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Family Wisdom from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari - Robin Sharma

Maybe it is because I skipped the first book that I wasn't familiar with the writing style and had no understanding, knowledge about who Julian was. I started out thinking that Catherine was the central character. For those of you who are in the same position as I was, Julian IS the monk who sold his Ferrari. The dude who was this magnificent magnet for money, handsome lawyer who wins hearts and clients like he was a Brad Pitt. Or George Clooney. Or Chow Yuen Fatt if you are into Chinese. Pick your own handsome, rich celeb. Basically, Catherine is Julian's little sister, someone he left behind when he sold his mansion and Ferrari. Like him, Catherine was undergoing a major life-changing event in her life and Julian thought he could come back to shed some light on some things for family life. No surprise at all, before this 'incident', like Julian, Catherine is a high flying executive and business owner. Nothing in life is that easy. So, Julian came ba

Went to school

Popped by school to collect Kid's report card and drop off one of their bags, two things happened. 1. As I tried to sign in as a guest, the guard told me to walk straight in. I am not late yet. It is before 9am so I dont need to sign in. For school. Puahahahahaha 2. As I dropped off the bag, a supervisor asked me 'so, you are his sister?' WINNNNNNNNNNNN!!!! Hahaha My advice for you if you are looking for such nice uplifting morning indirect compliments is.... Tie your hair up in a ponytail, wear cargo pants and loose-fitting t-shirt, accessorize yourself with childish bracelettes, go bareface and not a smidgen of lipstick and you will probably pass off as a 20-30-something sister of your kid in a dim-lit school as well. Man, I feel awesome. I am enjoying the school's plain nasi lemak as if it has some rendang in it (even when there isnt any). Have a fab day, Marsha

They ain't us

Well...there is something about James Franco that is just that little bit of awesome.


I think I am awesome. I think I am awesome. I think I am awesome. I think I am awesome. I think I am awesome. I think I am awesome. I think I am awesome. I think I am awesome. Come on, everybody! Think with me! 😉 Marsha

Happy Diwali

Happy #Diwali my friends. <3 X O

App : Routinely

I have been using Routinely to help keep me on track with my goals. The app is simple, to the point and is devoid of any unnecessary fuss. Just create the small simple tasks that you want to complete, set a reminder and you're off. It works for me, so far, and I have been using Routinely for more than a year now. Admittedly, I can do better at achieving ALL the routines I want to do every single day but the thing is that you don't have to if it is not what you want. There are important things, there are unimportant things. Whenever a routine is left not done, the bar turns yellow. You are, hereby, given a yellow card. Buck up. If you continue to ignore it, it turns red. Red card. To make you feel even guiltier, it shows you the last time you paid attention to the task. Something will gnaw and chew at your conscience when you see something like 'Clean your desk' which is followed by 'Last done 239 days ago'. LOL Anyway, if you know of a better app or some

If I Were Bieber, Bieber, Bieber...oh

I am not a Bieber fan although I think this spunky kid has grown up pretty fast and furious. Justin is an incredibly good-looking guy but I feel a little sad that he has to grow up under Hollywood's spotlight this way. He is a young man deserving of a normal lifestyle, devoid of all those negative attention. Yes, I am beginning to feel sorry for him...and his parents who are doing their best to give Bieber the correct direction in order for him to grow up and at the same time, keep to his dreams of being a singer and star. He is a Hollywood star so, naturally, there would be papps everywhere. Like friggin' flies. They look and behave like it too, I guess. Sorry, flies. After the most recent ATV episode with the law , it seems like people are being really mean and nosy and being creeps. A couple of years back, I saw on an Entertainment website, a video of a celeb walking out of a pub with papps following closely behind. Initially, the celeb just walked ahead and maintained

All Rolled Into One

This is too true. Think about it, 10 years ago, we had to carry around a whole load more. Now, we only have 1 device. This is how far we have come, tech wise, that is. By the same token, this device is also partially responsible for the aging and death of common humanity. Just saying, no hating, i love my phone. One day away from weekend, Yesssssssss, Marsha

Excuse Me

A short one from the phone because i have to complete this task. Yes, to write something. Anything. So, i am short on time because i am hungry as hell and rushing out of the house. Anyway, if u r a foreigner anywhere in Malaysia or Singapore and u hear someone say this to u, if u r a stranger, be offended. If u hear it from someone u know, be pleased because it can be an affectionate phrase. It basically means 'f to one side please'. Without the 'please', actually. Have a great Sunday, Xoxo Marsha

Writing and Blogging, Anyway

I have been writing and blogging for ages, much like the writer from Zen Habits who wrote something about this and I completely agree with him when he said that even for experienced bloggers/writers, you can never escape the fear of being judged. Worse still, the fear of being caught writing lame stuff for a perceived learned audience. It is a fact that I no longer enjoy the kind of readership that I used to enjoy. But it is all out there, the (lame) and (good) stuff that I have ever written since the dawn of the internet. A large number of blog posts I wrote were wiped out when Wordpress took out my earlier blog for being a little 'politically incorrect' but it is a fact that once you get yourself out there, you are subjected to fear, judgement, and rejection. But isn’t this what life is all about anyway? Writing in public, especially about your own personal thoughts, opinions and life is scary as hell. It is pretty much like public speaking. And there are very few of

Optimist turned pessimist turned realist

Told myself i have to blog about something today so, here i am. I am on my phone so if u r a grammar-correcting activist, dont continue reading. Lol. I am not sure if i have the patience to manually capitalize each and every 'I' and i am not really sure how to spell apostrophe w/o autocorrect. I hope the spelling is correct, oh hell. Lol. Anyway, just wanna share an article i saw on Time about the advantages and disadvantages of optimists and pessimists. I was born a natural optimist. How else would one explain a legal officer jumping ship from a desk job of suing people to a rock band member, right? after becoming a mom, the reigns of control in my brain turned me into a pessimist. A parent is supposed to be an all-knowing being, choonow so, in an effort to know everything, i had to be able to read the future. Like predicting the next time my kid is gonna want to poop, fall or is he going to be a doctor. This type of thinking naturally turns people into co