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Update: Vaxxed So Now What?

It's been some time since I spent some time updating this blog so, I thought today, a precious Saturday (before I start toiling in the kitchen again), would be a good day.  This whole pandemic thing has been really frustrating for some of us. Single parents who have no backup, trust me, are suffering. There were times when I was immensely (and I am using this word very kindly) frustrated that: This was my forties? Really? This is the kind of introduction my kids are getting to adulthood? What kind of college life is this? I just want to get out again I want to do whatever I want without fear again, GDI We feel like prisoners or criminals We are using the internet too much Outside meals shouldn't be THIS damn hard to order or buy Buying groceries - hello! Why do we have to rush every single day to get supplies when we have to work? They say it closes at 8pm but we get off work at 6pm. Discount travel time, it gives us about an hour to get both dinner and groceries. And we're