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Update: Hectic and Slowing Down

Ever since my built-in stove broke, I've been relying on my infra-red cooker, 2 air-fryers, electric pressure cooker, rice cooker, and ANOTHER rice cooker to make meals at home. I also have some sort of a phobia about stove know...flammable gas. So, even if there was the slightest smell of gas in the air, it sends me into a panic. But you know what? Someone said something to me one fine day and I totally agreed. "Nothing beats something made over a fire on a good ole stove". So, despite not knowing the nuts and bolts of anything to do with stove (did you know they sell stoves without the damn pipe and stuff...whatever you call that that attaches to the gas tank? Like OMG...why?), I went ahead and bought one. With my innocent face, I asked for all the help I can get from the staff to make sure that when I finally lug the thing home, all I need to do is to place the damn cap on and twist whatever needs to be twisted. And I expect no gas to leak from

Recipe: One-Pot Herbed Sweet Sour Chicken Stew with Mushrooms

It's been some time since I've posted anything on my Cooking Blog . For one, I've been lazy. Don't get me wrong but taking pictures and writing down the (sometimes) random recipes can be time consuming. I've been either running around chasing snake tails or simply swamped with everything that is life. Out of the blue, while cooking, I found my phone next to me, playing a Podcast. After snapping a picture of it, I stood there wondering if I still have the Cookpad app on my phone. Viola! I did! There has been some upgrades on the Cookpad app so, I got curious. Guess where that got me. Yup, a new post of a shitty-looking picture of dinner but with a legit easy recipe. Seriously, this doesn't get any easier. If you have all the ingredients with you, it's a dump-and-done thing. Lord, I know I need to do something about taking more presentable pictures of the food but I just...don't...have...the...time...or energy. It's a side-hobby so, this

Kdrama Review: Healer (2015)

I've never seen a show with Ji Chang Wook in it. All I remember of him was his appearance on Running Man where he was cute, adorably innocent, and kind of a scardy cat when it comes to roller coaster rides. #lol I accidentally watched 'Healer' kdrama on Netflix because I was just done with another show and it was...just right there and I remember his name. I don't care much for Park Min Young (the lead actress) because her face is too sculptured fake that she shouldn't even bother denying plastic surgery of the highest level. I am sure lots of South Korean actors and actresses go through them but her massive facial reconstruction just smells of desperation  and a deep dislike for her own born-with face. Don't diss me, it's my personal opinion, awright? She, however, redeemed herself with quality acting. So, cool? Cool. Anyway, here's my take on 'Healer' the kdrama. Source: Healer Korean Drama The cool super-hero acting vs. dorky, inn

Oh, for the Sake of the Fruit - The Life of Durians Lovers Living with Durian Haters

Image Source: Jim Teo on Unsplash You either love durians with passion or you hate it with just as much concupiscence. Durian lovers will always congregate to feast on this infamous King of Fruits because it is hard to find fellow Durian lovers even in a SouthEast Asian country like Malaysia. Just this past weekend, my brother's colleague brought home some really top-grade Durian from Raub and he kept it aside for us and away from his family members. Not because he doesn't love his family but because they can't stand the stench of Durian. #lol. So, he was the lone ranger in his family as I am in mine. So, when he got his hands on those top-quality durians, he had to keep it tightly lidded and hidden away from the common areas of his own home lest it insidiously offends the durian haters. When my mom and I went over to his house, he quickly ushered us to the back of his kitchen. There, the three of us feasted quickly on the divine fruit as surreptitiously as p

Update: Getting the Groove on the New Norm

Well, it's Sunday and to me, it's a day for a final recharge before we get ready for another drawn-out week of gunfights in the working world. I don't want to jinx anything but, finally, things are slowly falling into place. Sure, there are missing puzzle pieces stubbornly lodged under nooks of life that I still can't find and place but it's definitely less tumultuous than before. Getting used to new things is the new norm too. View this post on Instagram It's #sunday so, let's do whatever is good for the #soul because other days, we often focus on what others need from us #tgis? 😂 #Lol #feelings #weekend #quotes #quotestoliveby #quoted #life #flowers A post shared by Marsha Maung (@marshamaung) on Aug 3, 2019 at 11:20pm PDT I wouldn't say that we've gotten used to the same-ole for too long but things were relatively predictable both on the family and work front for a long time. Ab