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Reaching Out When You Need Help

UPDATE : Sigh...another one. It's so sad to see that another's bitten the dust. There should be more awareness and help offered to people who have to deal with depression. It's a sickness that blinds the mind, infects the soul and cripples a person so completely that we need to get them help. For instance, a Buddy System. Team a depressed person up with someone chronically happy for no apparent reason should help. This update is due to news of Marie Osmond's son, Micheal, who decided to take his final leap off his apartment building in LA recently. *** *** Growing Pains used to be one of my favorite shows in the world and although I don't particularly remember Andrew Koenig very well from that show, to learn about his suicide still struck me dumb. And that is because I had a friend who committed suicide out of the friggin' blue (actually, I have had quite a number of friends who opted that way) and it continues to make me ask 'why?' till this very d

Trust Or Else

I used to dance a lot in college. A lot. Like....a lot. All the time. A lot. It was hard for me to find a partner because my arms are so long that it elongates by the second. I. AM. AN. ORANGUTAN. I am/was 5'7" someone to suit my Malaysia....hard? It was hard. But what was hard? Oh, finding a partner!! sheezzz... Yeah....back to what I was saying. Well, in other areas in life, you have to learn to trust, anyway, right? I was just watching this video and it was so beautiful that I forgot that it was a competition. Really, I forgot. I was watching this ice skating video and got so involved that I forgot that it was a competition. It's beautiful. Absolutely touching. It's Meryl Davis and Charlie White who just won a silver medal for Winter Olympics 2010. Watching them...don't you think it's important to trust your partner? Especially if you are the one being thrown around in the air, I think. p.s. in life, it wo

SNSD's Over-Cuteness Gives Me Tooth Ache

Normally, I love SNSD and their dance steps. There was one time I was totally hooked on their polished synchronished movements because they are SOOOOOO together and the moves are smooth. The music, I don't care so much for but the dance moves is often so 'wow'. On twitter, I caught their latest video hoping to be wow-ed again but sadly, I think there's an over-cuteness there. The movements were not so smooth and so choppy. And all the girls did was move around in circles sticking their tongues out at each other being so sweetly cute that it makes me sweetly sick. Ugh. Don't like it. In fact, it borders on hating it. The song is OK but....what a pity. Did YOU like the new SNSD song? Do you like SNSD's new dance move from the song 'Oh!'? ( answers )

Shameless Gwai Lows

What is the first thing you assume when a customer walks into your cafe? That it's a customer, right? That this person is going to order something from your cafe and you are going to go all out of your way to make this customer happy so that he gives you his hard earned cash...something we hopefully have earned, right? Not someone who is going to order from another stall and make you clean up afterwards, right? Right.  Yet, some people have no shame whatsoever and they sit outside your cafe, order from a competitor and sit there. Knowing me, what do I do? I don't take this sh*t, man. I write it on the board, loud as a roaring jet plane, that the seats are for customers only. ONLY CUSTOMERS! Did they see it? Obviously so because the whiteboard is under their fat noses. And since they are not customers, they should have gotten the message and hightail out of there, right? No, they did not. They sat there, staring at the white board and dissed me. I can't do any

Doing Nothing

You know what is so precious about this Chinese New Year holiday? Although the endless array of food and drinks is a big thing, it is not the most precious. Fine, it's darn close but still.... It's actually me re-learning how not to do everything and anything. Just sit there and rot. Not feel the anxiety when approaching the computer, feeling like this is life and that I don't have to be everything and everywhere. So, in short, this Chinese New Year's been totally so ZEN!! Haha... It's good for me, I reckon because it's back to work today and kind of feeling the benefits of a week full of nothingness. I didn't know you could accumulate stress, but now I do. Now I know that after some days of doing absolutely nothing, you become so much more focused and capable.  I guess a lot of you people out there don't understand the significance of having a holiday or celebrating Chinese New Year. It's a big thing over here in Malaysia or Asia. Someon

Roaring Chinese New Year

Image of Tiger Chinese New Year Things that I love about Chinese New Year.  The food The family The traffic...which is NONE The mandarin oranges The new clothes The color (one of my fave colors is red, but not the jarring kind but still RED ) The barbequed meat The drinking The gambling (although I don't gamble. I just like to watch other people gamble. Go figure) The no work (which, unfortunately for me, means no $$$. But never mind. No work) The no wake up early The no cooking frenzy But there are a few things that I hate about Chinese New Year too.  The ang pows (giving them out is NO FUN) The annoying music The WEATHERRRRRR. God, how can it be sooooooo hot during Chinese New Year???? Yeah, only three things that I truly hate during Chinese New Year. Everything else, I like.  And one more note about this Chinese New Year compared to others in the past. I used to be able to recycle the ang-pows (as in unpacking the money inside and then put the cash into new a

I Don't Know What's Going To Happen, Do You?

Image of Kids on roller coaster ride Ryhen's Mind, someone I follow on Google Reader, wrote this about life. Part of the reason why I read these stuff because it melows me down...I am easily excitable, that's why. According to him, history repeats itsel f. As in you live, then you die, then you live then you die. On an everyday basis, we repeat things like doing the laundry (which NEVER ENDS!!!) and we continually eat, we continually go to sleep and continually wake up. And then do our thing, work, come home, watch TV....etc.  But that is kind of depressing way to look at life, isn't it? I mean, I know of some people who are really into the whole 'what is life all about?' or the 'why is planet earth the only earth in our solar system with living beings?' and also the 'the aliens built the Egyptian pyramids'. Contrary to what you may be thinking, I am not having one at the expense of these people. It could be true. Who knows? I certainly don&#


When I was in school, I loved to dawdle and out of the blue, one day, as I was sitting there with my kids helping them with their homework, I found myself dawdling my old school-time signature. Yeah, as with teenage kids, the signature tends to be a little....well...long? I can't imagine signing the 'smiley' onto a cheque, really.  But dawdling took its toll on me. And I started getting more creative, trying to find an edge to it. The signature became fiercer and more edgy. But STILL with the smiley face on it. It's more hurried now.  If you have ever tried to sit down and do homework with your kids (or niece, nephew...or any other younger person), you will know the frustration and understand why my dawdling turned into something this... a war waiting to happen.  Don't worry, this is dawdling, not my real signature. What do you take me for? A kid?  Er....but then again....

Screw Off, PMS People

Blah. I've got no time to blog today. Basically, Monday was one whole shitday for me. There are unreasonable people out there who act like Nazis. One moment they are all sugar and spice and everything nice; then one fine day, they are in PMS mood, they turn into one big A-hole. If a person tells me 'OK, we don't have a timeline. You can take your time', I take my time. That's it.  Don't turn around and say that 'you were late' because you said 'take your time'.  People who can't bloody make up their own friggin' mind and then pinning the blame down on me pisses me off. I don't scare easily so, they can threaten all they want.  Piss off. I am off to have a reasonably sane Tuesday, thank you very much.  And besides, I believe in truth. I believe in holding on to what you believe in. I believe in Karma.  He kicks my ass today (yesterday), well, you know what? Someone's gonna kick his ass someday. I just know it and

Mel Oh Mel: Monday Ha-Ha

This is my Monday Ha-Ha. For the record, I USED TO find Mel Gibson really hot and sexy during his younger days. I think I had a poster of him somewhere but you know what? There's growing old and there is growing nasty. However, growing old nastily is a whole different ballgame. In the video, Gibson ends the interview on a really high calling the interviewer A-hole. Wow.

The Good And Bad List Gone Awry

To me, it's very simple. Everyone's born with some kind of skill or talent. No one is born without one, not even when this person is a down syndrome child. But this means that everyone's got faults too. So, on this Sunday whereby I am sitting here, trying to will Monday away and pulling out the batteries out of my clock so that Sunday won't end, I would like to just name the things that I am good at and then the things I suck at. I am so good at bullshitting and talking my way through shit situations that I earned a law degree completely because of this talent. Seriously. Not kidding. I think the lecturers who marked my papers were sorta clapping and woot-ing because I managed to make SOME sense out of all those laws even though it is not even remotely relevant. And they let me pass because I had to the cheek to write it all down. I am good at daydreaming. I am good at singing I am good at dancing (this talent deteriorated with age, unfortunately, due to knee-creak

This Effing Brain Of Mine Is Right

Once again, it has been proven that I can't decide logically, behave normally, react conventionally....even if my life depended on it. I am pretty much right (hare) brained.  But what am I going on about, anyway, it is not as if they are saying that YOUR BRAIN IS DEFECTIVE . PLEASE EMAIL US FOR REFUND . Most of the time, my brain works fine...pretty much. Almost all the time....sometimes.  So, in order to balance this hare-brain of mine, I need to do the following.  Bring a sense of order into your life ( YYYAAAAWWWWWNNNN ) , plan the day's activities ( and I DO try so hard to do this, you know ), do not talk about things you do not like ( OK, this is cool. I will stop talking about how right-brained I am ) , avoid sad music ( but sad music is soooo nice !) , movies, or other activities. Become physically more active by doing athletics ( this is fine by me !! ), exercise doing math in your head ( WHAT???!!! no way! eff off! ) , read a book, that challenges you and gets you

A watchdog's tale (TVB)

Drearily boring. Another dog story gone wrong. The series is not really about a watchdog nor is it about watchdogs apart from the first half of the show. The writers' attempt at trying to make the 'just another dog story' tale different failed shamefully. The only saving grace is the caliber of the actors.  Well, there were funny moments but they were few and far in between, nothing to shout about. I can't even remember a single line that really made me sit up and really laugh. Lulu Sir, ok, he did good. So did Maggie Siu. As usual, the pairing of Stephen Ma and Linda Chung is a winner...they have chemistry and acts so naturally with each other.  In fact, I do question why Linda and Stephen are so natural with each other while she acts like a bloody boulder with Raymond Lam (when she is rumored to be with the latter...some promotional fanfire, I suppose). All in all, the story kinda sucks. Had to drag myself all the way through...not a smidgen of excitement

I refrained from writing about this for a long time but I think it's time to say something about it.  A year ago, I lost my domain name, to a farking company  Maripon Management, Inc.     Office 2, 456-458 Strand    London, Not Applic WC2R 0DZ    United Kingdom  because of email complications with GoDaddy. Not very user-friendly, to tell you the truth but price-wise, they're there.  The expiration date for the domain name was 30-1-2010. I waited this long for the domain name to expire and for them to release it.  They did not. Now, the expiration date is 30-01-20effing11. I am so sad and disappointed with bloody companies like this! Damn you, Maripon Management, Inc.!!! This is DOMAIN NAME SQUATTING YOU A-HOLES!! I am re-thinking my next move. I've wasted 10-over years working on that domain name....they are bloody crooks! For now, for updates, please visit .  Come to think of it, it is more ME than the dotCom n

Bawling Boys

Oh God....every morning, my neighbor's son (about 4 or 5 years old) bawls his puke out. Every single morning, I have no reason why. Cranky, maybe.  I am not complaining, of course, because I have been through the shite myself. Listening to him bawling in the house, making his way out of the house, to the lift and downstairs, it reminds me, every single morning, about how far I've come. How lucky I am now.  Oh, sure. My kids wake up cranky too but at least they can tell me why. Like, 'My underwear's too tight my **** are hurting' or 'My eyes are itchy and I wanna poke them out'.  And kids at 8 and 10 don't bawl the way 4 year olds do. The 4 year olds have this uncanny and unbelievable ability to bawl and bawl and bawl and bawl and bawl endlessly, with long breaths, just aiming to get your nerves up in a knot or something.  If you are a mom or dad, this sounds familiar, eh? When you try to get them to take a shower, change their clothes, eat th

Efficiency In China And Lonely Idiots (Monday Ha-Ha)

Well....what can I say? It's that day of the week again. The one that we have splendid fun all the time? The one that we cartwheel to the night before? The night we pray for every day? Yeah, that day of the week. Blergh . And it was off to a horrific start...can't say I didn't expect that, huh? No. Totally expected it. Therefore, when I came back to the table, I had to get me some antibiotic of some sort. In case you are having as splendid a Monday as I am, I'll share the antidote with you. Online banter is always fun to read. Especially when the guys who make these comments are low in intellect and also loud with profanities. But it is sad when you find out that in the end.... Some people really need a life.  It's a Monday and I know you need to get things chugging along. We need to be efficient and not waste too much energy cussing our work and boss. Take a load from this guy who knows everything about efficiency, eh?