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Heading off to Genting Highlands Thursday and Friday

I think I deserve a holiday lah, rite? Been working like a bloody dog....and it's got to be for a reason. Oh, before I forget, I got myself a new website....still a little raw. Got my friend to install wordpress for me there and I plan to explore how to promote the website for my search engine marketing, online promotion and content writing services. The website is . But not before my Genting trip! I can hear and feel the inner workaholic in me rising at this opportunity to strike and turn this post into a work one! STOP! Not before my Genting Highlands Trip! I know it's sad that I have to hit so near to home....wish it could be something like....Disneyland Florida or Bahamas or something but at least it is better than nothing. I don't have enough time to spare and the kids are itching to go somewhere...ANYWHERE....and Genting it is, then. And besides, the last time Jared was up in Genting Highlands, he can't remember a thing! Joshua remember

I am No. 1 on for blog content writer. Woo Hoo!

Well well well….whadya know!!! I got it! I finally got the coveted spot I’ve been wishing for….No. 1 on , mind you!! For what? Well, you see, I’m in this blog content writing and online content writing business, right? So, obviously I would be promoting myself on the Internet for the keyword ‘blog content writing’, right? And tell me which is the biggest and most popular search engine there in the cyber world right now? Google? That’s right. So, to get more people to hear my name, think about using my business and think of me as a professional blog content writer who knows what she’s talking (or writing) about, I have to promote my own website for the said keyword. There was a sudden influx of enquiries lately that I was wondering, “Wei? What did I do right? How come so many people come and ask me about blog content writing services wan?”. So, I go to and type in ‘blog content writer’ into the search box, click ‘search’ and viol

When is the holiday going to end?

How many more days before school holidays is over ah? The kids driving me insane liao! AAARRRRGGHHHHH!!! I love them, don't get me wrong but having them around all the time while I am working is getting to me. I love them, I love them, I love them, I love them!!! And because they're begging to go out and do something, the kids are up to their antics. Yesterday, Jared cut a chunk of his hair off! Gargh!! Thanks to his brother for making the suggestion...see lah see put two monkeys together unsupervised for a little while and they cut their own hair. A month or so ago, Joshua also cut his own school. Sigh.... What to do with them ah???

Gimme more singer, Britney, don't need any more

So what Britney runs a red light? So what she was on her cell phone while driving her car? Lots of us do it and get away with it. That's not to say that it's alright to do it, this coming from someone who would NOT put in the first gear without seatbelts on. But the point is this, the papparazzis should bloody give the 'Gimme More' singer a break! Yeah, we want news and yeah, sure, we enjoy reading about how she screwed up this and messed up that. But she's a normal living human being, for crissakes! This is not the first time I've written about the whole Britney Hoopla. She's a bad mother, maybe. I don't know but hell, show me a perfect mother and I'll show you how to make the sun rise up from the West. I mean, come on! She could have f***ed up her marriage and her career but as with any other normal human beings, she should be give the space to right all the wrongs she's done. Everybody needs that. Nobody in his or her right mind can properly

Debit Cards should be promoted instead of credit cards

If you must know, Marsha hates credit cards. Every time I see those credit card sales people, I run for my life! “Miss! Miss, do you have a XYZ credit card? We are now offering free lifetime credit card. And we have also XYZ bonus and free gift and XXX cash back redemption on these products….”, they holler and chase after me. I grab my kids’ hands and run for my life! Wait…there’s a very good reason wan. Yes, I agree that credit cards are so convenient because you get to purchase anything under the sun with a single swipe and a swift signing of your signature. But it’s way too convenient for me. I am too impulsive liao, you know. It’s like I see something that I like, I will swipe and swipe and swipe the whole day. Some more, this auntie-ah, used to be so hero, you know. Last time when we go out drinking with colleagues, I pass the cashier my credit card and wave my hands at her, “Keep it rolling!” Damn stylo, right? Rolling until I roll around in bills and irreparable damage to my fi

The Ultimate Reward For Performers and Singers

When you work hard, you get a salary at the end of the day and you feel happy and go splurge on your favorite activity. That's called a reward. That's what we work for. For the past two days, I have been reminded time and time again the reason why I love performing and what the reward is. In the past, when I perform for weddings, shows and dinners, I get remunerated....not much, I have to say, but it'll buy me a new dress, lunch and dinner for the day. After going through performance after performance, sometimes it becomes dull because you're singing the same song over and over again and there are other girls on stage fighting for the limelight (young singers who want to make it and hate it when an oldie like me go and grab the limelight) and you also don't get to sing the songs you want to sing. I realize that it takes the enjoyment out of performing live....and there's nothing I love more than just to sing and entertain the audience! Sometimes when I sing

Music School Concert

Had a concert lah, not my concert lah! Music school had a concert today and since I am a student and so are my two kids, we spent the whole Sunday preparing for and performing. My two kids played the piano. They asked me to play the piano as my performance and my answer was....YOU CRAZY AH???? Hey, I am not prepared lah, ok? I perform but never in my life have I ever performed piano on stage before. True, the stage is my second home but if you give me a screwdriver and ask me to build an ark on stage....cannot do lah, rite? The only way I can be confident on stage is when you give me, not a screwdriver, but a microphone. So, that was it. My kids played the piano and I sang. Now, with this experience, I've come to realize that it's not easy trying to organize something like this. Brothers and sisters, we're talking about 90++++++++ kids and huge musical instruments like a grand piano and other keyboards and stuff. 2 is enough to drive me crazy. Imagine being h

Feels good to do nothing

Unlike other Fridays, I finally dared to take some time off a week day to do....nothing. No work, just messing around with the kids and then at night, dropped the kids off at in-laws, went walking around, steamboat, shopping for clothes for the kids and myself....hanging around with a friend and her teenage daughter....lepaking. I don't remember the last time I lepak-ed around, you know. Must have been during college days. Ever since I've started working, with the bank, I no longer know how to let go and hang loose. The world is consistently spinning in a web of responsibilities. Having to carry the weight of responsibility for two kids is difficult....especially so if you're doing it around the clock. Being a mother is like that mah....some more I work from home which means I get no time off. Sometimes I feel guilty for feeling like I want to run away and not bring the kids along. Sometimes I sigh to the kids, "I need a holiday" and they say, "Where are we

Kids are being treated like race horses these days

Today UPSR results came out right? For non-Malaysians, UPSR is a National exam that all 12-year-olds go through. Anyway, I don't have a 12-year-old and I don't really like reading the papers, so, I was quite unaware of the fact that the results for the exam was coming out today. But everything was abuzz when I was at my music school today. There were aunties hunched over cafeteria tables whispering suspisciously amongst each other. There were jubilant kids running around the ground floor throwing water at each other. Some aunties were hanging around the mamaks in serious discussions. I didn't know what all the buzz was about so I hurried my sorry, late ass to class. After the class, things became clear again.....the results are out and everyone's comparing their kids' results! Mothers on cell phones congratulating or consoling other mothers about their kids' results. I don't remember my parents going through such a thing wor. I mean, sure thing, they wer

Paper Please - Education Above Experience

You see, everyone is learning every single one of their living days. Irregardless of how much you earn a month, whether you're a Masters holder, Degree holder, SPM cert holder, it matters not because the moment you stop trying to learn, you stop growing. Personal growth, that is The body does not stop growing until the moment we die and the brain should also be kept active. We can do this by consistently looking out for information, asking questions, discussing issues with other people, or just reading everything in sight. I snub my nose at people who think that they've got it made with pieces of paper certifying that they have a such-and-such degree, such-and-such doctorate, such-and-such masters! That piece of paper means absolutely nothing. Is there a cert for being a housewife? Is there a paper I can sit for that ascertains me as a qualified parent or mother? Can I find a degree for working-at-home? Or is there an educational program I can enroll for search engine marke

Magical Rainbow

Sometimes it doesn't take a lot to appreciate the simple things in life. For example, one day, I was fetching my two boys together with their cousin back home when I noticed that there was a slight drizzle. Evening is yet to dawn and there's still light against the maroon shade sky. I candidly announced to the kids, "Actually, when there's still light like this and there's a drizzle, you can usually find a rainbow" "Really?!" "WOW! We have rainbows in Malaysia?" "Let's see if we can find one" And within seconds of searching, there it was....a rainbow. It was faint and took the kids some time to find the rainbow but after a lot of straining and 'There there there!', the kids craned their necks to catch as much of the rainbow as they can. Something so simple yet so beautiful. I can't remember when was the last time I saw a rainbow (before this time) and yet it's a part of nature that's just awe-inspiring.

Dear Boss

This one says it all, man! I know a lot of you would have recieved it via email but for the benefit of those who have not, just wanna share with you. It's very cute lah, the baby! And the meaning is also there. I don't have a boss....but sometimes I hate myself (does that count), this might hit the right chord with some of you who have bosses you'd like to de-finger, be-head, penis-lize, knock, kick, stuff a lampost up the arse....etc. Take it easy, Saturday is rolling around many more days to go ah? Erm.....three more days! THREE MORE DAYS OF SURVIVAL!

Violent Punishment Is Not Always The Solution

Someone picked on my son again! Gosh....Son 1 is a really blur sotong, you know, that's why he is an easy and obedient target. Maybe he also likes to play 'fighting' a little bit like many other boys his age but still...... Here's what happened. According to Son 1, during PE, two boys bullied him. One boy held him from behind, tying his arms down. The other boy punched him in the tummy really hard. Hard enough to cause pain for several hours after that! When I found out, boy, was I fuming mad. If it's a fight, then I'd want to find out what and why and maybe my own kid also did something wrong. But if two boys gang up against one boy, then it's classified as bullying. No way am I letting this one go at all! The next day, I marched to the school and went to his classroom with the purpose of letting this boy know that what he did was not to be repeated again. I didn't want to scare him or beat the crap out of this 7-year-old kid but merely to really spea