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Update: Another Send-Off

I don't know what to say, really. Three years in a row - 2017...2018...and now, 2019 - we've been performing the rites to send a family member off to another world around the same time of the year. Speechless. Anyway, my grandmother was considered a Centurion, hence, it was treated as a form of 'celebration', a life lived well and long. The thing with it is that it's tiring for everyone and work is piling up. I'm being hit by anxiety even as I am typing this at 12.18am because I have to wake up at 6.45am for the funeral. And yet, here I am, trying to update as many things as possible, completing some edits, and planning for tomorrow. I don't even know if I would be awake enough to do anything significant tomorrow. Well, I'm off to bed now. As it is, my sleep-wake cycle is out of whack and I am no light sleeper. We'll be sending grandma off tomorrow to her final resting place. It's going to be another strange Chinese New Year next ye

Update: Looking For and Writing The Next Page of Your Life

There comes a point in your life where change, whether it makes you elated or uncomfortable, will rap on your door like a determined neighbor trying to get your dog to stop barking. New Directions There's probably nothing much you can do about it and I've mentally gone through this in my head many times over. How, what, where, when, why ? One of the 'uncomfortable' things that I've had to do in the past 2 years is to face things that at not within my control. For one, when you're facing a brick wall, the options are few. You either stand there looking at it, wailing, or you turn around and look for new directions. In some cases, I believe, you have to just to stand there and wait for the minute of panic to pass. Decisions are best not made in anxiety-fueled flashes. Such is parenting when me and the boys are facing uncertainties, such is work when I am wondering which direction is best. We all want to live the best life, be our best selves, wake up ev

Video: Tips to Fall Asleep from Happify

I've read thousands, if not tens of thousands, of articles related to sleep, relaxation, meditation, and stress. Sleeplessness and chronic insomnia run in my family and it has always been a subject of intrigue for me. Suffice to say, after a while, many articles will dispense the (or pretty much) same sage advises. I am also not immune to the effects of this insidious condition myself, although, for most parts of my life, I am better envied for being a log sleeper. Switch off the lights Relax and tune out one hour before bed time No drinks - alcohol, coffee, tea or whatever EXCEPT chamomile tea or something equivalent No more Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or email In fact, put your phone away. Far, far, FAR away from your bed Light scented candles If you have time, meditate for around 20 minutes to an hour Read a book...the PAPER kind Listen to relaxing music, preferably jazz, new age or meditation guide Play sound of flowing streams, chirping birds, ringing

5 Best Decisions I’ve Ever Made in Life

I am going to be either a philosopher today, or I’m just going to sound a little whimsical. So, if you’re not into that kind of thing, click away from this article right now. 1…2…too late. =) OK. You’re still here. I was just reading a friend’s account of what he did to start his own business, the mistakes that he’s made along the way, and how he barreled on to find his footing in an industry he was deeply passionate about. He recounted all the times he had less funding that he needed, the wrong investments, the times of busted trust, disbelief of family members, and his lonely night with a bottle of Jack Daniels where he poured liquor over cubes of ice and his heart out to the stars. He vowed never to make the same mistakes again. It was the kind of ruminating that made those of us with similar insider experiences cringe. To newbies, his message of despair and hopelessness served as a balm that inspired them and kept them pumped. Instead of reminding ourselves of all the wron