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Jamie Oliver and Breastfeeding Fiasco - What a Mess!

I don't know what it was about what Jamie Oliver said about breastfeeding that was so offensive. People of the internet have every reason to be insulted for anything and everything in between. I have been on both sides of the fences. I have partially breastfed my elder son because I got nervous, anxious, depressed, sad, disappointed with myself and extremely worried that my son was soon going to dissolve into a pool of flesh in his newly-bought cot so, I 'caved into' formula milk three weeks on. I consoled myself that I tried really hard and it was OK. I will buy him the 'most nutritious' formula milk there is in the market. When my second one came along, I trucked it out like a soldier and refused to give up despite having a human plaster stuck to me 24 hours. I worked, slept, shopped and showered breastfeeding (not kidding - LOL) for three YEARS instead, consistently having more milk than there was demand. So, I have been there, I know it's hard and I al

Reached Another Parenting Milestone

You know how you can see something coming but you are not prepared for it no matter how many times you repeat it to yourself? Like pregnancy and birth - you know it is going to happen sooner or later (you can't keep baby in you forever - I know because I've tried XD) but you kind of don't really want it to happen.... EVER ? Yeah, it doesn't stop there, folks. Some may not think very much about it because like Obama says, time flies and he doesn't really want to delve into the idea of letting their children go to college, and that Michelle needed to remind him that parenting is about preparing them for not needing you anymore.  But it's not easy. Letting go and trusting your kids to know what to do is effin hard.  It's something that will happen eventually. They will grow up, they will make their own friends, they may not invite you for a movie with their friends, they want to make their own decisions, they want to become their own brand of huma

Recipe - Pumpkin, Carrot, Tomato Soup

I love Pumpkin soup and lately, I have been 'tampering' with the conventional recipe by adding a little bit of this, a little bit of that and I found the best mix (for me) recently. I don't use measurements or anything like that because I taste it along the way and adjust as I see fit. So, if I have hyper taste buds that day, the soup will be bland. Hahaha The great thing is that you can adjust it anyway you want - more carrots, more onions, less salt, more water or ten bulbs of garlic if you really like garlic my friend. LOL. Well, no, she didn't do that and I was just exaggerating. =) Anyway, here's what is in the mix.  Pumpkin, Carrot Soup Recipe Half a pumpkin Three medium-sized carrots Two tomatoes As much garlic as you want As many onions as you want  Salt Pepper ( here's where honesty comes in ) Light soya sauce Oyster sauce (who cooks without oyster sauce, anyway. It's an Asian thing) *grin* Knorr anchovies gr

The Happy Security Guard

We all know what the ideal job is - the network marketer. =P The ones who works hard for like a year and then earn passive income. They travel the world, eat oysters and fresh lobsters. They have fine wine in the middle of the day knowing that dinner will be ready, table will be set and when they need to connect with their friends in another part of the world, the private jet is waiting. But how is it, then, do I have the happiest security guard I have ever seen? A security guard. This means, not much walking around, sitting there under the hot sun, screening visitors, inviting glares of 'how-dare-you's', 'do-I-look-like-a-thief-to-you' and the occasional 'you've-seen-me-before-you-DUMBASS'. What the f does he have to smile all day? Is that a smirk? But no, he's not smirking and I don't smell alcohol from him either and I don't know what will happen if he's doing drugs oooommmgggggg , he smiles for no apparent reason. And I think