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Welcome 2012!!

Just dropped the kids off at their cousin's house for a sleepover and was just observing how they were testing out the fireworks. If you are reading this from the other side of the world, Malaysia is entering 2012 ALREADYYYY!!! Get ready for yours! About a few minutes ago, some 'testing' went off and it sounded like Malaysia was being bombed. Like massive explosions, I don't think I have ever heard that kind of firework before. KEWLLL!!! Can't wait, can't wait. After this, right before midnight, I will be heading out to catch the fireworks too. Sans kids. Sadly. But they wanted the sleepover badly and I have a lunch date with some friends tomorrow and if I stayed there with them to watch the fireworks and then drive home after the hoopla and get caught in the snarling traffic, I don't think I will be able to wake up on time for the lunch date. It is an important lunch date for me because I am reuniting with some school friends that I was really clo

Writing Rubbish

Not really doing anything in particular right now. It's the school hols and you know how school holidays are, right? For mothers, I mean. The kids are home all day, bored out of their skulls, bugging you to death. I tried to smother one of them to death last night but failed because he woke up and knocked me over the head with one of the chairs. Nah. He didn't. I knocked him on the head with the Samsung Galaxy tab. And spoiled it. Nah. I didn't. Aaahhh...I know it's all rubbish that I am writing. Too bad. This is MY blog. =))))))) Anyway, if there is one thing that is absolutely true in this blog entry, it is the fact that I am a man. NOT. The end, Marsha p.s. what bullshsit did I just write???!!!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!!

In the spirit of Christmas, here's me wishing you a merry, merry, merry Christmas and may you receive lots of blessings in the year to come and keep it real. I really love The Piano Guys and have recently become one of their 'founders' through donations. I did not contribute much because I am not rich  but I did it to support their efforts. I love their music and here is one of their recent ones. AWESOME, I say.

Mindbump: This Exact Moment

suggested by Choosydad "What do you suppose you might be doing at this exact moment if the internet had never been invented? Hmmm..." I guess I would be watching television, the next best thing to the internet. If I am not doing that, maybe I would be out with friends either partying things up or just hanging out in one of their homes. I might also be swimming with my kids INSTEAD OF WORKING OR WRITING THIS BLOG ENTRY. =) Even with that said, I just can't imagine life without Internet, truth be told. Hahahaha.... XOXO, Marsha

wonderM, My Alter Ego

I don't really know how it started but I had this picture taken in a studio when I was still singing with a showband. I liked the picture and remember how it was taken. At first, there was no fan there and then all of sudden, someone decided to put a fan in front of me. And then someone said 'look over there'. And then someone said 'straighten your shoulders, don't slouch'. And then someone said, 'don't smile'. All this while, the camera was clicking away. So, the result was a picture of me looking like I was a superhero of some kind; hence, I coined up the idea of wonderM. I could have been something like superM, or magnificentM (HEY, NOT A BAD IDEA!!!), or hotM (GAGGGG!!!) but I settled for wonderM and I kinda liked it. It was fun and I use the picture quite a bit whenever I am stressed out. To tell the world that although it is difficult right now, I am gonna continue kicking arses. But I got bored of the picture and wanted a new one, had

Patties. I Love Patties

It's gonna be a pic-blog today. What? You can tell that I am lazier and lazier and lazier. Bugger off. Anyway, I love making patties because I am damn lazy I get to be creative while cooking. Cooking is all about being creative with taste, color, texture. Yeah, I got that from Asian Food Channel. But seriously, it is fun to come up with something to cook for the day. You hunt around for a recipe and try to ruin it to make it your own. Delightful process. So, here are some patties I made. These patties may look totally, abominably AAARGLEEEE, here's a reminder, when it comes out the other end, they all look more or less the same. So there. 

The Plough Pose

I sit in front of the computer a lot and you would think that it is safe to do so. Not so if you have been doing for a long time. I have been experiencing near life-threatening (according to ME, it is life threatening) pain around the shoulders and neck area. I'm OK during the mornings and through most afternoons but by 3pm, I can't bear sitting down anymore. I just wanna throw the chair into the computer so that I don't have to sit on that chair. Based on my experience, I don't know about everyone else, but the Plough pose really loosens up the muscles around the shoulder and neck area. Do it with the wall behind you if you are JUST STARTING to do this. It can be uncomfortable for first-timers. p.s. You will also find it funny to be looking straight at your love handles around your tummy and they are just like....spilling out into your face. You'll also be looking at your crotch too...something we don't do all the time. Hopefully. I don't know why

One Unhappy Bird

XOXO, Marsha

To Nani

I am here to clarify something and I know you will read this. I AM NOT FUCKING CLOSE TO LISA OR LISSA or whatrver SA and I am not protecting her. I am not her friend. I do not have her phone number. At the point of writing the blog entry, I did not know she was married. I do not know her real name. I am not related to her. I have no clue where she stays or whether she is married or have kids, is lesbian or is a fucking man. I DO NOT KNOW HER. Why? I met her all of 10 to 15 fucking minutes during my birthday celebration and I took the photo for remembrance' sake, that is all. So stop harassing me. STOP HARASSING ME!!! I do not know anything. Nothing. Zilch. I do not support extramarital affairs of any kind, be it on the male side or the female side. I do not support affairs amongst human beings or animals or plants. If people fuck around, they have to deal with it on their own. I try not to meddle but will advice when appropriately asked. I am hereby giving you notice that

No More a Fung Fan

I used to be this reaalllllyyyyyyyyyy huge Raymond Lam fan. Yes, used to. The fact that I have decided to blog about this means that my fascination with him has ended. Officially. I continue to be fanatic about all the other actors and singers instead...right now, it's Eric Mun, Adam Lavine (I mean, that is sheer HOTNESS or what?!?!), Rain and some others....actually, MANY OTHERS.  I hate fakeness in people and that is the primary reason why I am no longer a fan. If you are dating someone, say so lah. If you don't know how to deal with a situation, say so lah. Don't try to pretend that you are not, you are OK, you are this, you are that. Sheesh. But I guess it applies to many in the entertainment industry whereby you are supposed to protect your 'image' or something.  Don't they know that the more real the celebrity is, the more we like it? Anyway, as a way of signing off my fanaticism, I'll just say this. Bye Bye, Fung.  And how on earth ca