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So, it has been said that we are a fair country. We are moving in the right direction. All of us are fair and square, that we are all equal, that our country respects everyone in the same way. Right. What a load of bollocks. Anyway, this video is only for those who are Malaysians or those who understand Bahasa Melayu. In essence, what this person is saying in this video is that to win a certain election in a certain district, they don't need the votes of the Chinese and Indians. He reckons that they will need to use a 'different approach' in dealing with the Chinese and Indians. So long as the Malays stick together, they are fine. And that is not race-based politics, my dear friends. Not at all.

Privacy Please

When I divulge my personal details and information, I expect it to be kept private. Even from the employees. You see, when I hand my information over (like address and telephone number), I trust the school to keep it professional and not let their employees make use of the said info for personal gains. I went to this institution recently and I filled in a form which means that I have to surrender my address and telephone number. One of the staff took the information and decided to call me asking me if I needed his services (outside of what the institution offered - or rather, supplementary to it). I felt that it was violating some form of rule here. You are not supposed to call me on a personal basis - unless it is something related to the institution. The same thing goes with large companies. I have had people from airlines call me offering me opportunities on the pre-text that they belong to the same company. I don't believe that. Telecommunication companies too. I have giv

Is It Still Possible To Save Malaysia?

I stepped forward and volunteered for the opposition party in Malaysia before and will continue to do so in the future if they ever need my help. But sometimes, I DO wonder if it is still possible to save this country from the mismanagement of the past. The 'money rules everything' mentality that rot the country to the core. The racial imbalance. Would certain quarters give up their 'rights' at all? Or is it going to be a cover up? Is there ever going to be transparency here in Malaysia? Look at our Prime Minister's statements. Gosh, he must have hired different people to write for different occasions. He contradicts himself to no end. One speech, he is all for fairness. The other, he points out that certain parties need not worry about losing their 'rights'. Er....and.....and....that would be... how now brown cow??!! It seems so frustratingly impossible. All we are asking for is a country that is fair and a management we can trust. Is that so much t

Old woman bowling

I can't believe this - all the sports that I used to be good at, now I suck at. I mean, we used to play badminton all the time when we were kids and were pretty good at it. Now, 60% missed shots or half-court shots. FML. Another sport that I used to play a lot of was bowling. My father managed bowling alleys, hence, when we are there, we get to play (for free). So, yesterday, it being a lazy Saturday, took the kids for a bowling session. I pulled a muscle. Urgh. To think that I could hold the bowling pose till the time the ball hit the pins last time. Heck, it is already good that I could actually balance on my left leg long enough to launch the bowling ball down the lane. But it is still a fun sport for me. The kids are getting the hang of it although they look really awkward when running down the lane and launching the ball like it was a sack of potatoes too heavy for them. My kids are really out of shape, I'm tell you which is why I would like to play more sports with

Just when you think you are a weird alien from the far reaches of outer space... meet people who have same 'intrinsic' faults and problems as you do. For one, your father and mother don't get along well with each other - never in your life have you seen or heard them NOT yell at each other. Your family must be a big failure. And that is also how you are now a big, fat failure. That is why you are poor like shit and live like beggar not rich. Your sister is also the most annoying bitch person because all she ever thinks about is how her eye-lashes are not curling up the way it should. That her boyfriend bought her a diamond engagement ring and they are going to Bahamas for their wedding. You can't fall asleep at night because your boss is a dickhead impatient person who works you to the bone, pays you much less than (you think) you deserve. Your mind whirls around at night thinking of ways to get away with choking him to death. In your dreams, you dream of opening a can of sardines only to see his marinated, preserved penis eyeball

Childhood Food

I think everyone's got one...or two hot childhood fave home-made food. I've got too many coz just like everyone else, I happen to think that my mom is the best cook EVA! EVA EVA EVARRRR... But she doesn't cook much now coz she says that it is tiring for her to cook and besides, all her kids are no longer living with her and she thinks it is a waste of time to cook for just 2 people. I think that is a complete waste of talent. Anyway, I'll name two of my favourite childhood food. One, is fattening as hell sugar-coated donuts. I know they're sinful as anything you can ever imagine. All that sugar and all that carbohydrates. But when you are a kid, you don't worry so much about how much weight you put on or if your backside is going to sag. It more or less happens around the teenage years, if I do remember correctly. The second one is another sinful indulgence....buttery pancake. It has to be with lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of butter because th

Puppy Love...Not

Cute labrador retriever Becoming a mom is a big responsibility. Well, OK, becoming a parent is a big responsibility, therefore, one should not go into it just because of selfish reasons. If you want to bring a new life into this world, then you have to be willing to make sacrifices. It is inevitable. Some people have kids because it is just the way it should be. For some, because of pressure from parents, friends or society. Others think that kids are just cute. They want to have one too. Well, having kids because of pressure from others; think about it, OTHERS are not going to be the one taking care of the kids. You are. If one has kids just because kids are cute....well...what can I say? They are. :-) But they grow older, you know. And then what? They are cute no more and you don't want them anymore? Even more deplorable are the ones who have kids because they want to tie their boyfriends down. Trust me, I have known some people like that...quite personally. When thing

Grilled Salmon With Unagi Sauce

I always disagree with people who say that they are lazy to cook, it's too hard, no time, too difficult, easier to eat out....etc. I can't agree because I have found multiple ways to cook simple, cheap meals without causing too much of a ruckus to my schedule. All it takes is a little bit of planning ahead and research. And a sense of humor when it turns put it Anyway, here's one simple one that ANYONE (kids included) can cook up. Seriously simple and easy. I love salmon but my kids don't like the smell and texture. But that doesn't mean that I can't go out to the market and spend RM11 on ONE single piece of salmon fish and make MYSELF one, right? Kids can have the overnight pizza. :-) This is fresh from the oh man! I LOVE IT!! Wash it properly, de-bone the thing if you want to but I just left everything the way it is and just covered the fish with some of the following:- Yup, salt, pepper and McCormick's seaso

Vinegar Pork

I don't know how this came about, really. It was completely by accident but it was probably based on something my mom, my grandmother or someone else cooked before. This is the result of the agak-agak method of cooking. Absolutely no aim but based on your instincts. Sometimes it sucks and sometimes, it rocks. Most of the ingredients are here already. The wolfberries, star anise, garlic, onion, dried black fungus, rock sugar and that long, long, thin white chinese herb that I don't know the name to. And oh, don't forget the pork. Just choose a part of the pig that is meaty, fatty and also comes with a bit of bone which will flavor the gravy.  I chose to use claypot...well, because I love my claypot and it is just the right size. Silly reason but I heard that it seals in the flavor so much better than when an ordinary metal pan is used.  So, in goes the garlic and the ginger. Cook it until the onion is soft and the ginger is fragrant.  Once the onion and ginger is coo

Booze To Increase In Tax

Brits, Irish and Americans, your eyes will seriously bulge if you knew the kind of prices we are paying for booze over here in Malaysia. I seriously think that there should not be a further increase in tax for alcohol. Ciggarettes, fine. Alcohol, I think we are paying a whole lot more than the rest of the world already. Please leave us alone and eff off, can? Please sign the petition Reduce the HIGH TAX on alcohol in Malaysia by clicking here - Start a Petition or online petition

Why Women Say NOTHING

Lady crossed arms angry image I don't know precisely when we learned to do this but this NOTHING syndrome is really peculiar. We, women, were....sorta born with it. Anyway, the NOTHING word's been tagged on women for far too long and I feel that there is a need to explain. In a relationship, more often than not, women say NOTHING when asked if there was something wrong, they just want a little mollycoddling...coaxing, you know? We were kinda raised to expect that. Hey, ask a dad! Why does he coax his daughter and not his sons, huh?! See? Girls were not only born to like coaxing, they were trained. It is a bloody profession. And if you knew how to do it, it is so simple to coax a woman, you will cry in disbelief at your own stupidity . A chocolate bar will do. One stupid flower will do. Heck, telling her that she looks exceptionally beautiful despite the zit on her forehead will do. It is so simple but why is it so hard? If you can afford it, please feel free to organize a

Your Home Your Sanctuary

Comfy Home Picture I am finally continuing with the effort of writing my book again. Have to be positive and keep at it. I was writing it when it dawned on me that I should share something with all you freelancers out there. Heck, I think I can share this thought with just about all other fellow workaholics out there lah. Your home is your sanctuary...don't turn it into the mess that we call office. Most of us, despite how much we love what we are doing, find that even the strongest of passion, when turned into work, morphs into a huge pile of mess. You can love knitting but once you start making money out of knitting, it is going to become stressful. If baking is your thing, try baking twenty cakes in a week. The same goes for cooking, gardening...and yes, writing. So, if you are a freelancer, this is an advice for you. Learn how to tune out of your 'work' at appropriate times. If you don't, you turn into a manic like me...*runs amok in house* Your home is whe

Stargazer - Stretch Those Sides

I have been doing this pose, part of Cosmic Dance (a type of yoga, I am assuming), called Stargazer pose without knowing it is called Stargazer's pose a lot in the past. You see, sometimes, I don't follow the rules and come up with my own stretches and poses. It is fun. I have on some music, nice, soothing music or just anything I can click on. Then I go with the flow, letting my hair down. Just moving to the music...and that is when I come up with the above Stargazer's pose. This pose really stretches your sides. Keep your eyes on the outstretched hand if you are keeping it pointed to the top, as if you are waving or connecting to a higher energy from the Universe. Your arms will ache a little but hey, toned arms, here you come! :-) For those who want a bigger stretch, it is safe to slowly and gently move the lifted hand towards your back...don't overdo it, listen to your body's complaints and respect it. You don't have to prove anything to anyone, reme

A Golden Key Opens Every Door

Phrase: A Golden Key Opens Every Door Business man holding golden key image Most of the time, I agree with proverbs because they usually contain valuable life lessons but this is one that I have to disagree with. The proverb means that with money or sound financial capabilities, it opens every door. I can't say it is true with ALL doors. OK, fine. It can open MANY doors (including the door to insanity) but not all. Money cannot buy a child's love. Nor can it bring back the dead. It cannot find me angels and tell me secrets to the Universe. A golden key cannot give me a sound mind free from worries about my kids and parents. Money is also useless when it comes to explaining magic if the magician refuses to share his secrets. But you know what? Money can most certainly buy me a trip to Bali...the trip that I have been dying to go on since forever! So, I digress.... :-)