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Things You Bring Home From an Orphanage Visit

I won't take credit for this trip to an orphanage as it was arranged and organized by a group of moms who wanted to expose their young children to other children who don't have parents. I was dragged along. LOL. Well, the reason why I was dragged along remains a mystery but I suspect it had something to do with physical labor? hahahaha....kidding .I wanted to be a part of it mostly because I wanted my kids to atone for their 'behavior' during an earlier visit to another orphanage. They, let's just say, were not into it. Not the kind of  'into it' I was hoping for, anyway. They didn't know what to say, to ask or how to react as they were young and awkward (as hell). Plus, there was a language barrier.They promised to do better on other visits. But it so happens that a sleepover happened at their cousin's house and granted it was an impromptu one so, I was a little disheartened. They were too, my kids. But they don't get to meet their cousins a