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Definition of Beauty

People's asked me before....'Why don't you dress up a little bit more, how are you gonna impress anyone like THAT?' 'How can you go out without makeup?' All your pores are showing!' 'Wear makeup' 'Put on some accessories' 'You won't attract men like that' 'Wear a skirt for chrissakes' My logic is this. If you like me with my open pores, makeup-less face, I will show you how impressive and personally GOR-fugging-GEOUS I can be. Just. For. You. And not the other way around. Been there, done that. A frigging waste of my time. Define beauty, don't let beauty define you. XOXO, Marsha p.s. Bonus, check out this video. Photoshop is TRULY, TRULY, TRULY.... a man-made heaven-sent (I know I am not supposed to use man-made and heaven-sent in the same sentence is either man-made or heaven-sent, but I feel like a renegade today. LOL)

You Know You Are a Regular Google Translate User When.... read this.... The Administrator of the words to convey] Second: the difference between mother-! Now you see the voter turnout, but it still is a ****  # 1 Attention at dawn and often flipping ... Go This means nothing to everyone else but it is shocking to me that I know exactly what it means. So, my translation from Google Translate is this. Words from the Administrator] The second highest group is really close. Now you see how important a single vote is but still *** remains at #1 We will be checking again in the morning, will be checking often....Go. Ho. Mai. Kort.

How To Travel With An ADHD Personality - My Side of the Story

Traveling together has been known to throw off and kill the best of friends and lovers. If you want to test if your friendship and love for each other is strong enough, travel together. Alone. If both of you come back alive, congratulations, you obviously love each other enough. I have done this before a couple of times, two times, we came back unfriending each other on Facebook and unfollowing each other on Twitter and blocking each other on all social media sites and complained about the other being a bi***...and one of them was a guy. That was how bad it was. In fact, based on experience, it spoils the whole trip even before you get on the flight back. So, it would totally suck if you shared a room. So, quite recently, I traveled with a friend I love so much I will kill for her (wellll....maybe not but I will hire someone to kill for her....and THAT says a lot!!!) and we BOTH came back ALIVEEEEEEEE so, here is my conclusion about double-shot traveling. There were things we did

The ocean of humanity

Not much need for words here, i will leave you with this picture. Have a great Saturday, folks. :-)

As sweet as they are...

I am blessed with two amazingly great kids. Honestly speaking. I was really tired out yesterday having had only one sandwich in the morning, a cup of coffee and then a cup of tea in the afternoon and nothing for lunch, I was drained by evening time after cooking dinner. I was working right down to 10pm and DESPERATELY needed a shower (flies were hovering over my head by then) so, I asked  my boys to hang the laundry for me while I showered. They did it without complaints, no whining, nothing. Maybe it was the pathetic look on my face but whatever works, alright? Like I said, they are such great kids, really. But I have to say that they have a very special way of hanging clothes when I went in for Quality Control. Hhhhmmmm...... XOXO, Marsha

Laying the first brick to a house you wanna call home

Calling when you say you're going to call is the very first brick in the house you are building of love and trust. If he can't lay this one stupid brick down, you ain't never going to have a house, baby. And it's cold outside......(---) I have personally spent a huge part of my life with people who think that the way to tell someone that you are a part of the family or home is by buying them stuff. That does not give off a feeling of security. You cant live in a house where it is devoid of trust and love. You cannot enjoy family life if you cannot lay naked in your complete naturalness. Buying me a house is not giving me a home. Buying me diamonds is not telling me that you love and appreciate me. Not when you cannot find it in you to call me and include me in your life. You can easily tell if and when someone appreciates you through his or her voice, in his or her gestures, in his or her touch. You cannot possibly feel all of that genuineness in non-human things.

Happy with Agoda

This is not an ad, I am not paid to do this but then I have to put up a plug about it because I am happy. I am totally happy with using Agoda. First off, I used it when I went to Singapore some time back, and then I used Agoda again when I went to Korea. And then I will be using again for Singapore. You know the one thing that I really like? The reviews and the credit system. I know there's Tripadvisor and all of that but somehow, I feel that Agoda is Or perhaps more relevant to this region as opposed to other systems. In a rush, heading out for lunch. Talk soon, XOXO, Marsha p.s. Yes, this is another happy community service blog plug. =))))

A Month Going Without WHAT?!

I am all for, you know, the whole Zen living thing, being simple, yoga, exercise, eat right etc but the notion of having to go a month without television, radio, music...and *cough *cough *up *blood my devices and phone would be an atrocious idea. Oh, I am in such a polite mood, am I not? =) But this man kind of made it through the ORDEAL experience of getting by the whole month without television, radio or I suppose any other distracting entertainment and I have to give KUDOS where KUDOS is due. OK, so it was selective elimination, he wrote but still. That is an incredibly hard feat to beat in the modern world that we live in today. I thrive, no, my, wait, my LIFE thrives on the fact that nearly everything is borderless with the internet. Perhaps, I would have to admit that THAT is the reason why we suffer today - the inability to actually carry a proper conversation with your friends without bringing up his or her latest Facebook status update. The inability to sit t

The Roadblocks to Freelancing

The road, or rather, the journey towards full-time freelancing was not an easy one. It is something that I continue to be amazed about...myself. Remember, I did this during the early days of the internet when even 'telecommuting' was often met with 'Are you nuts?!' My grandmother asked me to get a REAL job, my family wasn't happy that I have wasted three years worth of law degree and I was facing a financial and parenting crisis. I mean, come to think of, I really had the balls to do it when I was a brand new mother with an extra mouth to feed, eh? I can guffaw my way through wasn't funny back then. LOL. I've friends who passionately expressed their wish to freelance and asked me how to go about doing it. I will peel it all down into a few things:- Networking Freelancing means you are in it on your own now. You will need to be sociable and sell yourself often. Pimp yourself or get someone to pimp for you. Loads of it. Yes, freelancing is all

Something Malaysians Are Used To Seeing...Sadly

I walked past this advert/sign/notice/non-invitation a couple of times and thought nothing of it....just walked by. And then there was this day when I was sitting at the lights and saw it again. It hit me. We are so used to seeing signs like this that we no longer take much notice of them. Just before the light turned green, I snapped a photo of it and thought, 'can you imagine if a sign like this came up in another country or culture?' For example, what would happen if a sign says 'Whites Only' for sale of a row of bungalows? Would people care if the sign was 'Chinese Only'? Or maybe what if it was a sign that says 'Only for Jews' or 'Only for Mexicans' in London or United States or Australia or any other more developed countries in the world? Do you think there would be an uproar or would people just walk by and away from it, undisturbed and completely used to it? It's pretty much nothing to shout about over here in Malaysia, we see it

Hastags Hashtags

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon may have taken a jab at people using #hashtags (it IS funny and all - LOLOLOLOLOLOL) but hashtags were primarily used for two purposes...and it worked. Eavesdropping - God, hastags is such a heaven sent when you spy on tweets that others are sending out but you are not following them. It really IS awesome. For instance, if you want to know something about a particular topic, you can use the hashtag and discover a world of tweets about them. And yes, to answer your question, I have used it to track people and tweet them without them having to follow me and me them. Totally. Cool. Using another account, of course...not my primary one. An account with like 2 followers with a Handler like @PuPPy790213 (Don't bother checking that out, I made it up....maybe not....I did....well....) =) Covering news - You can easily get up-to-date information from a group of people who are also using the #hastag like when the fire happened in San Diego, people decide

In Support of LGBT or People Like Us

Watched the clip of Wentworth Miller speaking at the Human Rights forum left a tear (or two) pooling in my eyes. I am not lesbian nor am I bi but I have friends who are. I have absolutely no reason to keep away from them because so long as they live happily, that is fine by me. Who am I to say anything about how they want to feel included in this world? They have a story behind them and they too have all hurt, cried, felt alone, shamed, felt left out and do not trust anyone. Honestly speaking, there was a time when this 'me, I' feeling hit me really bad. I felt that no one was there for me and if they said they were, they were lying. They will turn around and talk about me in a negative way. There was one incident that turned me around... a friend's suicide  in 2007. It was a tumultuous time for me on many fronts too so, it shook me up really bad. To me, he didn't die in vain. He saved me. If you wanna listen to the speech, it is here. I felt for Wentworth when