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Look up a girl's skirt, would you?

It's Monday again....sigh! Hope you guys had a splendid weekend. I had a tiring one organizing my kids' birthday party (both of them and my mother share the same birthday.....1st April. Don't, for a minute there, think this is a joke, OK? It's for real wan leh! Everyone things we're kidding but we're not). Spent Sunday doing absolutely nothing, lazying and just pigging out. But now it's Monday again and the usual drill on the keyboard is getting me down. So what's a stressed out writer stuck here writing to do but to check out some funny videos? And w'addya know....found one! (More than one, actually but this one got me laughing) If you were a sexy woman in a miniskirt asked you to hold the ladder for her while she stepped up to clean the window (or whatever), would you look up her skirt? Well, chances are, you would! Admit it! Even if you're a me. :-)

Let The Mat Rempits Race Their Brains Out

I don’t know about you but the people I fear the most whenever I am driving are not the ones behind big momma vehicles, trucks and such. They’re loud and intimidating even from afar but they’re not the worst. The people I fear the most are the fearless Mat Rempits (Irresponsible motorcyclists who race each other in the wee hours of the morning) or the daylight versions. Seemingly, these people just don’t know what ‘death’ is. And I hate it when they scare the bejeezus out of us normal drivers trying to arrive at our destination in one piece. They’d zoom out of hidden corners at 90KMPH or maybe zip past the red light before the other lights turn green. Or they rev it up at the last nanosecond of the yellow light. Malaysia is well-known for this – for the stress-inducing traffic jams and early morning eardrum busting sounds of engines roaring past. Every time I see them and I wonder what they’re thinking….or are they even thinking at all? That they are invincible? That other people will

Dirty Mind

I got this picture through Facebook and just couldn't resist posting it! Because ah....I also got dirty mind, I found. The first thing I thought was....WHOA!!!! Then.....Huh? Read the caption at the bottom and KANASAI.......

Yes, I am a woman too

Can't begin to tell you how happy I am to see something so explicitly 'woman' written in our local daily, The Star. From as far back as I can remember, women are known as men's playthings and that the sexual act is merely an 'exercise' for women. For men, orgasm is a necessary thing but for women, whether they receive mutual sexual pleasure or not, did not matter. Women's need to derive pleasure from the act of making love has been supressed or swept under the carpet by our conservative society. Acknowledging that ' YES, I WANT TO HAVE AN ORGASM ' or ' Yes, I LIKE HAVING SEX ' is like saying ' Yes, I am a slut who is free for all '. In the Western culture, women enjoy sex as much as men because they acknowledge the fact that there is a need to. And women are more forthright about their right to enjoy the act themselves. Not that I condone free sex or unsafe sex but I just think that in acknowledging that we are women and human, we n

Planting the seeds of love

I’ve never been fond of plants before because I hate getting soil under my nails. Well, I guess, partly, my abhorrence towards these living things was fueled by the fact that all the plants that I touched died. It was surprising, even to me, when I decided to pick out three plants during a shopping spree in IKEA. Totally unlike me….. Then true enough, the plants started dying one by one even though I followed instructions closely. Which said, “No need for direct sunlight” so I kept it in a corner where it can get very little sunlight. “Water once a week” which I did also. But the thing is that within the first few days, the plants started showing signs of dying. KNN . What’d I do? No water, no sunlight and that’s exactly what I did, rite? This dead plant outside my window....poor thing. Still there. Don't know how and where to 'bury' the fella. Days passed and slowly one plant bowed out. Then the other crumbled as well. Only one left standing….the hero of all heroes. T

Hong Kong Day 4

Wow . It really did take me a long time to finish blogging about my trip to HK. Well, this is a great time to do so, as any. On the fourth day of the trip, I (and I think the rest of the girls too) was getting a mite tired of the cold weather. Had the usual breakfast at the hotel – the usual dingwing of bacon, eggs, red beans, eggs, eggs and more eggs. No nasi lemak. Was starting to yearn for something a little bit more different to eat, you know. I remember thinking to myself, many people say that there are different delicious delicacies to be had in Hong Kong and whilst I have to admit that the DimSum was out of this world, the Peking cuisine we had on the first night here (which was HOT HOT HOT) wasn’t what I had expected of Hong Kong. On the fourth day, in Hong Kong, the stark reality of the difference in mentality and lifestyle suddenly hit me. It hit me hardest when I see even the ah-sam pushing the rubbish cart along the MRT underground walkways walking faster than me….and I w

The family of Ultras

It's really amazing what the Japs can do and will do to attract young fans. Now, this is nothing new because the whole family of ultras, accordingly, was conjured up from the drawing board even before my grandfather was born. The have aunties and uncles for the ultra-family too. Amazing..... This silly looking dude is actually the King of all Ultras. Yes, not ironically, his named Ultraman King. This cute chick is the mother of all ultras, which....erm...yeah, they called it Mother of Ultra.....or something to that effect. Original? Yeah, I know. I wonder if a man is inside that costume and does he feel good knowing that there are two ponytails hanging out of his head. And how he would explain to his kids about his career choice...... Now, if you want DA MAN, here's DA MAN for you. The father and son team of ultras! On the left, you have the dashing young handsome son of ultras, Ultraman Mebeus (hideous name, for Pete's sake!) and then the one with the red BatMan

Fleshing Out The Skeletons

46,189…that’s the number of words on last count. Gosh, I thought I would have reached at least a gazzilion words by now!!! And I am having this thing with halting my writing for fear that it sounds, reads, looks, imagina-ted weird. Oh, did I tell you already? Well, apparently not. You see, on my computer, there’s this secret folder protected by some obscure password that only I can access. Inside this folder lies, on last count, 60+ files and inside these files lies skeletons. Hee hee….got ya there. Skeletons as in skeletons of a book lah! I don’t know about you but even when I have to write a short article or press release, I make it a habit to map it out with a skeleton, albeit in point form. Using this point form as a guidance, I would then flesh out the article. In this case, the skeletons in the secret folder are skeletons of unfinished books that I chickened out of, got bored of, thought nothing of or thought was complete rubbish. One sunny Sunday afternoon, after feeding my

Congrats to those born in the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s

----- CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE KIDS WHO WERE BORN IN THE 1940's, 50's, 60's and 70's!! First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they carried us. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a tin, nuts, eggs and didn't get tested for diabetes and we didn't suffer allergies. Then after that trauma, our baby cots were covered with bright coloured lead-based paints. We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets, not to mention, the risks we took hitchhiking. As children, we would ride in cars with no seat belts, car seats or air bags.Riding in the back of a van 'loose' or on the parcel shelf, was always great fun. We drank water from the garden hosepipe and NOT from a bottle. We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle and NO ONE actually died from this. We ate cakes, white bread and real butter and drank pop with sugar in

Regine - What Kind Of Fool I Am

There's no other singer in this world like Regine. She's 'grown' larger over the years but despite all of that, her voice is a blessing from a force up above. There's noone else I know, not even Mariah, who can deliver this songs like this in such an immaculate style. Some say she screams but to me, if you can scream as beautifully as her with the kind of style she 'screams', then go ahead. Because it's pure EMOTION. Emotion is not easy, folks and it's not like our Malaysian Rock singers, scream for no reasons. Regardless, you are a Regine fan or not, you have to listen to know what I am talking about. No one on this planet dares to attempt this song. Here's 'What kind of fool I am' by Regine Valesquez, one of the most amazing vocal maestro in the world. p.s. Please take note that she's singing sitting down. I can tell you that singing while sitting down restricts expansion of your diagphram and constricts your breathing. Less bre

Malaysian Election 2008 - Malaysians ready for change

The political wrestle is over, here in Malaysia, and thankfully too because it earned me a hangove from watching the news, and reading all the readily available blogs on cyberspace all night long. With a spilting headache from squinting into the PC screen, watching the TV for news on the results from the ballot boxes, anxiety, uncertainty and HOPE lingers in the air..... BN, our ruling party in Malaysia, who has been flexing its political muscles for a long time now with the confident (and ever sleepy and gay) PM convincing Malaysians that BN is the only way to peace. Opposition cannot hold the fort properly, though, because the formation and coalition between them is too loose. But with BN denied the 2/3 majority it needed, all I can say is that Pak Lah tore a tendon while flexing his political muscles. Fed up, fed up, fed up - Malaysians are fed up A lot of Malaysians chose not to vote for the oppositition IN THE PAST because we wanted unity, we resisted change because of a date w

Real News Please????!!!!

This is the first time I so kan-cheong about the election. So kan-cheong partly because there is a chance that our beloved rulers might be toppled or at least HUMBLED exponentially. My mother called me last night, " You don't go anywhere ah, tonight, tomorrow, the next day, the next-next day, the next-next-next day....go TESCO and stock up your food in case things go crazy after the election ". I sit there anxiously, waiting for some crazy ballooney person to come force me to go vote. I didn't vote wor. I know, sad story. You don't have to tell me what a sad case of a Malaysian I am because everybody been telling me and clucking their tongues at me liao. But this is the first time I log on the Internet and watch for real LIVE reporting of the results. But I made one big mistake. I went to TheStar website. It was rather depressing as I see all also BN winning. From top to bottom also BN winning. Kanasai! This cannot be true lah, right? From what I am saying

Mastering The Art Of Living

Following up with what I wrote yesterday, let me share something I wrote. There are two parts of our minds that needs our attention – the conscious mind and the subconscious one. Happiness, to me, lies within our subconscious mind. Today’s modern society associates happiness with the conscious mind – what we see, what we smell, what we eat and taste and what we touch. But to me, happiness is defined as follows. Happiness is within your soul . While we feed and pamper our bodies, we forget to pamper and feed our souls, rendering it starving from hunger and attention. Everyday, we need to feed the soul with the delights of what lies within our subconscious minds. If we forget to feed the soul, we are heading towards an unhappy life. Benefiting from a period of prosperity, I’ve lost out on happiness. Material gains made me happy for a short period of time but it warped my perception of life and living. Everyday was ruled by one master – the clock . Oh, how I hate that word. The abominab

A camera, piano and a computer

I was reading one of my many journals and I found this entry. I WANT TO SAVE UP FOR:- A new digital camera (budget $1,500) A keyboard or piano ($600 - $800) ed- NOT POSSIBLE-lah! Dreaming-ah? In the end, paid $3,800 for a digital piano A computer for the kids ($2,000++++++) I wrote this on the 23rd Nov 2005. I achieved all of those early 2006...maybe like....between March 2006 - May 2006. Fast leh? I put all my energy into purchasing those material everything....EVERYTHING! And I reached those goals of mine in one clean swooping sweep. Now, before you clap your hands or start wondering what kind of nonsense I want to brag about today, hear me out. I paid hard-earned upfront cash for those things. No hutang-hutang, ok? I paid the befuddled music school RM3,800 in cash....sit there and count. The fella look at me, no cheque ah? No credit card ah? I also paid for those things in health. Because of my work and my situation and my desperate attempt to prove myself and no

Retired Superheroes : Monday Ha Ha Theraphy

Wa-lamak, how come Monday come so quick wan ah? I not finish enjoying my weekend lah!!!! But anyway, this is life lah hor? I mean, we live with work, we live with responsibilities, we live with credit card bills, we live with a faulty air-conditioning system in the car, we live with crappy brothers or naggy mothers.....but we can also live with a little bit of humor in our lives. Thought this picture might bring a little smile to your lips on a grueling and depressing Monday morning. Aja Aja! Hwaiting! (Korean for 'Go Go! Fighting!'....or something to that effect). source: