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Book: The Bride Wore Size 12 (Meh...)

I'll start off with saying that I have previously read none of the other books by Meg Cabot. Not this series, not any other. Her name just sounded familiar and I could've seen this book somewhere. According to her Wikipedia page, Meg Cabot is a well-known paranormal and romantic fiction writer...for teens and adults. By the first chapter, I knew this wasn't written for me, a single mother of 2 hormone-ravaged teenage boys who was listening to a LIVE Youtube jazz music track for work, stress relief and studying. THAT's the problem with hitting the bookstores in a rush. I ran in and out within 8 minutes flat, grabbing and paying for whatever book cover that appealed to me at first glance. I guess I was hoping for more of a mystery and crime thriller (or at least a comedic one) because the synopsis promised as much. I peeled open the first pages with the hope of something along the lines of not-exactly John Grisham, but at least Janet Evanovich. But it got a 3.89 r

Update: Stop Hurtling Around, Relax and Think

I receive a lot of newsletters and updates both on my professional and personal email accounts. I don't mind receiving the emails at all but what really ticks me off is the fact that most "newsletters" are sell-sell-sell ones. Buy this now or you'll regret it! You have 12 hours from now till this ONCE IN A LIFETIME DEAL disappears from the face of the earth!   We're insane and we're giving this life-changing course for free.  Yada-yada-yada-yada-yada.... I hardly click on any one of them and unsubscribe as liberally as I subscribe, especially my personal email account. Even then, I often give people the benefit of the doubt by clicking just to see how many times they're selling me something versus how many times they're trying to add value to my life. Starting from now, I am going to try to share some stuff that I've found on the internet that I think are worth looking at. Bear in mind, some of them are going to try to sell you something to

Short: Are We Too Delicate? (Music)

Dear you, Aren't we tired of being watched? Every move we make, every word we utter goes under the microscope. Every broken heart is your fault. Someone's anger is a result of your actions. Well, sometimes, it doesn't have to be because the best thing you can do for yourself most of the time is to eff it . Did the wind whisper in your ear today? Did your loved one call you to say thank you? Is someone important to you still breathing even if it's just for this moment? Is your car still working? Is that leak in your roof fixed? I hope your internet speed has improved. Did your toddler tell you that you're the best parent in the world? Did you take a nap and wake up next to your favorite stuffed animal? Are the flowers blooming in your garden? Has the snowstorm passed? Do you have a snowblower? Did you forget to bring sunscreen? Did you take your meds? Are you finally talking to your best friend? Did you hear that thump of your heart? It's the most prec

Food: Asian Noodle Nations

There's something about a warm bowl of brothy soup that warms not just my stomach, but also my heart. It reminds me of home, of home-cooked food. As cliche as it sounds, I miss home-cooked meals because they are often made with a dash of concern, a splash of worry, and a large dollop of love. Pan Mee with signature dried anchovies, clear broth soup and fresh vegetables Unsurprisingly, most Asian countries have their own signature bowl of noodles. And it's unbelievable how our ancestors used to make them, toiling over the mixture, pushing, pulling, kneading, prodding, and sometimes (and I've honestly seen this on TV, I swear) squashing the sh*t out of the noodles with poles and wooden GodKnowsWhat apparatus.  Those traditional methods, however, have no way of surviving the assault of modern machinery. Most noodles are squished out of a machine these days and, if I were to be honest, they're great too. I love noodles. XD Even in this day and age, (bhan)

2018 : In a Blink of an Eye

Right now, there are a lot of people looking back at the things that have happened to them in 2018 and reminiscing about both good and bad times. I don't want to look back at 2018 negatively. Sure, a lot of things have changed but things WILL continue to change no matter where we are on the calendar. That's life . I am thankful for the lessons. I wish (very fervently) that some things didn't happen but that would also mean not learning the lessons or going through the experiences. I believe that when you fall and hit the ground, always remember from that moment on that the ground is a bitch. It's hard. So, learn to roll. Be Bruce Lee. I also learned not to take people or life too seriously. People are people, that's it. We either respect each other's differences or we're going to have to move to another planet. And I choose this planet because I am not done yet. The last I checked, neither has Elon Musk nor Trump set up a Space Travel Agency so...the