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Failed Protectors

I really felt my anger simmer when I was reading this news the other day. “The victim claimed her mother did nothing to fend her from the sexual attacks. “She also claimed that she was threatened by her attacker and could not tell anyone about the incident,” said a police source. - News from New Straits Times I remember talking to one of my neighbors about having a daughter, she has one. She told me that she has talked to her husband before, that if their marriage did not work out, she is willing to let her daughter follow the him. Her reason was simple - if she were to get married or find someone to be her new partner, she would never know what kind of man he would be despite sleeping and living with him. A man is a man, according to her, and their savage moral-bending ability is always just a layer of skin away from emerging. He could harm her daughter without her knowing so, it would be better for her daughter to stay with the father instead. This is her way of protecting h

You Are Good Enough

This mom, just made a lot of us feel so much better for sucking at parenting sometimes. Whoever you are, thank you! I think you've just lifted a whole bunch of moms on the Internet ! Kudos to you...and that wonderful therapist you had!! Heart, heart, heart!!!! Happy Saturday, everyone! XOXO, Marsha p.s. Why does XOXO suddenly feel like so old-school? Since when, right? What's the new trend these days? XD? As in, Ex-Dee, the way my younger kiddo says it? Whatever, never mind.

The World Trumped by America

I get it. America is now for Americans. I know but does it mean that we are now divorced from the entire country? What saddens me is not the President himself but the fact that major countries, including the UK, are pulling away from the rest of the world. This smacks of separation and the biding of farewell. With the broadening reach and unification of the Internet, we are pulling away from each other and I think I know why. When we are in trouble, the UK or the US extends their arms towards us. But when they are in trouble, (it is perceived) no one will be there for them. This does not look like a healthy social world relationship, therefore, the major powers of the world are pulling away in an effort to recover themselves. While some formerly-small countries stride ahead with massive progress, major countries remained stagnant. So, while the UK have broken up with the EU, America is now broken up with the rest of the world. For now. Our relationship status should be, instead,