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Bersih Stories: Peace Rally Turned Awry

I would hate it very much is someone described me as a ‘trouble maker’ because I attended Bersih but I would not blame them. After all, if I looked it from another person’s point of view, someone who had a family and staying around the area, I think I might be a bit pissed off too. But I went. Because I care about the country, I care about the people in it, I hate racism, I dislike disharmony and I would strongly believe myself to love PEACE like nothing else. Because of the many wrong-doings that the government has done, I have had to pay for many ‘normal’ things in my life which I believe should be free of charge. I told my kids that I was doing it for them, I might get arrested and in the worst case scenario, I would no longer be around. ONLY WORST CASE SCENARIO. They were afraid and worried but in the end, they said ‘Thanks, mom. I love you’. Anyway, I went there with my cousin at around 9.30am to 9.45am and we parked near Kelana Jaya LRT station and walked to the platfo


I don’t get it why some people think of Yoga as a very strict or boring thing. It’s like you expect to hear sound of raindrops, sound of chirping love birds or maybe a chime or gong in the background every time someone says Yoga. Yoga (gong). Yoga (gong). Yoga (chirp chirp). Yoga (ohm….) Well, for most parts, Yoga is very relaxing so, I don’t really blame people for thinking that it is a lame ass excuse for ‘exercise’. Some might even think Yoga should be a religion…I have to disagree on this front. I have been a long-time fan of Tara Stiles, the so-called Yoga rebel, who believes that Yoga is not strict regimen. There is literally no right way or wrong way to do things and the most important thing to remember when ‘stretching your body and mind’ is to have a little bit of fun. The only rule is to listen to your body. Be flexible not just in your body but also your mind. What I do is if it hurts, I ask myself ‘Am I pushing this too far?’ or when I am doing a fold,

Wednesday's Indon Quake, A Change In Perspective For Me

Although it has been said and reported before in the past that many Malaysians felt the previous Indonesia quakes, it never really touched me as anything to be scared about. I mean, we are many thousand KMs away from them? And besides, Indonesia has us in look at the map. The sea water would (I assume) have to wash over the entire Indonesian island in order for it to wash Malaysia over, right? So, suffice to say, I kept the thought that Malaysia is safe, there is nothing to worry about. The only place in Malaysia that we have to worry a little about is the Pearl of the Orient, our precious Penang island. But on Wednesday, as I took my usual break from work (sitting down), things really shook up for me. I take my break on my bed, surfing for news and stuff on the Tablet, on my stomach. Then all of a sudden, I started moving back and forth. I thought, 'What is this? Is this some kind of autoimmune disease that is befalling on me?! Am I having an f-ing sp

Mindbump: Name The Moment

suggested by Altered Words "Cesare Pavese is known for saying that 'We do not remember days, we remember moments.' Describe your moment." Describe my moment? Wow...there are so many of them including moments like when I first met my sons after carrying them for nine months, you know. Irreplaceable moments that I will carry and remember till I kick the f-ing bucket. But if I have to name ONE moment to remember, it would be at the end of November 1999, being 3 months pregnant with my first child and being on stage with members of Ji Yu Jin the band I was with at that time, in front of 12,000 people being the opening act at Sunway Lagoon. I don't think the moment can ever, ever, EVER be created again. You don't know the kind of energy and vibe you get when you have 12,000 cheering you on even when they have no idea who you are and what you can do on that stage. Magic. Yup, that was one magical moment, alright. Have an incredibly magical Friday today

First Few Instagram Pics

Heading out for The Lorax later. This is the second attempt because we missed it the first time. The kids fell sick after I bought the tickets online. Had to sacrifice it by giving it away to a friend. But anyway, here's something I took from Instagram. Yup, Instagram is finally, FINALLY, FINALLY available for Android users. Apple fans welcomed me into the world of picture-taking. No hate there. <3 <3 <3 Time. The one thing that we cannot afford to lose and impossible to rewind.  First self pic from Instagram. Credit my son who took it with his shaky hands (cos I kept telling him not to drop the phone, making him nervous!) A book I am reading. It's good. Really vivid explanation about Chinese who chose to migrate to the land of hope, America. Gotta get ready now so, have a lovely weekend, folks. It's raining right now. =)))))) XOXO, Marsha

from the bed: no such thing as easy freelancing

i have been told that many people want my job....which is a freelancer. notwithstanding the fact that it is not all roses, champaigne, caviar and cash, i think there are a few things people need to note about freelancing. so you actually need to work. yup, surprised werent u? there is absolutely no guarantee that your next meal is going to be on the table and because of that, most of the time, you have to work extra hard just to earn some decent respect. be willing to learn, be resourceful! Please! When i first got started, i was beyond desperate to find anything to do that i invested in two huge books. adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator. i was thinking, if writing wasnt gonna bring me money, i am gonnz have to be more than just a writer. i am going to be both writer and designer so that people saw value in hiring me. i am therefore quite sad when people asked me for jobs or ways to make money without the will to learn and find out about things! Look, everyone wants the