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The Best Weather Ever!

We have summer all year round and in Malaysia, the weather is either so-sunny-till-you-are-sweating-for-no-reason or raining-whole-freaking-day. For the next few days, if the projection on my smartphone is correct, it will be raining-whole-freaking-day and 22 - 24 degrees out. How... AMAZING ! Yeah, sure, we don't get to go to the park in the evening if the rain persists past the hour but still, we get natural air-conditioning! If you've lived through Malaysia's heat wave, you know what a relief that is for folks like us here. This view here over the skies of Malaysia, a picture I took this morning after sending the kids off to school, is what we have the whole day through. Even as I am writing this, my skin is caressed by naturally cooling air. It's not the bone-chilling cold, yet not the mind-splintering heat. Just nice. Considering the fact that I have been battling bouts of gastric and was in complete pain to the point that I had to rush myself to the hospi

Food to Try When in SS2 (Link)

My son just came home to complain to me about the cost of lunch today. A set lunch in a school cafeteria = RM15. Wow! That's like a meal that I would spend on for them whenever we eat out in a reasonably-priced restaurant. He did not have raving reviews about the food too...just OK. Good enough for small portion. With the rising cost of everything here, we eat out sparingly these days and now schools are allowed to charge students so exorbitantly now? Really? There are times that I do not mind forking over the cash for really good food but I don't think schools should be allowed to profit off students like that. Anyway, sometimes, we DO eat out. I saw this list of popular and must-try restaurants and cafes to be found just across the road in SS2. So, if you are around the area, you might want to try them out too. Looks delish, I have to say. Here's the list - 14 food to try in SS2 Image Credit : Sichuan Noodles ( Happy chowing down this New Ye