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He was...

...I have been a bit serious lately. When I was chatting with a friend recently, I shared a secret with that friend of mine. And he laughed his ass off so, I might as well share it here, right? It might brighten up your day. OK, so when I was in form six, I was below 20 years of age. When I was at that age, I was innocent. All I thought about was badminton, basketball, netball, handball....bowling ball....all other types of balls were unfamiliar to me. Seriously. I just wanted to play games. There was this guy, I was in SEA park Taman SEA High school for form six, who called me almost every day. Calling me is not the problem, but crying on the phone was a problem. He called me and halfway through he would start getting all emotional. He would cry on the phone, saying that he wants to marry me and all that. I was 19, not knowing anything, you know. I wanted to comfort him, to let him know that everything is OK. I suspect this guy is somewhere on my Facebook. I don't really kno

Oak tree

"An oak tree is an oak tree. That is all it has to do. If an oak tree is less than an oak tree, then we are all in trouble." - Thich Nhat Hanh Share ur favorite Buddha Quotes and Wisdom with this App!

Loosening The Grip

Last night, I went out to have a couple of drinks with my girl friends, and was once again LOVINGLY accused of babying my kids. Honestly, I know I do. I know I do, I know I do, I know I do! But you don't understand how it is like and what the transition feels like until you come face to face with it. You are caught in a situation whereby you understand what is happening but don't know what are the appropriate steps to take. You see, my beloved accusers friends know that this is the normal thing...we have all been there...on the other side of the fence. One of them is single (and LOOKING, just in case you are curious. ^^ ) and the other just had her son not long ago. I am the only one facing Tweenhood and it sucks that nobody understands what shit  situation this feels like. Guess talking to my mom would be the one way to go but I am hesitant because....well....because I was the one giving her the same treatment, right? LOLOL!!! But I find some form of comfort in knowing th

Chicken On Top

It's been a long time since I have blogged about things I cook. Like I always say, there are very few excuses for people to eat out too often. Things can be simple, so simplify. I bought some chicken breasts from the market without really knowing what to do with them. I remember I bought a bottle of char siew sauce some time back. I know you are supposed to use char siew sauce on pork, but there is no rule saying that you can't use char siew sauce on chicken...or fish....or prawn....or =) I marinated the chicken breasts with char siew sauce, oyster sauce, pepper, spring onion and some minced garlic. I bought some Eringii mushrooms earlier. They are kinda like longish kind of mushroom...not very pleasing to the eyesight, to be honest but then again....I tend to have a dirty kind of mind so... ^^ I sliced them up and lined them up in the baking tray after oiling the tray up a little. Kind of pointless, anyway but I oiled them just in case. Just a littl

That Incident In UUM

As much as I would like to respect authority and more senior people in our society, for the life of me, I cannot believe and support the recent incident at UUM, a public University in Malaysia. A student stands up to come and put forth her thoughts on the current Malaysian status, albeit, her belief in human rights and she got her microphone snatched away and talked down on, told that she is not educated enough and then compared to animals. ................................ Complete disbelief. But yet, my brain does a rewind. And it is as if I have heard it all before during my schooling days. Being told to shut the F up and just LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN. I wonder why I am still an outspoken person today and how I survived it. But this is the way the schools are here, you shut up and just listen, ok? I am not sure how the schools are in other parts of the world too so, maybe I don't know.. Here's the video if you are interested. If you don't have 20 minutes t

Jan 13, 2013 Pic Log

I am not much of a cake person, honestly. I am a little conscious about what I eat and SUGAR IS NOT AT THE TOP OF LIST OF GOOD THINGS TO EAT, that's why. =) I refuse the best of chocolates too but recently, my brother bought some really awesome TOTALLY cannot resist chocolate and we, all of us, rationed it out to last the whole week instead of gobbling all the goodness down in one shot. Anyway, at a friend's house warming party, I allowed myself ONE cake pop (that's what it is called, apparently, thanks to a friend telling me so because I would have continued to called it cake balls) and managed to say no to further offers. It hurts my heart to say no to such goodness but I am disciplined that way. =) Did I say that I was looking for long life and eternal healthiness? Ah well....does it explain my problem or something? =) Still the best dinner ever.... But it explains why I would buy something like this. So far, I have been forcing the kids to get on it (and

Did not go to the rally today...

...wishing I did because the scene today was what I wanted to see during Bersih 3.0 whereby I was chased off like never before. For those of you who have chastised me for going for the previous rallies and had this conversation with... Her: Why would anyone want to go for those rallies, I don't know Me: Because we are fighting for everyone, including you... Her: No, no, no...please don't say you are fighting for me too, thank you. Me: ....ok.... For the longest time, we were fearful. Maybe she is merely a teen, all of her ** years worth of INTELLIGENCE, she has never felt the frustration that we have felt. We were called second-class, felt like punching a wall, felt disappointment, shutted up (I know, I know there is no SHUTTED, Go away grammar-Nazi) and then considered migrating to another country. I won't name people or get specific but what really turned this fence-sitter around was when I dealt with both sides of the divide and found the discrepancies deplora

School's back, kitchen now open

I love to cook but for the life of me, I dont know why i stopped cooking during the school holidays. Oh yeah....we wake up at noon. But seriously, for me, I dont know why I cant wake up and cook like I normally do because I love love love to cook. I feel alive and useful because I did something to feed my kids and made them something delicious. It is like this sudden insomnia fell over me and i sleep late, wake late, miss the chance to go to the morning market, work late...etc. Everything becomes toggled. And it makes no sense because when my schedule is backwards, I sometimes get really upset with myself. Ah well. Every school holiday, I tell myself the same thing. I wont screw up my schedule, I wont screw up my schedule, I wont screw up my schedule. But it never happens. Sigh.... On the bright side, I am not alone. I went to the morning market to get some pork a couple of days ago and the pork seller exclaimed loudly, "There you are!!! YOU ALL THE SAME!! No school, no co