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US alien vs. Korean alien

I think the Koreans are right ;-)

Dear China

Dear China, I truly sympathize with you and as much as I would like to say that I 'understand' your pain, frustration and anguish, I can't honestly say it without feeling like a fraud. I wish this kind of pain on not even the worst of enemy. I would also like to say that it is with so much joy (in the beginning) to see our officials fumble, Malaysia coming under the microscopic glare of the world, and also top authorities saying one thing, meaning another, making U-turns with their statements and then turning silent while the world's top honchos get at them. I watched with great pleasure and delight, waiting to do my bit to pound them into splinters of the tiniest kind. They have never, never, never, NEVER, NEVER had to answer to anyone in the past. Dear China, you may not know this because you have not lived all your life being told to shut up and F off every so often. You have your own set of political problems, I know, but some of our forefathers are from China

Shrug Logic

My logic is simple. People are gonna talk. Whether you like it or not, they are going to talk. So, whether you are on THIS side or THAT side, you have got to do what you believe in. What inspires you, what works for you. Once you figure out what that is, all you need to do is to keep that path. People are going to question, people are going to ask, people are going to demand. People are going to come up to your face and speak. And you have to listen and think and answer as best to your knowledge, as honestly as you can. That's life. That's progress. That's growth. That's learning curve. That's improvement in progress. Keep a few close to you and the rest are going to question you. To the few who are close to you, you don't need to answer anything. They already know the answers, anyway. Image credit: IStockPhoto Have a fab Monday, folks, Marsha

MH 370's Disappearance Keeping Everyone Hooked

To say that the weekend's been depressing would be kind of an understatement for most of us who are glued to our devices and internet to keep up with the news. So, have they found it? Did MH 370 veer off course and land somewhere safely? Is everyone OK? You are not being paranoid, in case you think you have gone nuts, scanning though the news despite not having a relative on the flight. Most of us are trying to keep optimistic and stay calm, we are trying to have some hope every time some debris is said to have been found and it turns out negative. No debris = hope. Things like this happen, without reason, it happens. It's called Shit Happens. No explanation and no way out of them. But the thing that really scares people is the thoughts that run through our heads every time CNN comes up with their 'BREAKING NEWS' sign. We will all continue to fly and travel everywhere, knowing that the odds of such things happening is lower than the risk of taking your car out to