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Gain weight, no lose weight

Met up very quickly with my grandma today after my acupuncture treatment and delivered me two blows. One, that why am i such an unladylike person. Two, i have gained weight and look slightly better now. I know the second comment can be viewed either positively or negatively, right and i should look at it more positively, right? Wrong. I am going try my darnest to lose weight now!!!!! Lol! And about the acupuncture thing, well, i have been mulling over it for some time. I called for appointment multiple times and then cancelled. Called and cancel. Called and cancelled. But today, i 'manned up' a little and actually went for the thing. Ok, here is the deal. It isnt painless....but its not gonna kill you as long u dont try to move around with the needles in there. I wanted to instagram myself....ambitious....but hell no! U DO NOT MOVE WHEN NEEDLES ARE STUCK TO YOUR NERVES! :-) :-) :-) And no, i did not go for acupuncture to lose weight la....i got back probs, u see. And u would

Reaching Out For Help When The Road Gets Rough

By Charlie Tranchemontagne “Pain is not a sign of weakness, but bearing it alone is a choice to grow weak.” ~Lori Deschene There was a time in my life when I struggled to share my pain. I actually took great pride in how stubborn I had become. It wasn’t until I started looking within myself that these prideful attitudes started to shift. Actually, my whole life started to change. Once I started my journey of self-discovery, I no longer wanted to deal with my pain by myself. I slowly reached out to others and asked them for help. It was in asking for help and sharing my pain with others that I felt myself getting stronger. I didn’t expect, however, that I’d need to ask for help repeatedly. In August of 2006, I was with a small group of people inside a airplane hanger that was used as a classroom to give instruction for skydiving. Worn-out couches and old beanbag chairs formed  a circle where we gathered. The d├ęcor on the walls was something you’d find in a local head s

Non-stop Raining

The whole week, it's been raining in a timely manner. Right about 3pm to 4pm is when the sky will start getting dark. And this is on top of of knowing that it has been kind of hell in New York and New Jersey. Anyway, as gloomy as it has been, we all try to get by as well as we can. This post is, therefore, more of a pic-blog. Sons' been waiting anxiously for Angry Birds Star Wars and it finally came out on Nov 8, 2012! Call us geeks but this version is pretty neat and interesting! I love Hans Solo and Princess Leia angry birds, by the way =) Who would have thought that one fine day that weak little Princess Leia who needed protection from everything and anything would have some form of POWER. Gloomy skies ahead. I really wish the sky would rain only when we are asleep or something, you know what I mean? Getting kids back from school and parents stuck there in the rain. Hanging out with a couple of friends for some drinks at a local bar. It is sometimes fun to j

Star Anise Shines in the Cupboard, Masala Chai Tea

I have always loved star anise but my kids don't like the strong aroma. I admit, it takes some getting used to or unless you are exposed to them from an early age. Initially, I was also a bit turned off but after putting some twists to some recipes, turns out it adds some layer to the dishes and if you portion it out or use just one or two of them in the cooking, it won't overpower the rest of the flavors and aromas. So, anyway, here's one taken from a guest writer from Ezinearticles . *** By Chris Rawstern Star anise is little used outside of its native Southern China and Vietnam. It has spread to wherever these cultures have gone, being taken along both to use and where possible, to grow. The shape of star anise is that of an irregular eight and sometimes up to twelve pointed star. In Chinese, the name means eight points. It is a very pretty and decorative spice, often used in crafts or floated in tea. The stars are the fruits and each point of the star is a p

Crisis After Crisis

One after another...crisis after crisis. To say that the year 2012 is not a good year for me is, frankly, unfair because I have had some pretty awesome things happened, things that wasn't expected and never asked for even in my prayers. But like they always say, everything sort of balances out in the end. On top having to deal with problems on a personal front, now I am dealing with loads of uncertainty because of Hurricane Sandy. I work mainly for a team of people based in...guess....yes, New Jersey and New York. I even have a VOIP phone in my living room so that the people there can dial three numbers and get to me instantly. But this is not the first time this is happening. Remember Hurricane Irene? Last year, the same thing happened and everything sort of broke apart for a while. It took right about two to three weeks to get back into place. During that time of waiting, there was so much anxiousness because I did not have their phone numbers, just emails, and there is only so