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Get Mad, And Then Get Over It

People who let it pop whenever it feels like popping live a healthier and longer life than people who kept everything to themselves. There was one point in time whereby I would keep everything to myself…and yet, I refuse to cry. It was like pumping air into a balloon, frankly speaking. It did hazardous things to my health….physical and mental. But isn’t this what your parents or other well-meaning people always tell you? “Aiya, never mind lah. Forget it. Don’t need to make a mountain out of a molehill”. Whilst it is true that we should always mind our temper and control the situation, it’s untrue that we should say ‘never mind lah’. No, it’s not always a ‘never mind’ situation….sometimes we have to get mad. REALLY mad. But by saying getting mad, you have several options on how to get mad:- shoot the farker blind the farker cubit the farker sucker punch the farker fark the farker hide in the room and scream punch the door (idea from my cousin) cry and punch the pillow (my own idea

What People Do For Money: Man vs. Wild

OK OK OK...the economy is bad, right? And at this point in time, for some, people (lots of them) would do lots of crazy things for money. Some would pick cans, some would rob, some would kill....but some are insane! Absolutely IN.SANE. No sanity whatsoever!!! I mean, you know how easily grossed out I can anything abnormal and tonight, I've just watched the most amazingly abnormal thing on the planet. I don't know how far man would actually go to make money, but this is simply jaw-droppingly disgusting. I am talking about the Discovery Channel show called 'Man vs. Wild '. I am like WTF!!!!!!!!!! OK, so this guy, Bear Grylls, says he's a natural born survivor and he's starring in this Discovery Channel show where he is pitched against the wild with nothing MODERN so to speak except for the camera and perhaps occassional hand-fan he's permitted. But urgh.....have you taken a look at the stuff this guy puts into this mouth and subsequently int

Wouldn't You Rather Die?

I know I would. This is not the first time I’ve heard of or read about Yvonne Foong and her predicament has been highlighted a couple of times in The Star and some magazine that I cannot remember. All I know is this….thinking ‘I don’t know if I had the courage to write and raise funds for my own surgery if I had been given the kind of cards she had’. So, in short, this girl’s got a lot of strength in her coz, you see, God IS fair. She was not born perfect but she was born with a lot of courage than most of us possess. This is something each and every one should learn how to do. You fall down, you bloody pick your ass off the floor yourself because no one else is gonna do it. And if someone picks you off the floor, dust yourself off INSTANTLY and stop moping. In support of her courage, I wanted to get some of her tshirts but alas, the sizes have run out. So, I did next best thing-lah. I bought a black one (makes me look thinner) in size M (I hope I can fit into an M size). But then

T’was An Accident-Lah, Sir

I was on my way to a client’s office to collect a payment on a rainy evening when this happened. The roads were dark and where I was driving, there were potholes here and there…one too many on such a popular area, if you ask me. Maneuvering my way in the dark alleyways, the direction-blind me finally found the street that I am supposed to be on. Happy as a lark, I wheeled myself into the street and found a spot to park the car before giving my client a call. I sat there and dialed the number, it rang…no answer. Second try…no answer and then third try, he picked the phone up and told me that he would be on the way down to pass me my well-earned money. Pleased with myself, I ended the call and……’ HOLY SHITE !’ I screeched when I saw a horrifyingly scary face stare at me with a frown. His furrowed brow was nothing compared to the ghostly eyes throwing daggers at me. Dare I wind down the window? No, man. Are you CRAZEEE ??? Then slowly, the man, without taking his dagger-throwing

Living With A Liar In My Lair

I recently had this maid (live-in helper) fiasco that generated a lot of response from my friends on Facebook, you see. To cut a long story short, she lied to me and she continued to lie to me even when I sat down with her and asked her to be honest with me. She showed me that she was capable of a ‘Hollywood’ casting opportunity even when I confronted her and tried to probe the truth out of her without me having to pour all the evidence out on the floor in front of her. On Facebook, I placed up an emergency call for opinion on what to do in such a situation and my friends all earnestly responded…some with their experience thrown in asking me to be cautious of people who are capable of lying and are dishonest with me. My heart was aching because I treated her like a family member and I welcomed her into my house and treated her the way I would my own kids. And yet, she lied to me about owning a mobile phone, lied to me about having boyfriend and also nicked some of my personal stu

Commentluv, Interesting Auto-Pilot Way To Bring More People To Your Blog

I found something in Gallivanter’s blog the other day when I was commenting there. It’s called CommentLuv ( ). For me, this works out to be an extremely useful marketing and automatic marketing tool for people who likes to market themselves through other people’s blog. The reason why I am saying is because we know how to place our own link into when commenting. That’s the easy part. But with commentluv, your latest post would be pulled out automatically from your RSS feed and displayed along with your comment! Marvelous ! This saves me time and is a brilliant automatic link generation tool for bloggers and commentors in blogs. I would have tried to download the thing and use it for my blog but it looks so complicated and I don’t know how to change the blardie template to my free blogspot account. Or is it even possible to use commentluv on the free blogspot account AT ALL …I don’t know. So, if you know how to do this, please point it out to me, please. *mua

I Am Living

I want to make a confession….there’s a very good reason behind the reason why I shy away from people who are demanding of me. Sure, I demand a lot out of myself as it is and you be dang sure I ain’t gonna be kind to myself. When I beat myself up, I beat myself to the pulp. There was once upon a time when I was earning really good money…let’s just say it was (in Ringgit lah, ok?) five figure income. But I had to give it all up because of one thing and one thing only…. I don’t need it . The more I had, I realize, the more unhappy I became. Instead of making me happy, it was making me feel anxious and I felt overloaded with work and people started demanding a lot out of a wee little si-lai like me who is already shouldering the responsibility of taking care of the home and kids, now the business as well. Apart from that, all that money was fast-forwarding my life. I never know where all that time went. I rushed from one thing to another…one after another…then another, then another

Review: The Day The Earth Stood Still

Went and watched ‘ The day the earth stood still ’ today. Now, before I say anything else, let it be known that I did not know that this was a remake. Therefore, I did not know the extent of success the 1950’s film was and who starred in it. Hence, I watched it with an open heart….because Keanu Reeves was in it (hee hee hee), Jennifer Connelly was in it and that the idea of earth standing still was… woo hoo ! I wasn’t expecting anything… period . This was, perhaps, why I thought the movie was OK-ish and not too bad-ish. In all honesty, nothing beats Keanu Reeves in a suit! Well, maybe Keanu Reeves with nothing on (which is what they had in this film) which gave us a good glimpse of those….ahem. Anyway, the first comment I had about this film was, “ This role is made for Keanu Reeves…he’s really good at it because he’s required to be expressionless .” Oh, I love Keanu…I love Keanu to the core and in all sincerity, I think his acting is under-rated. Really, there were movies t

The M Sings Bunga-Bunga Cinta

Someone asked me to upload this so just doing it. It was recorded at home and some parts of it not presentable. hahahaha!! so, it's truncated. Sorry for the heavy echo. The audio quality was deserving of a RM20 PC microphone....sorry!!

Miraculous Effects Of Hugging

I don’t know if it’s a Marsha thing or it’s a female thing. I don’t know if it’s a Leo thing or am I just plain weird. A hug can say and solve a lot of things. Seriously, I am big on hugs and I have been like that with both my SONS. Sometimes I look at them and see them hugging each other after a fight…or at night when they’re sleeping, they’re sorta hugging each other and think to myself….gosh, did I overdo this hug thing? They’re boys. I’ve always been rather expressive in a lot of ways. If I am tulan, you see it on my face and I am not the kind of person who can pretend. When I pretend, you’ll KNOW that I am pretending. Hugging, to me, can also solve a whole damn lot of things. If arguing, you can silence me and pull me to your side with a hug. If I emo, a hug can go on for hours. And at night, instead of having s*x, hugging each other to sleep can be even better. Hugs are especially meaningful between friends too especially when one’s heart is broken or when one is having lot

A Cup Of Coffee

I got this in an email from....erm, someone. I can't remember who so I don't know who to credit. But this is lovely and I just wanna share *** *** *** A group of alumni, highly established in their careers, got together to visit their old university professor. Conversation soon turned into complaints about stress in work and life. Offering his guests coffee, the professor went to the kitchen and returned with a large pot of coffee and an assortment of cups - porcelain, plastic, glass, crystal, some plain looking, some expensive, some exquisite - telling them to help themselves to hot coffee. When all the students had a cup of coffee in hand, the professor said: "If you noticed, all the nice looking expensive cups were taken up, leaving behind the plain and cheap ones. While it is normal for you to want only the best for yourselves, that is the source of your problems and stress. What all of you really wanted was coffee, not the cup, but you consciously went for the b

People Change

Some people really can know, there's this Chinese saying that goes something like this, " Once a thief, always a thief ". But you know what, the people who came up with this saying knows jack shit about life and people. I've grown so much and suffered (learned) so much throughout my thirty-odd years of life that I can't believe I am still learning. There's still MORE to learn? Fook. When is it gonna end? Today, I learn another lesson. Your family and relatives, some of them, can be harsher on you and will take advantage of you more than others. I will no longer work for my family members, let this be known. Close family members or not, I have to set the boundaries liao. Cannot tahan like that coz most of the time, I'm making a loss when I work for them. Anyway, some people have changed...from the time that I've known them to now. There's this one person that I would like to mention first. At first, she damn kow nice to me and a

Mat Rempit's Dilemma - Cannot Drive Car

Those who know me knows that I have this thing against Mat Rempits wan, right? For Foreigners, Mat Rempit is a Malaysian phenomenon. Actually, come to think of it, you can find it in many other parts of the world. The difference is that the Mat Rempits in other countries ride huge bikes that roars. This part of the world, the bikes are what we all call this one. Mat Rempits die every day on the roads of Malaysia like flies, and yet, these people continue to haunt the streets of Malaysia, especially the highways. Today, I personally spoke to a Mat Rempit and 'interviewed' him about his habit. Not intentionally, though, we happen to talk about his mode of transportation. Then he said, "I really like motorbike....even though I've got two cars now, I still ride my motorbike. It's very steam to go very fast and race with one another" Marsha is thinking: What is your motor number plate? I wanna langgar you when I see you liao. I ask lor, &

My New Clutter

I'll take some time to blog about this today because I AM FINALLY ONLINE AGAIN!!! *doing cartwheels* Anyway, while things are still in a mess right now, we're slowly trying to adapt to staying in this new place. Lots of adjusting to do. The following pictures are taken only from my little 'office', so, you can imagine the kind of mess I am dealing with. My books, plastic bags, that blue thing underneath? That one is my exercise machine....there...that step-step thing leh? Yeah, it's buried. Since the kids and husband always takeover the ASTRO in the living room, I have to resort to sitting here, on my puppy beanbag to relax, grab ANY BOOK I can find or watch my TVB series from my PC here. Poor me. The good news is that it works. The bad news is that my keyboard deserves better than this. Eh, it may be a cheap CASIO but then it's still precious to me, OK? And what's worse than having to sit down on the floor with wires everywhere in a back-break