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Video: Who Am I?

Never let the way people think what you should be like stop you from living the only life you are given. This boy has been waiting to write an apology the a self he previously thought he hated. It must be hard to live with the person that you are born to be like and struggle to be a person you want to be. Have a pleasant day. It's Thursday. Almost weekend. Can you smell it already? I was struggling with throat infection all week long but am on the road to recovery now. But damn, I sound sexy right now. LOL Love, Marsha

I Need A New Baby

Today, finally dragged my (and my son's) butt to the National Registration Department to get my younger son's IC done. I have been dragging this out since he turned 12, which was more than 2 months ago. I think there is more to this act of procrastination than just laziness. There is the 'letting go' part that many non-parents don't feel or see or recognize. No, he is not leaving home yet but it is sort of a mark in his life and mine that signifies that he is officially a Malaysian citizen, not having to sit under the umbrella of his parents' names and identities. I told him if he stole something or did something bad now, he would have to be accountable as a citizen of Malaysia now. LOL As a parent, I dragged my feet a little because it means that he is no longer my baby. I have no baby left in this house so, I got plants. Hahahaha! No, I am not ready for a pet, thank you. It sort of feel like if he wanted to do something 'mature', I would have to

Son of a Tribal Woman

When I read this story about this American whose mother belongs to a tribe in a dense jungle of Brasil's Amazon, I was, like, FOR REAL? Maybe because Brasil's so huge and many parts of the jungles continue to thrive that these villages and tribes continues to exist today. For some of us who are exposed to the Internet every single day, looking at reality and pictures that tells us about these people, continues to be shocking. Some parts of the world are untouched by mankind amazing. Apart from learning about this particular tribe through the article, I also formed another opinion, which is the fact that when you are a mother, you are a mother forever. Just like how the son finally trekked his way into the Amazon jungle to find his mom, he just knew he had found her just by looking at her right in the eyes. You will just know. Anyway, my legs are absolutely aching right now because I have been standing at my table (my manually converted standing table) for