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Breaking Up With This Friend

Young woman lying in bed Dear Writer's Block, It's not you, it's me ... It has always been all about me and I am sorry that I have to break up with you this way. As much fun as it has been to spend time with you, idling in front of the computer, feeling utterly so frustrated with life that the brain isn't chugging along, we have to go our separate ways. I can only reminisce about how wonderful it feels to have my fingers hover over the keyboard for countless hours with no words written. Oh, can you remember the time when I sat there with you writing out total rubbish? Hahahaha!! God...that was fun, wasn't it? Feels good to waste all those hours writing bullshit and then slowly, word by word, backspace them all to hell! I mean, come on, who needs money, right? There's grass outside. Oxygen is, the last I checked, is absolutely, irrefutably free of charge! Water can be tapped from the common area. Imagine the savings! The k

If I Have An iPhone 4

God, everyone's on about the iPhone4...what's up, man. Being a techy person (for work purposes only), I should be one of those who stays up the whole night, drive down to wherever it is that iPhone4 is launching, camp outside the mall just to reserve a space in a long queue of kiasu people. I should have an iPhone or a Blackberry or somefink like that. But I don't. WTF. I used to own an iPaq (I think that is what it is called - can't remember) which is a nice a phone but I couldn't wait to get rid of it. Seriously. I couldn't bring myself to ditch the phone because it cost me quite a bit of money so, I resolved to waiting for it to die on me....or at least give me a very good reason to throw it away. During my kid's sports day, I dropped the phone and it wrecked the mic! HURRAYYYY!!! I got myself a new phone - an old Nokia phone with absolutely no internet connectivity. The maids here probably have a better phone than me. So, why all the hate for

Things You Thought You Needed

First time I am doing this...was bored outta my brains, so, started looking around for my damn tripod I bought for my old camera and wondered if it would fit the new one. Next time (IF there is a next time), I promise to be aesthetically prepared and I promise not to scare you with my no-make-up face again. Hope your Sunday was fruitful and full of love.

Cooking For Health

A community message from Marsha Maung in support of eating healthier. Regardless of how you look at it, it is always cheaper and healthier to eat at home. If you don't have a mother who pampers you or a spouse who is a chef, it boils down to you putting your chops together for a nice meal. It is funny that people think that cooking is such a hard thing to do. Sure, there are failures here and there but, I mean, come on! There is the internet and cook books and TV shows that teaches you how to cook, right? (Some of them bluff you and it tastes stupid in the end - BLAH!) So, what you do is you just make use of your...common sense? And a little creativity? Just wing it and combine the sauce or taste together before you actually cook it. For example, you see 'mayonnaise' and 'balsamic vinegar' in the list of ingredients. If you are not sure if you will like the taste, take out a small bowl, put them two things together, mix it, taste it and then decide where to go f

Universal Language - Music

I love listening to our local radio stations like for recent hits and all that but sometimes I tune into for slower and olde r kind of music for chilling out purposes. Somehow, I find it comforting to listen to all those old songs and I can sing to them without the lyrics. Funny, isn't it? When I was still performing as a vocalist, I had the biggest problem remembering lyrics. But when I sit in a car with an 80's song playing in the background, I can remember every beat and note to it. Maybe it is because when I am performing, there is a pressure and I have a tendency to crack under intense pressure. But most of all, I thank my divinity up there for bringing me free music who stream them from iTunes. I can't live without iTunes and work would be unbearable without them. Seriously! Can you imagine me working in an empty home in COMPLETE SILENCE? Like working in a coffin. So, iTunes is definitely something that I relish. Frankly, if I had to pay for it

Removing Kids From KBSR

There. I made the decision. No more KBSR program for my kids. I have informed the current private school that my kids are attending right now that I will be removing the kids from the school and intend to place them in another one. Am keen on putting them on a homeschooling program run by a nearby church. Yeah, I am not a Christian but the thing is that faith is not a big issue. They will decide in their own time what kind of God they want to believe in and as long as it is good for their souls, then it should be alright with me. I am fine with it. So what if they are Christians and I am a Buddhist. As long as we love each other and respect each other, it is OK. I share my thoughts about religion with my kids a lot, so...not much difference. The most important thing is for them to actually learn something in school. The thing with the Malaysian education system is that students don't learn practical things. They don't learn at their own pace - yes, not even in a private s

Growing Through Life (TVB series)

Growing Through Life (2010) Casts: Damian Lau, Cecelia Yip, Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Shao Ziqi, Toby Leung, Vionn Song, Dominic Lam, Lui Yau Wai The essence of the story is there - family ties, importance of being accommodating with friends, being kind, not being greedy...that is the true essence of the story, which is good, but the writers of the script should be shot for spoiling quite a compelling story with over-the-top dramatics and unbelievable plot. To say that I don't get with China's way of filming the series with a thousand angles to one scene and pauses so long you can hear the crickets breeding in the background - that is just pure insanity. I did not pay for the DVDs to hear crickets make love in the background. I just want to watch the show, alright? Damian Lau...well, I have never been much of a fan, really but he was OK. Cecelia Yip was completely OUT OF THIS WORLD ORGASMIC!! There was a part of the series when she went a little cuckoo up there in her h

Cute Kitties

Today's been a blur. Bad sleep last night, early waking up coz there is school for the kids. So, don't look at me now, look at these kitties instead. Man, despite not being a kitty person, I just couldn't resist snapping these pictures. They are sooooooooo adorable!! Like little babies! Hahaha. And no, I am not having another one, not now, not tomorrow, not next year, not ever. But check them out, so adorable, they're sisters, not the same cat but BOTH sleep like this.

Note To My 10-Years-Younger Self

If I could rewind time, I mean REALLY am permitted to go back in time and find my 10-years-younger self, what would I say to Well, turns out, I have a lot to say to this person and the things that i tell her might change a thing or two. For instance, I would tell her that too much coffee, like five cups of coffee without a drop of plain water, in the system is not good for health. I would tell her that dust mites do exist. That drinking herself blind thinking that she looked better and felt better is an illusion. That she is good enough. Or too good for that man. That she should just build some bloody self-esteem. That nobody can give it to her on a plate. That she should stick to singing. And then write. That her music and songs are great the way they are. That the purple dress looks horrible. That she can cook. Try it. That she should listen to her parents and other people's advice when it is dished out. They are gems and she should use them to her a

If I am a mommy again next life, imma gonna...

Make no mistake about it, I love being a mother. I get to go through one of the most torturous process known as giving birth. I get to be woken up every two hours to feed baby. I get to walk around smelling like puke. Hey, having carrot mush in your hair is the in-thing these days. And besides, who cares that your baby yanks up your shirt in the middle of busy shopping mall, showing your belly fats to the world at large, just because baby wants to suckle? I mean, really, nothing beats having to worry about whether they are talking on time, walking on time, breathing on time, feeding on time, cooing on time, calling you mommy on time, going to school on time, doing their homework on time, playing piano on time, eating and drinking on know...the joy of life? You don't know what joy is until you know what it feels like to have other parents compare their kids to yours and yours kinda...don't match up and you have to make lame excuses like, 'who cares, anyway