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Dealing With Negative Comments

suggested by It's Just Life--Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary "How do you respond to negative comments--either on your blog or in real life?" I have come to believe that you can't quite run away from negative comments, not when you are vocal and love to express yourself (such as mua ) because like it or not, there are going to be people shaking their heads with their mouths all down-turned and all that saying 'No no no no....that's not it' all the time. Suffice to say that my response to negative comments have changed much over time. When I was younger, I would get all upset, scream, huff and puff and throw my things around like a pre-pubescent, hate the world and then hide under my blankie. THE WORLD IS SO MEAN, I would cry. Now....erm...things have most certainly turned around. I respond by not responding because you have your right to have a different opinion. When I was younger, I would do my best to convince you and bring you over t

Light Dance

I stared straight into the flame of a candle, in the dark, there is just the two of us, i smiled and breathed, and it danced for me.