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Sometimes I forget...

Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don't wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it's at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savoured. By : Earl Nightingale Sent using AppFlute Motivational Quotes Android App. Note: I wasnt a very chill mom this morning. Snarly and a little rushed. This is a good reminder. Be happy, people! =) XOXO, Marsha Credit: iStockPhoto


I am so obsessed with lighting recently because I have plaster ceiling in the home and every time the bulb goes off, I have to hire a professional person to come in to change the lights for me. Trust me, I have asked friends and family for help but as they climb the ladder, they go like ' do you unstuck all those stuff. I don't even know what kind and what voltage to get to replace so that I don't blow your bill or your ceiling off'. So, I have resorted to hunting down lighting after lighting. Hence, the sudden obsession. Everywhere I go, I look at lighting . This reminds me of....the old days, I think. The ambiance is very soothing and calming. Not great for customers who want to see VERY CLEARLY what they are eating, though. =) These are just too cute!!! Love them. I even looked at the mismatched lighting in our elevator. LOL Resorted to buying a huge stand as's huge and NOT IKEA. Hahaha... Took thi

Anal About Instruments...Trolled

I see some of the funniest and most random stuff on Tumblr and Pinterest. Sometimes I wish that there was a way for me to just click or tap it and it would automatically be blogged right here. I am not very familiar with Tumblr, unfortunately, so I would have to replicate this. Just for fun. bishounen-jake-english : jackadiddlediddle : bishounen-jake-english : FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DO NOT KNOW THIS IS A TRUMPET THIS IS A TROMBONE THIS IS A TUBA AND THIS IS A FRENCH HORN THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME You mean trumpet Slidey Trumpet Big ass trumpet Drunk Trumpet   I’M GONNA PUNCH YOU

Wedding Furor

I have to run some errands but before I do that, I would like to share something shared by a friend-neighbor on Facebook. It's ludicrous and quite unbelievable, really. So, this bride invites friends over to her wedding, right? And then the guest went and paid $100 (as much as she could afford) for two persons to attend the wedding. And then, after that, she got a sarcastic message on Facebook AFTER the wedding from the bride asking her why the amount paid was so little. I was like.....???????....... Look, the wedding is yours and the cost of the wedding is to be borne by the bride, groom and family. Whatever the guests give you is already a bonus. They are there to celebrate with you, to create an atmosphere. True, it is by tradition that guests give you money or gifts when they attend your wedding but ALSO traditionally, the guests do not shoulder the responsibility of covering the cost of your wedding . Walau-eh....better not to go to the wedding because....there is no re

Really? Malaysia is Safe, You Say?

We all knew that there is a drastic rise in crime in Malaysia but except for one other time, it seems like something everyone else was talking about. It was always happening to someone else, somewhere I have never been to, and in situations that I have never been in. These brazen criminals have the gall to relieve bags, purses, phones, gadgets, laptops, work bags and what nots like they are window shopping. They are also said to operate like shadowy thieves when they break the car windows of cars on the road and make a grab for whatever is on the passenger seat. I have even heard that they are daring enough to break the window of the DRIVER's seat and grab things off of you hand! Unbelievable...but that is what I heard. If that was true....sigh... But these modus operandi is quite 'heard-of', of course, in many other crime-dotted countries (read: mainly other third world countries) but it has never been quite so rampant in Malaysia. Recently, they aimed to murder if the

Lawyers In Court Jokes

It's Monday and I am sure some of you out there must be feeling the I-am-so-out-of-zzzzzzzzzzzz moments. As a law graduate (you don't have to be  practicing  in order to feel indignant or protective over a profession as in you don't have to be a female in order to fight rape),  I shall always, always, always, ALWAYS   use long sentences, cover all bases whenever I am writing something simple by giving endless examples, use therefore, thereafter, hereby, hence, and all other cool words we can think of , numberize (I know there is no numerize, I don't care, it's my blog) and alphabetize and roman numeric as many things as possible just in case people can't find it and also......offer people a snide sarcastic remark whenever someone makes a lawyer joke.  13.a (i) Oh. Fun. Ny.         (ii) Ha. Ha. This one, I am sure, we have all seen it but on this dreary Monday, this could serve to bring up a belly laugh or two. Or three. Or four.  Sorry, that was the accoun