Kelly, Lil John, Mase and Cassie. Don't believe me, check and check for Park Jin Young and see for yourself. Rain Otherwise, how is it possible for someone to transform normal people into MEGA stars all the time? Everyone he touches turn into stars. RAIN being one and he's still the most popular Korean singer I know. Not counting boy bands. Se7en no fight. Lately, he's been transforming groups of pre-pubescent girls into pop stars as well! One of them b

Mm lan chat chi tow lah

I don't want to take sides.....but since I am neither Malay, Chinese or Indian, and I think the number of ants in Malaysia is more than the number of legal 'Burmese' in my country, I want to say something. I am not pleased with the government of Malaysia. I am not pleased with Lah Sok (Pak Lah in Cantonese). B for Bumiputras (damn tiring trying to say something from my heart because someone might try to kick my ass again) have been pampered since....what, we gained freedom. The way I see it ah....the Keling Yans who rallied earlier ah...they didn't intend for things to turn violent wan, you know. They wanted to send a message. They wanted help. But every application they send were rejected. Somemore their leader hor....damn helpful, so, what to do? When people see that there are no other ways to get their message across but feel like they have to do something for themselves, they do something dramatic lor. The si-mata mata (police) didn't have to use all the v

Prevent Unnecessary Death and Incidents by Resting Pilots

Very smart people make it as pilots....that's my personal opinion but being smart does not mean they're not human. I hope after this incident whereby Captain of an airline and his First Officer tertidur (accidentally fell asleep) during a Red Eye flight (overnight) airlines will spend more time training their Captains and First Officers to be more diligent in handling fatique. We're talking about hundreds upon hundreds of lives on board, fellas! The story about the sleeping pilots is reported here . Pilots should not be allowed to fly for days and nights on end and instead should be alternating with other pilots. I am not very sure how they manage things but apparently, not enough is being done! The same goes for the crew people. I just came back from Genting Highlands and I have to say that I've never seen so many overworked people, people with red eyes bulging out of their sockets, unfriendly tired and sleepy people in my life. Without adequate sleep and rest, ho