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A blog post on a lazy Saturday afternoon

Hi guys, its Saturday and only 530pm and the sky is already mighty dark outside. I guess i am sorta getting used to the unpredictable weather by now. Anyway, thanks to this android magazine that i bought yesterday, i installed this dumb little thing called cleverbot and me and son 2 been 'chatting' mindlessly random stuff with it. Really mindless, i warn u! Lol. Don't do it if u hate childish things. :-) Apart from that, we r just rotting away our Saturday...which is just the kind of thing i need for this week. Off i go to do more rotting but before that, let me share some instagram pics. We all had severe sorethroat earlier so i made honey lemon for everyone. Friend treated me to sushi but the sushi was made by a newbie in training so the rice kept falling apart. Not cool but looked nice enough for a picture :-P Finally, my onion plant is growing, thanks to my part time maid for her expertise. It would otherwise have died. :-) keep calm, stay steady n be happy all,

How To Get Past The Ezinearticles Editors

I don’t proclaim to be an expert of writing for Ezinearticles but suffice to say, I have been writing for a long time and back when I began writing and submitting my articles to Ezinearticles, there weren’t as many rules. There weren’t as many people. And Ezinearticles was basically trying to clamor its way in as well. We were more or less on the same footing. But now, Ezinearticles is completely different from what I understood it to be. The rules are stricter and in case you think I am some sort of an expert, I will have you know that Ezinearticle has rejected my articles before…MANY times over…and I have found myself…how do I put this mildly…’wondered’ at it? But it is all for the good, I always try to think, because you ultimately get better quality articles that others can finally re-publish freely on their websites or blogs without squirming at the over-stuffing of keywords, bad grammar, and blatant advertising. This article is a result of someone asking me for an a

Who Says Kids Have All The Fun! Adults Too Could Have!

The long weekend is here again. Malaysians are pretty lucky folks. There is literally no holiday for me but I found this to be quite useful. You don't have to have a lengthy, expensive overseas holiday to have fun. You can create your own fun here. So says the author of this article. Here's wishing everyone an amazing weekend ahead and good luck to all of you who are studying for your exams! xoxo, Marsha *** by Levy St Pierre While vacations can be a lot of fun they are also expensive. In addition, there are times a couple need to be alone, but with a family, they may find it difficult to get away even for a weekend. The following five everyday escapes offer an excellent way for adults to enjoy time together without the kids. Hire a sitter and schedule a date for you and your special someone today. One affordable getaway for couples is found at the day spa. During your session you will receive massages and facials. These treatments are great for couples as well as

The Problematic New Yorker Joke Got Into Facebook Trouble

The New Yorker often feature some really interesting and funny stuff so when I read that one of its cartoons got it into Facebook's bad books, it just piqued my interest. How could The New Yorker get into trouble with Facebook? The publisher often followed guidelines! Well, apparently not. They recently featured a Mick Steven cartoon in its website and also placed the link on didn't go down well with the giant online social networking website. Check out the post here . All I can say is...gee, Facebook's got no sense of humor. This is the picture that got it into trouble, FYI.

Smile Lots, TGIF

Smile lots, everyone! =) Marsha

Dragoncon 2012 Hit By Gangnam Style

You know I am into some Kpop stuff, right? So, when the Gangnam Style thing hit, I was hit early because one of my favorite stars were doing this crazy horse riding thing and I was like.......???????...... I found the video amusing without knowing that it was going to be like a tsuami thing! guys really, really, really hopped onto it like a giant swarm of surfers! Because I caught on early, I am kind of tired of all the parodies, seriously speaking. One can only watch so many parodies but this one I like. A bunch of people went to Dragoncon this year and they managed to get some droids, characters and superheroes to do the horse-riding dance from the Gangnam Style video. Op...op...op op...Oppan Gangnam Style, Marsha