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How To Creatively Motivate Myself To Reach A Goal

Here is something positive that I want to share with you. I recently read in a Reader's Digest book on how to boost your health creatively and in one page, there was this helpful tip about how to motivate yourself. I found it amusing. Write a cheque to an organization that you absolutely abhor, hand it to a friend and tell the friend to send the cheque out if you fail to meet your deadline, goal or objective. I couldn't imagine how this would work until I imagined myself writing a healthy cheque to a certain political party that has been eating Malaysians alive and handing it to a friend. Wow. Wait, let me get my cheque book.

Living with someone

I am actually not much of a cleaner and perfectionist when it comes to maintenance of a home. Wow, that is such an understatement. Hahahaha. I have lived with someone who is worse than me. I am bad. But he's worse. Everything can be a mess except for his CD collection. Touch his CDs and you die. As I have learned over the years of living with other people, there is nothing worse than being a laidback person living with a perfectionist who expects you to keep up to his level of perfectionism and expecting not to lift a single finger. Nothing worse than that. It is mental torture every single day. For me, I clear things up only on a couple of conditions and when those conditions are met, I will do them diligently, I won't stop until I think it's perfect. 1. Someone's going to fall sick Obviously, if there are rats in the home, something's gotta be done. 2. It stinks. It runs in the family. Me, my sister, my brother, my mom....we are all considered trained 

Human, Pain, and Suffering

So, my father's gone for a coronary bypass operation early this week and he has just been discharged from the Intensive Care Unit. Thankfully. I never really knew what a bypass meant, really, and honestly speaking, I thought it was just pulling some vein here to bypass the vein there...or somefunk like that. But it is much bigger and scarier than that, I can assure you. Yes, I have gotten advice from people, family and friends telling me that it is nothing, that technology is so advanced that it is going to be perfectly successful. And it was. But why can't technology make the pain go away? Silly, I know. ^.^ There is nothing in the world that can take away the image of my dad, a human being, after all the anesthesia has worn off and he finally regains consciousness. The gasping for air, the twitches of pain and his plea to not speak and be pumped with more painkillers. It is something that I do not want to ever have to see again. It is the kind of pain that cuts throug

Yes, I Am Aware...

...that there are grammatical errors in some of the blog posts. Refer to disclaimer on the right. It has been there for quite some time because of the same reason, someone brought it up. That there were grammar errors. Yes, I know the right term is 'grammatical errors' and not 'grammar errors' but I want to use the term Grammar Errors badly. I don't know how to say this but if you are a writer, you will know what I mean when I say GIVE ME A BREAK! If I have to scrutinize, re-read, proof, edit, proof again and THEN post, it would be called work and not blogging. Blogging is when I share the things that I want to share with others and not to impress anyone. I work from home and don't normally do my work on my bed. I use my tab and phone to blog too so, sometimes, the ability to read and edit is just limited (read: I don't have a huge ass phone) and the task becomes extremely tedious. If I were to be a perfectionist about this whole blogging thing, I would

Hooligan? I don't get it...

I don't get why people are calling those who wants to see a change in Malaysia names like 'hooligans', 'rascals', 'trouble-makers', 'disrespectful', 'unappreciative', 'radicals'...etc. The list can go on. The country is an absolute mess, I know no country is perfect, but compared to many other countries in Asia, we have slacked from being one of the more prominent ones to one of the worst ones. Yes, we have not merely not progressed, we have been sliding backwards. So, why can't we ask for something new to see if we can do better? It is like trying a new pair of shoes to see if can run faster, longer and better. It is like trying chocolate velvet cake after having eaten vanilla for fifty odd years? It is like asking for a red bag instead of the usual brown and black ones. Don't be afraid to ask and question. Don't be lazy to work. Don't fear change. It may not end up perfect, true, and promises might end up being

Awaken The Dawn

I am absolutely in awe of this song...I think of wide open space, hope, light, love, amazing miracles, human beings helping each other, salvation, truth, honor, belief and lights in a dark room. I think of being a small speck in the large spectrum of things. What do you think of when you listen to this song?


I swear the makers of this game fully intended to make it so tough and impossible for you that you would feel tempted to buy BUY THOSE BLOODY extra moves or whatever there is to buy, like the boosters and stuff, I swear!!! I mean, I don't usually play games but it looked kinda fun so I dabbled with it because I like Bejeweled and damn, I am regretting the hell out of it. I don't like to lose and I don't like to give up, especially when you are THIS CLOSE to completing the mission and they won't let you! So, if you have not started playing this game over here....don't. I was stuck at level 39 for more than a week and now is the second day of being on level 41 and every time I get really close to clearing the mission, I run out of moves. See here? 28 out of 29 jellies cleared. This is OK if it is ONE time but when it happens two hundred thousand million times, it gets on your nerve. There is always a loud commotion whenever this happens. My kids go