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Selamat Hari Raya to Everyone who is Celebrating

Hari Raya is a Muslim celebration where family and friends come together to start afresh. It is sort of a reboot for some, to forgive and forget and be understanding because....we are all human and humans make mistakes. Unless you are a Humanicorn. Then proceed. There's one thing I think I want to highlight, though. The ability to forgive yourself too. Sometimes, we tend to be our biggest judge, even when others have forgiven ourselves, we tend to hold onto a little bit of that anger, that judgement inside of ourselves. Sometimes, we punish ourselves incessantly too. And when we do, it can be the most EVIL thing that we can think of. Things you wouldn't do to babies, strangers, puppies and your enemies. But you would do it to yourself. So, here's a short reminder.