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Feed The Poor For My Birthday

Image source: I have right about 60 days to my birthday so, I decided to do something a little different. It's not that I think I can or that someone should give me birthday presents or anything like. It's not that I think I am important but I think HUMAN BEINGS are important as horrible as SOME beings can be . But here's my birthday feed the poor. Food is life...that's my philosphy. Whatever one person is going through, there is no such thing as going hungry when there are so many people, restaurants, normal folks like you and me, politicians, celebrities of all faith and walks of life can go about eating three square meals a day (sometimes more) and have enough to throw away. Everyone should have enough to fuel their bodies so that they can continue fending for themselves and (possibly) make a difference. I am also a big fan of Jamie Oliver'

Warning: Reflective Post

Yesterday was my father's birthday and we celebrated it a little earlier over the weekend over dinner. To me, dinners together is sooooo important to a family. We had the dinner at Uncle Prawn at Sunway Giza (the first time I am there because I hate Kota Damansara because of the traffic - blergh!). The food was good, FYI, but it was hardly worth the price. Why? Because the portion is ooooo sooooo smmmmaaallll... =P Really, it was. Small. As we age, our parents age. Our siblings age and it dawns on us that everything is impermanent. Yeah, I say it all the day, I'm gonna die. I'm gonna go with nary a thing that I have earned, bought or done in this life. On to the next life. But at every birthday, silently, inside of me, it feels strangely odd that I think to myself, 'Gee....another year's gone'. It's like this axe hanging over your neck. It's gonna come down but you don't know when. Under normal circumstances, you have no say over WH

Pizza Overboard

Kids love me a kid who doesn't like pizza. As much as I like making them, making the dough is kinda messy. At the end of it all, there is always a bit of a mess. Nevertheless, since I'd be making them as it is, might as well have a bit of fun, eh? I don't know who invented round pizzas...why does it have to be round, anyway? More delicious? I don't know. If you know the answer to why pizzas are always circles, lemme know. Anyway, we went ahead with the experiment without knowing the answer to why pizzas are circles. As it turns out, square pizzas tastes kinda nice too. I know I know, it's a little burnt. Who gives a sh*t, anyway? It tastes mighty fine. Square got a little boring, so, we went a little further. This, you can tell me, is mommy's pizza! Love love love...heart heart heart! A-heh.... Er...the square one is from bored mommy who ran out of ideas. A baby small square pizza. In the meantime, Son 2 who wanted to make

The Release

Conflict is inevitable. If we are alive and kicking, then we are bound to disagree with someone. This week, I am seeing that. Yesterday was Wesak Day and as I knelt down, closed my eyes in front of Buddha's statue, I asked 'Why? Why such conflict?!'. I even got a little angry. The answer came to me, 'Do you trust me?' I guess, in everything that we do, every person that we meet, there is a reason. The person that I had a conflict with recently did not really, specifically do anything wrong but our principles were different. I move on the path of humility and understanding. I (try to) value people for who they are and work together as much as possible. But this person works on a different plane. He has completely different sets of understanding about the world despite having a religious background. Therefore, I conclude that this irked me. Every time I see him post something online, I go a little berserk. But based on my principles, I move along and try to und

Waste Not, Want Not

Once upon a time, I used to go organic and then I figured that I am not making enough money to go COMPLETELY organic. AND plus, some people's been throwing cold water on the fact that we don't actually know if the food is organic despite them saying that it is. Well, there is absolutely no way to know FOR SURE that the veg and fruits ARE organic unless you are plucking them yourself from your own backyard...which I do not have. So I decided to go local instead and be more focused on the look, size and feel of the vegetables and fruits and also placed good importance on steaming, roasting and blanching the food instead of frying them. Even stir-frying them in little oil and water makes more sense these days. Another concern about food that I have is how much wastage there is. If you cook twice a day like I do, you'll know that it is quite impossible to cook EXACTLY the amount that you eat. Most times, you will end up with a little bit of leftover. It is sad that we do