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A Lazy Merdeka Day Update

Today is Malaysia's Independence Day and....not even feeling a thing except that the malls are very packed. Even smaller scale neighborhood malls are packed to the brim. And it wasn't even lunch time, it was kinda Tunch (tea-lunch) time and yet it was still packed. It's a holiday, shall go to mall. That's a Malaysian culture, really. Anyway, it's been some time Facebook introduced the 'like', 'haha', 'sad', 'wow' and 'angry' buttons and I have made an effort to use those instead of the conventional 'thumbs up' just because it is there and I want to see what difference it would make to the post and the things that Facebook decides to show me on its own accord. Nothing much has changed, actually. Still seeing the same thing from the same people until I have to go to the 'Most Recent' feed instead of the normal 'News Feed'. So, I think this needs to be done. New buttons. Here are some which I think a