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Environmental Calamity

The Covid-19 panda ic is still raging on and, honestly, the numbers coming out in my state and city is not encouraging. We are still recording new record numbers and yet, some of us are required to be at work and unnecessarily exposed to the risk of infection. It wouldn't be anything to worry about if it was essential to my job. But the fact remains is that it is not. We don't know when all this catastrophe will be over and everyday, I pray that it is soon.  Not only are we at high risk of catching the virus, we are doing unprecedented damage to the environment judging from the number of plastic and disposals we are left with no other choice but to use especially when we are ordering food through apps.  I feel frustrated that all my efforts to avoid commercialism, materialism, and active participation in environmental efforts is going to waste.  I wish there were better options but I know there's none at this point in time.  Every single day, my efforts (as small and insign

Work and Pee in Your Pants if You Have to

Fighting against the clocks of life Have you ever been in a situation at work (or work at home) whereby you're literally micro-managed to a point whereby you're afraid to go to the bathroom to answer nature's call?  online surveys JavaScript is disabled! Well, that's the situation here right now.  Even when we are to work from home, I find myself sitting there holding my bloody pee (other other more serious nature-related situations) in because I would be hounded down. And when found (and explained), I would still be chastised.  Does this not fall under some form of human abuse? #lol I don't think this kind of management style suits me, seriously. People taking short breaks is actually good for productivity and not to mention mental health .  This is not pissing (pun intended) on anyone, really, but there are people out there who are like that. And if you're one of them, let's share a a very emotional high-five.  Sending you lots of love during this tough C