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Every Friday

It's the rainy season over here so, it's just days of smelly laundry, staying indoors and running around the park in absolute joy during the evening when there is no rain. I know we have it so much better than so many other people in other countries, some with blistering heat, others with mind-numbing cold and I do thank my lucky stars that we live here. Anyway, it is also the holiday season right now and everyone's either away for a holiday in another country or planning parties and dinners with their family and friends. We have been doing the same, the gatherings, not the holiday (I wish - lol). The good thing about that is that my boys got to see their cousins a bit more than usual. The sad thing is that my in-laws moved away from the neighborhood a couple of years ago. With them being so near then meant that I could always drop the boys off any time I need to or every Friday. The Friday gathering became a ritual for us. It was a safe day to plan an outing for us par

Recipe - Korean Rolled Omelette

I love my eggs, half-boiled, scrambled, sunny side up, steamed...whatever. So, when I saw this video for Gyeran Mari (Korean-style rolled eggs), I was so excited because it looks delicious and easy enough to make. ( Rrrrriiiiiiiiiggghhhhhhhhhhhhtttt,,,,, ). She uses a square skillet and I don't have one but she DID mention that it's OK to use a round one so, I gave it a shot. Didn't work out for me, though, and I turned it into some sort of scrambled eggs. Ugh...folding it and keeping it in shape is one tough job, I can tell you that. But if you successfully make this yourself (with a round pan - WOW!) tweet me up a picture and I might take on the challenge of trying to make this again. Happy Saturday! Love, Marsha