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Happiness: Happy Monday! (Link)

It's Monday again and we all woke up bright and early without knowing it was a school holiday over here. Guys, this is real life for a work at home mom. We don't really know what day it is and don't really have 'holidays' or 'weekends'. Everything's kind of jumbled up together in one giant puddle of something we call life . Shit just needs to get done all the time and there are very few breaks. If there are breaks, we slide it into our already-packed schedule, somewhere between invoicing client  and doing the laundry . How we survive and make it, I don't know. Anyway, it's Monday again and here's something VERY relevant I want to share. Why, oh, why do we hate Monday so? *** Engaging in the Moment Instead of Wanting to Be Somewhere Else By Travis “Happiness is enjoying the moment for what it is, not what it could be or should be.” ~Unknown Many of us have been there… The alarm goes off. In anger, we strike the wretched

Short ShoutOut:

If you're interested in topics like work, project ideas, marketing, life,efficiency, friendships, family, books, articles, goals, lifestyle, games, etc, check out his website and sign up for his newsletters which are always filled with random musings. I don't agree with everything he has to say (you don't either) like this ' stop shampooing ' thing (because I CAN'T NOT SHAMPOO MY HAIR EVERY DAY), but there are tit bits here and there that sometimes make you think know...stuff. I don't remember how I found Nat but I'm glad I did because in the mix of advertisements and promotions, I find honest, genuine musings that I sometimes can relate to. Yes, he's got products and services to sell (he's got to eat, I assume?) but he doesn't make it a habit to shove it down your throat. And even if he does it, it's very gently . 😂😁 He's also got a whole bunch of stuff he's running in the background including Growth Mach

Short: Crystals Mysticals

I don't remember the first time I bought crystals but I remember being fascinated by how different each of them was from each other. If you put all the woo-woo stuff away, crystals are basically rocks. They are traces of minerals left behind by nature, the same way diamonds are nature-made. A couple of years ago, I remember being told that I shouldn't let someone touch my crystals because it might get tainted with that person's energy, I waved it all away much to the dismay of the person. The word 'crystal' came from the Greek word of ' krystallos ' which carries the literal meaning of 'being drawn together by coldness'. In history, crystals are also used to signify purity and faith. In Buddhism, many a mala is made from crystal while in Christianity, crystals were used to describe the purity of the Virgin Mary . I don't subscribe to it being a wellness trend, health support, or fashion accessory but instead, think of it as something that r

Movie: Logical Endings for the Superheroes of Avengers but Still...

Maybe we shouldn't have watched Avengers so close to midnight. #lol. Eff it, spoiler alert if you've not watched it. Credit Click Away ! I mean, it's been weeks since the movie came out, why have you not watched it? We were in the cinema till close to midnight and had the whole thing to ourselves except for two guys who were individually watching it by themselves. I've heard spoilers here and there and, frankly, I am a spoiler-seeker because I don't like surprises. I am the kind who reads the book before watching the movie and if the movie veers from the original story line, I pray for the screenwriter's demise. #lol And if something was too 'exciting', I'd watch the end before continuing from where I left off. So, watching Avengers this late in the game is nothing to me. I actually prefer it this way. Suffice to say, I knew who died and what happened in fuzzy sprinkles. But still, after all those tense minutes, long hours, and years

Thoughts: Kind? Nice? And Happy Mother's Day!

Some people tell me that I am a very kind and sweet girl ( but sometimes, I wonder if being nice is really worth it at all. I am not the kind of person to look for trouble unless trouble comes looking for me. If it does, it's in for a surprise. I am kind of the underdog with a hidden card. I don't push it but if you push me, I'll push back hard. Let's get that out of the way. People tell me that I don't have boundaries, I am stupid, I should be more assertive, and I should draw the line. You think  I don't know all of that? Really? #lol There's something wrong with me. I am wired wrongly from birth, that's what I think. I've been shown the middle finger a lot these past few months. Some left me gawking and others made me want to fit my fist into your pie holes. That's not really my style, actually. Walking away is more my style but still. However, things like these makes me see the tiny slivers of hope, rays of possible

Celebs: Naughty by Nature

It took me long enough to write about it. After all the #metoo moments, grand speeches, viral content, it took me THIS long to actually put my thoughts into words. Like everyone else, I obviously have an opinion but it's kind of messed up. These are the few questions that kept running through my head and I have yet to find answers for: Where's the line between flirting and being too aggressive? Where's the line between having some innocent fun with the opposite sex and soliciting or being promiscuous?  Is touching no longer permitted, regardless of gender, unless outright permission is sought? When will we ever shred the excuse of 'boys will be boys' into one million pieces? How do we educate our daughters, the women of the future, about their worth lies beyond their looks? How do we educate our sons that women are not sexual objects? Where's the line between privacy and personal protection? Will we ever just have fun for the sake of fun again wit