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Cooking : Quick, Light & Refreshing Mushroom Stew (slow cooker Shakshouka Spin-off)

This is gonna be a quick one. Gotta run, gotta run, gotta run.... Anyway, this shashouka recipe's been sitting on my desk for some time and I just didn't think anything of it despite the video looking absolutely epicurean. I took it from Food Wishes which also has a Youtube Channel . I have to admit that I sometimes I watch Food Wishes videos to sleep because ' Chef John ' is hilarious and snarky. And I like his chilled out vibe, his laid-back attitude of ' If you want salty, put more salt. I'm not there to stop you ' and his don't-overthink-this-shit mentality to cooking. Trust me, it makes cooking less stressful. So, I bought a packet of fresh mushrooms from the store without knowing what to do with them (yet) when I was there a few days ago (we keep doing this, don't we? LOL) so, when I saw the recipe again, ah well, time to get off my laurels .... XD I skipped the eggs not because I don't like eggs, but because I have leftover

The Blank Canvas : Kuvshinov Ilya (Drawing)

I have deep admiration, like from the tip of toes nails to the tip of every strand of my hair, for people who draw. They're like people who write, except being visual. As I've learned, people who draw would often start with a blank canvas and a vague story in their heads. A vision. A mirage. A lot like writing. I can imagine but I can't draw to save my life. I tried, Good Lord, I tried and the Lord spoke to me when I was 8 and asked me to just.... stop . #lol But it didn't stop me from writing and devouring books. You can't stop Imagination and a part of my mind was (it still does this cloud-flying thing, though) always living in the clouds, creating up things that vaguely resemble what I've just recently read in a book or seen on TV where I put my own spin to it. Back then, believe it or not, it more often than not involved a knight in shining armor. I fly less blind and with more wisdom now, I would like to think. Imagination is an extremely powerful

Update: April 1st Birthday 2018

Like every year, April 1st is a special day for this family: Both my kids share the same birthday with my mom - 3 April Fools. LOL It was fruitfully spent together and that's the most important thing. We got what we wanted (it took about 2 days, but well worth the endless waiting and checking), ate at our favorite restaurant (it was a buffet and the kiddos definitely ate as much as they can!), and just chilled out. Like my son said, 'It's a very fruitful, happy birthday'. I agree. =) My request for a  # birthday   # selfie   # wefie  with the boys were met! It took only 12 takes. Lol! The boys turning 18 and 16 this year and I sometimes wonder how, when, and what. It's not always an easy journey but we made it this far and we only have to concentrate on doing our best. That's all that is required. To fall, get up, cuddle, say you're sorry and repeat. I am forever blessed to be so loved. Happy birthday to the 2 wonderful men in my life  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ♥️